Part of a list of nominations for Martin Luther King Jr. from the archives of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
Part of a list of nominations for Martin Luther King Jr. from the archives of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Coming Soon: 2016 Nobel Prizes
The selection of Nobel Laureates
In less than a month, the Nobel Laureates of 2016 will be known to us. Beginning on 3 October, scientists, authors and promoters of peace will be announced and get the world's attention. The candidates for the Nobel Prizes are nominated by thousands of members of academies, university professors, scientists, previous Nobel Laureates and members of parliamentary assemblies and others. After a long selection process, the four Nobel Prize awarding institutions finally make their choice.
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Who nominated whom?
The nomination of Nobel Laureates started in 1901, the year the first Nobel Prizes were awarded. The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed until 50 years later, so every year, new information is released and added to the open archives. In this visualization you can search for a nominee or a nominator, and see how the nominations were made across countries.
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Visualization of Albert Einstein's nominations
Visualization of Albert Einstein's nominations.

Richard Ernst.
Richard Ernst.
"The captain came to me"
On the day of each Nobel Prize announcement, a member of the Nobel committee calls the new Laureates to inform them that they have been awarded the prize. These calls can come at unexpected times and reach the Laureates in unexpected places. Richard Ernst was on a flight from Moscow to New York when he learned that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
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"I've just been in a shock for the last hour"
Medicine Laureate Linda Buck woke up to the early morning call from Stockholm. She was interviewed immediately after she had received the message, and managed to both relate what the prize meant to her and give advice to young students.
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Medicine Laureate Linda Buck
Linda Buck.

Muhammad Yunus .
Muhammad Yunus.
"Immediately the whole country was electrified"
Muhammad Yunus recalls what happened after the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize was announced.
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"What award?"
Peter Higgs made himself unavailable on the day of the announcement of the 2013 Physics Prize.
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Physics Laureate Peter Higgs
Peter Higgs.

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Nominated but not awarded
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