Nerve cells
Nerve cells

Inside the Human Nervous System
The brain, the centre of learning, emotions, memory and personality, has been, and continues to be, the focus of study and research as humankind tries to understand the workings of the mind. Since 1901, several Nobel Laureates have been awarded for their work in various areas of neuroscience, from the structure of the nervous system and the chemical transmission of nerve impulses to the functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres.
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Nerve Cells Made Visible
Already in 1873, Medicine Laureate Camillo Golgi's staining method made it possible to visualize nerve cells for the first time.
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Nerve cells
Drawing by Camillo Golgi

Brain research
Brain research
Our Remarkable Memory
The brain has an astounding ability to record and recall information. This documentary delves into today?s memory research, the foundations of which were laid by early 20th-century Nobel Prize awarded pioneers, and uncovers how today's neuroscientists are helping to find new treatments for disorders of memory.
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The Split Brain Experiment
An experiment in the 1960s revealed how the brain's left and right hemispheres work, an experiment that led to a Nobel Prize for Roger Sperry. Try it yourself!
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Split brain experiments game

Monthly Quiz
The First Awarded Woman
Not until 1947 was a woman awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Who was this Czech-American biochemist? Make a guess and click to submit your answer.
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