JUNE 2016
Scientist in work.

What Makes a Good Scientist?
"They keep learning"
Scientists are like perpetual adolescents, says Peter Doherty, awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1996. Scientists "never really grow up", they keep learning and they want to understand lots of different things.
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"Develop a curiosity"
Let your curiosity drive you in your work, is an advice to scientists from 1985 Medicine Laureate Michael S. Brown. Develop a curiosity about solving a problem, just for its own sake.
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1985 Medicine Laureate Michael S. Brown
Michael S. Brown.

Elizabeth Blackburn
Elizabeth Blackburn.
"Be persistent"
Be persistent in your research, says Elizabeth Blackburn, 2009 Medicine Laureate. But be creative, do not miss an opportunity even if it isn't in your research plan ? unexpected things happen! 
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"Live it, eat it, dream it, sleep it"
Here, 2000 Chemistry Laureate Alan G. MacDiarmid compares the creative scientist to an artist composing a symphony or painting a beautiful painting ? the work must envelope one's whole personality.
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Chemistry Laureate Alan G. MacDiarmid
Alan G. MacDiarmid.

Chemistry Laureate Roger Kornberg
Roger Kornberg.
"They are my heroes"
Great scientists are the people who haven't done one thing only, says 2006 Chemistry Laureate Roger Kornberg. Great scientists are those who have done astounding things year after year after year.
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Monthly Quiz
Most Nobel Laureates?
The Nobel Prizes span six different categories - Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economic Sciences. In the statutes of the Nobel Foundation it is stipulated that each Nobel Prize can be divided and shared by two or three persons. Consequently, there can be up to three new Laureates in each of the prize categories every year. Do you know which of these prize categories has seen the most recipients? Make a guess and click to submit your answer.
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