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Book Tips - Rabindranath Tagore

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1913 was awarded to Rabindranath Tagore "because of his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, by which, with consummate skill, he has made his poetic thought, expressed in his own English words, a part of the literature of the West".

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Broken Ties and Other Stories

I really admire the skill he has depicted in analysing the human nature in such a simple manner & the way he has understood the human nature & various ways humans response to certain situations. Also the simple irony & sarcasm he uses is really marvellous. His work is so simple yet marvellous!!!!!
/Lakmali N S, Sri Lanka

Charulatha/Nastanirh (The Broken Nest)

It portraits twentieth century Indian women's cultural feelings.
/Tamilmagan, India

Essays on Education

In this series of essays Tagore foresees most problems that modern day education is faced with. And he suggests solutions that are practical, implementable and smart!
/N George, United States


His words are truly breathtaking. The views he had were truly remarkable and thought provoking. He has had a huge influence on my writing and I hope one day I too can be recognised in the field of literature as he was.
/Michael Edwards, United Kingdom


I like short stories. They are short but very interesting and very smartly described.
/Tahmina Choudhury, United Kingdom
This collection of short stories defines the very art called 'storywriting'. The writings that revolve mainly around the village life and nature of rural Bengal, put down subtle timeless truths about human existence in beautifully written prose.
/Rangeet Ghosh, United States

Gitanjali (Song Offerings)

These are the songs of life, devoted to absolute being.
/Sutanu, India


Because, it talks about religion and concludes with humanity is great!
/Nagamani, India
It's enchanting ... it was a beautiful experience reading it ...
/Sharonee Dasgupta, India
Awesome! That's because it's like a classical which is just too good!
/Salma Andrew, Bangladesh
'Gora' is a very sensitive book about the prejudices we all live with. I love this book because Tagore has managed to bring the characters to life in this book so that in 2008 you can still see a little bit of yourself, or people you know, in people he has described.
/Sneha Krishnan, India

Monihara and Other Stories

Extraordinary rendition of horror ,a bereaved husband is badly affected psychologically and he always have a hallucination of his lovely wife. Finally resulted in his death ... sometimes it is hard to understand whether it is a thriller or a horror story.
/Soubhik Bhattacharjee, India

My Boyhood Days (Chele bela)

It is a living document of childhood days of a great soul, who is ever-green.
/Sutanu, India

Sadhana, the Realisation of Life

Its deep insights and beautiful language restored clarity to my confused mind & soul.
/Judith R. Dharmdas, Philippines

Song Offerings (Gitanjali)

The poems talk to our inner soul.
/Babu Pradeep, India
Boosts my life whenever I'm down.
/Muthuvel Deivendran, India
Its imagination, poetry.
/Sarvjeet Kaushal, India
/Deep Mondal, India
Wonderful book with meaningful poems.
/Harshal, India
I like it because of its inherent wisdom and rhythm.
/Soma Kachura, India
I was introduced to this stile by Dilbag Firdausi and I like it because its English translation is very pleasing to read. It joins me with God.
/Raman Chauhan, India
I like this book because it is the most famous and talked about work by Tagore. I have read its English translation but I am too novice to understand much. Still I love it.
/Pinki Khudia, India
Languages and composition is expressed in such a manner as if it is spoken in the language of God that is perceptible to us but which is not perceptible is the entire universe to anybody like Him.Therefore we can understand His god-like identity and can never garland Him with a nobel prize that He deserves and simultaneously at the end we all confess He is the father of all languages and literature and to be cordoned of a series of nobel prizes in all areas of understanding.
/Subhasish Mukhopadhyay, India
It's a wonderful allegory.
/Moumita Adhikary, India
It reflects relationship between a human being and the divine.
/M. Pramanik, India
Meta-cognitive understanding of this book shows where philosophy ends science begins. Qualitative and quantitative research output of modern science proves that the universe actually came in to being after She had completed Her philosophical journey to make the world colourful in all aspects.
/Subhasish Mukhopadhyay, India
It's my favorite.
/Prashant Mahasagar Sangson, Nepal
Because in this poem, Tagore exemplifies his godly traits i.e. devotion, truthfulness, selfless service, uprightness, strength of character and above all his unflinching readiness to surrender his whole self unconditionally before the strength of the good Lord. The poem reflects the inherent current of Tagore's thought process as well as eternal calmness that the poet has attained through conscious efforts while trying to be one with God. The poem is an example of supreme literary peace of art and mysticism.
/Akshdeep Singh, India
/Madhuri Shrikant Kajave, India
It is very nice book.
/Niraj Upadhyay, India
Gitanjali is an unique collection of poems which leads us to a world where there is no fear, a world where we live without fear. It is not only the collection of poems but it guides the whole world for peace & fraternity. A constant flow of ideas, a stream of endless joy & maker of spirituality, guides everyone towards the right path. Gurudev wrote for the welfare of mankind & nourishes the idea of happy life. Its bangla form is very melodious & English also. Everyone must read it & follow its teachings.
/Rakesh Kumar Dogra, India
Tagore's work is a remarkable & wonderful creation in the field of literature. It is a nonstop fountain of rich ideas those inspires mankind, leads us from darkness to light, wrong path to right path, purify our thought, and many more. It is not possible to tell everything but it is possible that really he was guruji. He is guruji who always leads the mankind through his valuable writings . Geetanjali really a visionary. Every stanza inspires & purify our soul. All should read it & get the inspiration.
/Rakesh Kumar, India
Rabindranath was a Bengali polymath who reshaped his region's literature and music, author of Gitanjali and its "profoundly senstive, fresh and beautiful verse".
/Suraj Kharat, India
It is my love story.
/Somesh, India
It is based on religious poems.
/Rishika, India
In this book give a spiritual thought.
/Shanmugavel, India
/Tey, Bangladesh
This poetic creation of Tagore explains the internal truth of spirits and humanity with natural emotions.
/Bijan Paul, India
Because of his fresh and beautiful verse; dealing with our daily lives, his poetic thoughts are also a part of English literature.
/Soumyadeep, India
The writings, when I read, pour over me rain of bliss and it makes me sense the whole universe as a charming and beauteous abode to live in. A feeling that universe is transcending into me overwhelms with awe.
/Sukumar Sarkar, India
He is our great poet.
/Sayeed Abubakar, Bangladesh
I just love it. He was the composer of Indian national song.
/Prateek Raj, India
I like it because its author is good and also from our country . So it is obvious.
/Sanjula, India
The composition on Indian music which is lure to all.
/Rachapalliyellareddy, India
India while still under the colonial rule of England, became the first non-European country to win a Nobel Prize in literature in 1913. With the announcement of the prize to Rabindranath Tagore; the gaze of the literary world was bent towards East, Asia and particularly towards India. Tagore's writings are steeped in the spirit of Poetry and have become a part of daily life of India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka because Tagore authored the National Anthems of India& Bangladesh and one of his disciples wrote the National Anthem of Sri Lanka. Tagore patronized many forms of Literature - Poetry, Drama, Novel, Short Stories, Criticism, Biography and Autobiography. "He did not touch what he did not adorn". I recommend his 'Gitanjali' - an anthology of poems, to all those who wish to have a peep into the mysticism of the East and Philosophy of India. The effortless flights of fancy and beauteous rhythm nun hand in hand throughout the anthology. I have read this treasure of poetic-wisdom in English translation which has been a bewitching experience all along. Most people believe that Tagore won his Nobel Prize due to Gitanjali but that is not true because this fact has not been mentioned in the Nobel Citation. Thanks.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
It is the most beautiful lyrics of modern Bengali songs which cherish human mind in deep sea or the top level of sky.
/Reza Ghatok, Bangladesh
This is the book which make my soul refreshed and make me conscious about my self ... and this is the book by which I know myself.
/Shantanu Chatterjee, India
I like very much this book at my school age.
/M. Prasad, India
In this book, Tagore enlarged our mind by giving us a lot of iamaginations combined with objects only seen in reality, and as an offering of songs to God, it really touches me with its crystal-clear, sincere and religious words. In a word, it's just great and great!
/Chen Li, China
Spritual insight.
/Jegadeesh Kumar, Maldives
Beautifully authored! He won the Nobel for it.
/Jane SInha, Bangladesh
It has a totality view as it looks upon the universe. For him universe is a verse and life full of light and joy. Certainly an oriental world view echoed through centuries.
/K Babu Pradeep, India
It's Meaning is too good ...
/Abhinav Sharma, India
I like it because I too am a poet and I find it close to my heart.
/Raksha, India
Inspiring poetry that connects man with a higher power and nature. Compels one to raise above the daily chores of life towards individual and collective exellence.
/Kedarnath, India
For me Tagore is epic poet. He disturbs me, irritates me, and shows the courage to be synthetic and accomodating. Tagore is the incarnation of earlier tradition of sage.
/Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh
its really a must read collection of patriotic poems especially its poem number 35 "Where the mind is without fear" is the most beautiful poem i have ever read.
/Sourav Jain, India
This book is called full of sorrow.
/Ramachandran, India
Because of the soul stirring and touching nature of the poems. As if written by a pure, untouched soul who lived in a isolated elevated world of his own.
/Geet Krishna, United Arab Emirates
One of the highest human achievements. Spiritualism that appeals even to an non-believer like me!
/A. Milgrom, United States
Because of its universal approach, divine and purity n freshness of poetry.
/Shirish Kulkarni, India
Because it has a very nice collection of patriotic poems and also of poems related to common wellbeing of mankind.
/Sourav Jain, India
People will forget war and hatred and love human being as their own loved family members and friends.
/Rahul Kumar Singh, India
Rich and warm language and true pictures of life and living.
/Ila Guha, United States
For being the first asian book to win the noble prize.
/Iftekhar Ahmed, India
It's not a book ... to me. It leads my life when I seem to everything ...
/Loknath Majee, India
Excellent book in all views including way of presentation, explanation and all.
/S S Mohan, India
I am moved to the poems of the gitanjali for sincere love to god through the service to human beings.
/Debasis Nayak, India
It preaches for the peaceful living of an individual, the core element of the Hinduism. This philosophy must be understood certainly in the present way of the world with unrest and agitations everywhere and in the terrorist-orientation of dealing things among the Nations.
/Makineedi Surya Bhaskar, India
The highest form of human achievement in poetry, expressed in Bengali. But the catch is that, Tagore should have been known as well for better works of poetry that is contained in his other poetry collections, written after he received his nobel prize.
/B. Rees, Austria
Gitanjali is soul stirring poetry.
/Vivek. B, India
Because the book really captures one Indian's mind it is actually, the new Bhagavad-Gita for Indian.
/Ananth Krishna S., India
For its religiousness.
/Gopal Prasad, India
It's a beautiful book. It inspires you and touches you. It is filled with power, and you feel it in every word. You get goose bumps reading some of the classics like, "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high." The book is spiritual, it calms you down and excites you at the same time. It can change your life.
/Sakhi Shah, India
Because it is very intresting, I love the book the most.
/Parvez, Oman
This book is one of the simplest forms of adoration of God ever written and the most superfluous creation of literature in Indian writings in English.
/Rajeev Kumar Pandey, India
It is an apt and heart touching description of sub continental feelings, but it goes beyond those horizons.
/Uzma, Pakistan
It expresses so much about what the poet was thinking at the moment, it teaches us the values of life that we over see in our generation. His interpretation of life is so different & unique it amazes me, his words are so powerful that it can really change someone. He is truly one in a million.
/Aneeshaa Choudhury, Malaysia
'Gitanjali' (the song offerings) is a collection of beautiful and simple poems. These poems have been offered to god. One may find a peace after reading these poems and feel like to recite them over and again.
/Narayan Sharma, India
Great book.I have read only little.
/Amit, India
This book has exercised a great influence on my mind. The philosophy of life and the presence of the almighty who is not present in the midst of us but the feeling of whose presence inspire us all are brought to light by this book.
/Somnath Mondal, India
It is excellent - I read it in my native language, Bengali, in which it was first written. This book really touched my soul.
/Suchitra Abel, United States
/Saraswat Basu, United States
Gitanjali literally song offerings is a collection of 103 poems written originally in Bengali and translated into English by the author himself. In this short yet phenomenal work man has been portrayed at the level of God and the relationship between them has been traced divinely by Tagore in the context of nature and her ways. On having read 'Gitanjali' one feels strongly that an entire lifetime has been encapsulated in those poems. To quote Tagore "death thy servant is at my door. And because I have loved this life I know I shall love death as well."
/Bhupender Bhardwaj, India
These songs have given a new perspective on love and life altogether. I'm not the same as before reading 'Gitanjali'.
/Siri, India
'Gitanjali' is my favorite collection of poetry. The innocence, purity of it, overflows like a cup filled to its brim. Reading these poems touches me to my core. I realise the importance of true love, compassion in our small lives. I am eternally thankfull to these words.
/S. Sidharth, India
I like it because it is an interesting poem collection.
/Saransh, Bermuda
Amazing poems.
/Abhishek Banerjee, United Kingdom
When I feel lonesome, I start Prayer to God reading the Holy Book 'Gitanjali'.
/Rajeev Kumar Nath, United Kingdom
It is an enchanting book with so much meaning.
/Abhiroop De, India
It is the greatest work in literature. It is free-flowing as a fresh stream of water. It is an enchanting and spiritual experience to read [and to feel] Gitanjali. Gitanjali communicates to us with Nature and the Almighty.
/Yogesh Korde, India
Reading it, especially in the original lifts one to a higher spiritual plane!!!
/Soumitra, Norway
It is calm, mesmerizing and enchanting. The main speciality of this book is that it is not centered on one civilization. It includes many civilizations and their cultures. It is really great.
/Abhiroop de, India
I love this book because it encourages people for their freedom, make consciousness about rights, awareness about their political rights too; mostly it fires people's sleepy sprit and assembles them.
/Vinay, India
This is not only a book; it's treasure written by Tagore's mind, which was gathered from the nature and life. This book is not only a thing to read, it also teaches. The power of language; the power of emotions and the power of dedication are combined here. The most important thing for me is that this book inspired me to win the Nobel Prize for literature and I got a mentor viz Tagore.
/Khann Shaukat, India
Because it is universal.
/Shahhusayn, Pakistan
It's a book with great poems ... I think the best poems in Bengali literature.
/Mehady Roy, Bangladesh
'Where the Mind is without Fear' is one of the best poems ever written. The message is extremely pertinent even today, amidst all the social turmoil and warfare ...
/Joydeep, United States
I found it deeply moving and extremely powerful. The power not of arms, money or of social status, but of the mind, of people, and of the life.
/Sudeep, India

Stray Birds

The best collection of most insightful one-liners, that illumines the mind and melts the heart.
/Sayonsom Chanda, India

The Cycle of Spring (Falguni)

It inspires me to get new energy when I become tired of monotonous life. It teaches us about universal brotherhood and freedom of mind.
/Ashesh Paul, India

The Golden Boat

The unprecedented depth, imagination, showing the similarity of our life with nature in an incredible way.
/Amit Abdullah, Bangladesh

The Home and the World (Ghare-Baire)

Very interesting book
/Ma Aye Chann, Malaysia
A great reflection of the Bengali bourgeois society of the colonials times. Beautifully portrays the psyche of a woman. I cannot fathom how a man can so articulately write about a woman. The book breaks the barrier of time and society and becomes universal.
/Sourjya Dutta, India
The story is magnificent, set in a period, experienced by many. Also itís a true account of the changes occurring in the society at large, at that time. The power of language; the power of emotions and the power of dedication are combined here. The expression of conflict in a woman's mind, as to whether to follow her traditions or her heart's will has been beautifully depicted.
/Noopur Patil, India
The words are beautiful.
/Lotus, China
A very intriguing masterpiece.
/Shomeshwar, India

The Hungry Stones and Other Stories

Because I like Tagore.
/Thinzar, Yemen

The Man from Kabul (Kabuliwala)

It's a short story by Tagore which explores the deepest emotions of a man who see the reflection of his daughter whom he hasn't seen in a very long time in another girl whom he loved as much as his won daughter.
/Kedarnath, India
Tagore adorned poetry and prose alike. I read and re-read his "Kabuliwala" to dig out new meanings from unfathomable thoughts that are hall mark of Tagore's writings. A genius who could tell a story within a story ,tells us how Mini 's prattle-laden questions could draw equally innocent answers from the kabuliwala. One such example is his reply to her query about the cause of rain to which he replies that there was an elephant in the clouds who sprinkled water from his trunk. There are no ARGUMENTS - only DISCUSSIONS. How nice it would be if Nations learnt to Discuss rather than Argue. Please remember - Arguement generates HEAT Whereas Discussion generates Light.
/Paviter Singh, India
Even if we detach Mini (the little girl) from the story of 'The Kabuliwala' - the plot remains intact still. We behold the Kabuliwala doling out his precious merchandise (the dry fruits) to his little friend Mini, for whom this gift becomes victuals. On the other hand; Mini's father confides in the reader that he gave away some money to the Kabuliwala so that he could make haste and meet his own little daughter back home. While doing so, he had to exclude the Military Band from the fan-fare menu. An example how some people become INSTITUTIONS due to their deeds. I fully agree with General Patton - " All men set apart; each man is an emperor".
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
Kabuliwala is not a story about two individuals separated by 'decades' but rather a tale of two persons bound together by an invisible thread that provides a father like friend to a child (Mini) and one's own baby girl's replica to a father (Kabuliwala) whom his means of livelihood have thrown half a Continent away from his household. Loads of baby-talk, love ,pathos and hope. Only a genius can make so big a monument from so base a clay.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
It portrays the sensitive relationship of a five year old with a businessman from Kabul, who comes to India.
/Prabeer, India
I liked the sweet girl who was so much attached with the kabuliwala.
/sweet angel, United States
Because it tells about the love of a father.
/Aanchal Minda, India

The Religion of Man

Clarifies concepts about 'religion' 'civilization' and alerts us about the duties of man as a part of humanity.
/Patrick, Japan


Deep, accurate and so actual yesteryears and nowadays.
/Jenny, Other
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