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Malaria - About

The Mosquito and Parasite educational games and related reading, are based on the 1902 and 1907 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The 1902 Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of the parasite causing malaria and for understanding that the Anopheles mosquito was involved in causing malaria.
The 1907 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for the discovery of the parasite in human blood.

First published: December 2003
Estimated play time: 5-10 min.
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Mosquito Game

- How is malaria transmitted to humans?
- What kind of mosquito is spreading malaria?
- With what chemical can you kill Malaria mosquitos?
- Can you mention a cheap and simple way to prevent mosquitoes from biting humans?

Take control of a mosquito and try to find a human to bite and draw blood from! In the mosquito game you stear a mosquito towards humans while you also have to avoid DDT, mosquito nets, buts and birds to suceed in your mission.

Parasite Game

- What parasite causes Malaria?
- How is the parasite transmitted to humans?
- How does the parasite act inside the human body?
- Where in the boody does the parasite multiply?
- What can kill the parasites in the blood?

Take control of a parasite, try to find your way inside a human being, and multiply as fast as possible! In the Parasite game you are to guide a parasite through the blood vessels, meantime you must avoid colliding with antibodies and other immune cells. First guide the parasite to the liver where it could multiply, then guide it to a red blood cell where it can multiply again, before your mission is over.

For high score you have to be very skilled with the arrow buttons - it could be quite hard to stear the mosquito and the parasite in these games if you're not used to it.

Reading: "Malaria: Past and Present"

What is malaria?
The cause of malaria
History of malaria
Discovery of malaria agent - Alphonse Laveran
Malaria transmission - Ronald Ross
Malaria control operation
Malaria - global impact
The current global picture
Malaria and children
Malaria's reach in spreading
History of treatment and prophylaxis
Drug resistance

Read "Malaria: Past and Present" »


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