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Conductive Polymers - About

The Conductive Valley game is based on the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, which was awarded for the discovery that plastic can, after certain modifications, be made electrically conductive.

Conductive Valley Game

First published: December 2003
Estimated play time: 20 min.
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High score: No
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We have been taught that plastics, unlike metals, do not conduct electricity. Plastic is used as insulation around the copper wires in ordinary electrical cables. Yet, the 2000 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry were rewarded for their revolutionary discovery that plastic can, after certain modifications, be made electrically conductive.

In this game, set in year 2025, you are to furnish and decorate a house. You can use all new exciting materials based on conductive polymer technology. When finished with your furnishing you can place your house among others on the Polymer Street. Here you can watch others design and vote for the ones you like best. The most popular houses will win a garden gnome.

If you want to save your interior design so others can have a look at it you must get a certificate. To get that you have to answer some questions about conductive polymers. The answers to these questions could be found in the following documents.

Illustrated Presentation of The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2000 »
Read about the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2000 (Information for the Public) »

For instructions on how to play the game, click on the HELP button found at the bottom of the game window.

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