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Prize Lectures in Economic Sciences 1969-1980


The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel

Edited by Assar Lindbeck (University of Stockholm, Sweden)

Below is a list of the Laureates in Economic Sciences during the period 1969-1980 with a description of the work awarded with the Prize in Economic Sciences:

(1969) R Frisch and J Tinbergen - for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes;

(1970) P Samuelson - for the scientific work through which he has developed static and dynamic economic theory and actively contributed to raising the level of analysis in economic science;

(1971) S Kuznets - for his empirically founded interpretation of economic growth which has led to new and deepened insight into the economic and social structure and process of development;

(1972) J R Hicks and K J Arrow - for their pioneering contributions to general economic equilibrium theory and welfare theory;

(1973) W Leontief - for the development of the input-output method and for its application to important economic problems;

(1974) G Myrdal and F A Von Hayek - for their pioneering work in the theory of money and economic fluctuations and for their penetrating analysis of the interdependence of economic, social and institutional phenomena;

(1975) L Kantorovich and T Koopmans - for their contributions to the theory of optimum allocation of resources;

(1976) M Friedman - for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy;

(1977) B Ohlin and J Meade - for their pathbreaking contribution to the theory of international trade and international capital movements;

(1978) H A Simon - for his pioneering research into the decision-making process within economic organizations;

(1979) T W Schultz and A Lewis - for their pioneering research into economic development research with particular consideration of the problems of developing countries;

(1980) L R Klein - for the creation of econometric models and their application to the analysis of economic fluctuations and economic policies.

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