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"Being a Scientist Is Like Being an Explorer"
In his biography for, Chemistry Laureate Roderick MacKinnon describes his childhood as a life in curiosity. He was always asking the question 'what would happen if ??' This curiosity has followed him in his research about ion channels. Here, he explains his thoughts about being a scientist.
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Oliver Smithies
Medicine Laureate Oliver Smithies.
"A Scientist Has to Never Grow Up"
Being a scientist is to never lose your curiosity, says Oliver Smithies, 2007 Medicine Laureate, in this interview. That is the key to a long scientific career.
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Both Scientist and Humanitarian
Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen was an internationally recognised scientist whose work spanned zoology, oceanography and geology combined with a deep interest in history. He went on many adventures of exploration, including polar expeditions. But during the latter part of his life, the renowned scientist changed direction, and became engaged in diplomatic and humanitarian work. In 1922 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for helping refugees and prisoners of war.
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Fridtjof Nansen on board the steamer 'Omul', 1913. Source: National Library of Norway.
Fridtjof Nansen on board the steamer 'Omul' on a journey to Siberia, 1913. Source: National Library of Norway.

Hiroshi Amano
Physics Laureate Hiroshi Amano.
The Greatest Benefit to Mankind
Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prizes to award those who had conferred "the greatest benefit to mankind". Is that a goal for the scientists - to contribute to mankind? Listen to 2014 Physics Laureate Hiroshi Amano, when explaining what made him become a scientist.
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"Some Dreamers Demand that Scientists Only Discover Things that Can Be Used for Good"
Scientists are increasingly aware of their responsibility to society, says John C. Polanyi, 1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. But what responsibilities weigh on today's scientists? 
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John Polanyi
Chemistry Laureate John C. Polanyi.

Monthly Quiz
Multiple Nobel Laureates
Not many persons have been awarded two Nobel Prizes, there are only four of them: John Bardeen, Frederick Sanger, Marie Curie and Linus Pauling. Two of them obtained prizes in different prize subjects. The most well-known of them is Marie Curie, who was awarded Nobel Prizes in both Physics and Chemistry. The other is Linus Pauling. Which two separate Nobel Prizes was he awarded?  Make a guess and click to submit your answer.
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