2014 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm. Copyright © Nobel Media AB 2014. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud.
2014 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm. Copyright © Nobel Media AB 2014. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud.

2015 Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies
The new Nobel Laureates take center stage on 10 December in Stockholm and Oslo, where two women, eight men and one organization will receive their Nobel Prizes, and enjoy the Nobel Banquets afterwards. provides live streams from the Nobel Lectures and the award ceremonies, as well as photos and interviews with the Laureates. The activities start on 6 December - also on Facebook and Twitter.
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"There Was Certain Tension in the Air"
The first Nobel Prize Award Ceremony was held in 1901. The names of the Nobel Laureates had been kept secret and were revealed only on the same day. Experience the very first ceremony through this eyewitness report.
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First Nobel Prize Award Ceremony
The first Nobel Prize Award Ceremony at the Musical Academy in Stockholm.

Physics Laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes.
"I Suspect That With the Chimes of Midnight I Will Be Turned Into a Pumpkin"
90 years later, in 1991, Physics Laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes shared his experiences of the Nobel Week in his Nobel Banquet speech.
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What Do the Laureates Receive?
According to the Statutes of the Nobel Foundation, given by the Swedish King in Council on 29 June 1900, the prize awarders shall present to each Nobel Laureate "an assignment for the amount of the prize, a diploma, and a gold medal bearing the image of the testator and an appropriate inscription."
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The Nobel Medal. Registered trademark of the Nobel Foundation. © ® The Nobel Foundation.
The Nobel Medal. © ® The Nobel Foundation. 

The Future of Intelligence
What is human intelligence and how is it affected by modern technology? Will artificial intelligence change the world? This year's Nobel Week Dialogue offers a day of stimulating discussions at the highest level together with Nobel Laureates, the world's leading scientists and experts, key opinion leaders and policy makers. Watch the live stream on 9 December.
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Monthly Quiz
She Depicts Post-Soviet Individuals
In her works, this year's Nobel Laureate in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich, maps the post-Soviet individuals. What are her books based on? Click to submit your answer.
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