APRIL 2014
Mosquito Game
Mosquito Game.

A Vector-Borne Disease
WHO's World Health Day 2014 spotlights vector-borne diseases and how we can protect ourselves from them. Vectors are small organisms carrying serious diseases like malaria, dengue or yellow fever. Malaria is one of the world's most common diseases, caused by a parasite that is transmitted to humans by a female mosquito's bite.
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The Discoveries behind Malaria
Army surgeon Ronald Ross discovered the parasite causing malaria and was awarded the 1902 Medicine Prize. In 1907 Alphonse Laveran received the Prize for his findings that the parasite was present in human blood and that it caused the malaria disease.
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Salivary gland of mosquito.
Salivary gland of mosquito. Drawing from Ronald Ross' Nobel Lecture.

Peter Agre.
Peter Agre.
"It's A Curious Disease"
In this podcast, Chemistry Laureate Peter Agre talks about the "19th-century disease still with us in the 21st century" from a research institute in Zambia, "100 kilometers into the bush".
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Monthly Quiz
Alfred Nobel's Will
In his will, Alfred Nobel specified that most of his 31 million SEK (today about 265 million dollars) should fund the Nobel Prizes. His fortune was based on a new explosive. What was it called? Make a guess and click to submit your answer.
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