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 Nobel Jubilee Symposia, 1991
CO2-fixation and CO2-reduction in Biological and Model Systems
(1991, NJS 91-2)
Carl-Ivar Brändén, Gunter Schneider
December, 1991, Stockholm
Proceedings: Carl-Ivar Brändén, Gunter Schneider: Carbon Dioxide Fixation and Reduction in Biological and Model Systems (1994), Oxford University Press, Oxford, U K

(no longer in print)


Table of Contents  
List of contributors vii
Photosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation: structural and functional aspects of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase
Gunter Schneider

Partial reactions and chemical rescue of site-directed mutants of Rubisco as mechanistic probes
Mark R. Harpel, Frank W. Larimer, Eva H. Lee, Richard J. Mural, Harry B. Smith, Thomas S. Soper, and Fred C. Hartman

Elements of the structure of ribulose-P2 carboxylase/oxygenase affecting substrate partitioning
Steven Gutteridge

Learning from Rubisco's mistakes
T. John Andrews, Matthew K. Morell, Heather J. Kane, Kalanethee Paul, Gabriel A. Quinlan, and Daryl L. Edmondson

Tests and models of mechanisms for biotin-dependent carbon dioxide fixation
Ronald Kluger and Belinda Tsao
Chemistry of B12 derivatives related to their roles in bacterial carbon dioxide fixation
Bernhard Kräutler
Stoichiometric and catalytic activation of carbon dioxide on transition-metal complexes
Arno Behr

Organometallic chemistry of carbon dioxide pertinent to catalysis
Donald J. Darensbourg
Catalytic additions of carbon dioxide adducts to alkynes: selective synthesis of carbonates, ureas, and carbonates
Christian Bruneau and Pierre H. Dixneuf

Activation and reduction of carbon dioxide to formylmethanofuran - a unique method of carbon dioxide fixation in the archaebacteria (archaea)
Alain Wasserfallen and Ralph S. Wolfe

Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide by catalysts
Yoshie Souma and Masahiro Fujiwara
Carbon dioxide as an organic building block
Mechanism of its activation by electron transfer and transition-metal complexes
Christian Amatore, Anny Jutand, and Merete F. Nielsen

Electrochemical syntheses involving carbon dioxide
Giuseppe Silvestri, Salvatore Gambino, and Giuseppe Filardo
Photochemical electron transfer applied to the reduction of carbon dioxide
Thomas J. Meyer
Room-temperature catalytic and photocatalytic fixation of carbon dioxide
Michael Grätzel
Retrodiction of carbon dioxide fixation towards a chemoautotrophic origin of life
Günter Wächtershäuser
Structure-activity correlations in carbamoyl phosphate synthetases
Vicente Rubio
How enzymes deal with carbon dioxide and bicarbonate
Marion H. O'Leary
Cyanobacterial carbon dioxide-concentrating mechanism
Murray R. Badger, G.D. Price, and J-W. Yu
Molecular biology and biochemistry of carbon dioxide-concentrating mechanisms in eukaryotic algae
John R. Coleman

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