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The Carter Administration, the Brezhnev Politburo and the Fall of Détente
(1995, NS 95)
The Norwegian Nobel Committee
September 17-19, Jelöya, Oslo, Norway
Proceedings: Odd Arne Westad; The Fall of Détente. Soviet-American Relations during the Carter years (1997), Scandinavian University Press, Oslo, Norway

ISBN 82-00-37671-0

Table of Contents  
Preface ix
I. Détente Revisited
The Fall of Détente and the Turning Tides of History
Odd Arne Westad
Keys of Keys? SALT II and the Breakdown of Détente
Olav Njølstad
Superpower Competition in the Middle East and the Collapse of Détente
Carol R. Saivetz
The Demise of Détente and US Domestic Politics
Dan Caldwell
The Road to Kabul: Soviet Policy on Afghanistan, 1978-1979
Odd Arne Westad
Why Did the Cold War Last as Long as It Did?
John Lewis Gaddis
II. Détente Documents
Jimmy Carter's letter to Leonid Brezhnev, 15 February 1977 171
Communist Party Politburo instructions for Ambassador Dobrynin, 18 February 1977 177
Leonid Brezhnev's letter to Jimmy Carter, 26 February 1977 180
Carter's conversation with Andrei Gromyko, 27 May 1978 186
Brezhnev speech in Politburo on foreign affairs issues, 8 June 1978 206
Communist Party Politburo discussion on human rights, 22 June 1978 210
Ambassador Dobrynin's political report to Gromyko on Soviet-American relations, 11 July 1978 212
Cyrus Vance's conversation with Andrei Gromyko, 13 July 1978 219
Carter's conversation with Brezhnev, 16 June 1979 223
Brezhnev's conversation with Erich Honecker, 27 July 1979 232
Fidel Castro's report to Erich Honecker on the Cuban visit to Africa, 3 April 1977 236
Policy Review Committee (PRC) meeting on Horn of Africa, 11 April 1977 241
Carter's letter to Brezhnev, 21 December 1977 244
Special Coordination Committee (SCC) meeting on the Horn of Africa, 22 February 1978 246
SCC meeting on Horn of Africa, 2 March 1978 258
Brezhnev at Communist Party Politburo meeting on Horn of Africa, 9 March 1978 270
Communist Party International Department on Soviet-Ethiopian Relations, 3 April 1978 271
Communist Party Politburo meeting on Horn of Africa, 27 April 1978 272
Gromyko's conversation with Vance, 31 May 1978 275
Brezhnev's and Carter's letters on the Soviet "combat brigade" on Cuba, 25 and 27 September 1979 279
Communist Party Politburo meeting on the "combat brigade" on Cuba, 27 September 1979 281
Communist Party Politburo meeting on Afghanistan, 17 March 1979 283
Report to Communist Party Politburo meeting on Afghanistan, 28 June 1979 307
Brezhnev's conversation with Honecker on international affairs, 4 October 1979 308
Report to Communist Party Politburo on the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, 31 December 1979 313
Communist Party Politburo meeting on Afghanistan, 17 January 1980 317
Report to Communist Party Politburo on Afghanistan, 27 January 1980 319
Brzezinski's report to Carter on the Soviet Afghan intervention, 26 December 1979 325
NSC meeting on Afghanistan, 2 January 1980 328
Marshall Shulman's letter to Cyrus Vance on US-Soviet relations after Afghanistan, 15 February 1980 347


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