APRIL 2016
Reggio Emilia, Gavassa lungo canale author:Paolo da Reggio.
Reggio Emilia, Gavassa, lungo canale. Photo: Paolo da Reggio. [CC SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons.

"At Age 4½, I Set Off on My Own"
"Provide all children with the opportunities to pursue their passions and dreams", says 2007 Medicine Laureate Mario Capecchi in his autobiography. Surely the childhood period is an important time in our lives, although not always happy and care free. During World War II, Mario Capecchi's mother was imprisoned, and the four-year-old boy was left to live on the streets. 
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John Hume.
John Hume.
"The Major Facts in My Early Life as a Child Was that I Grew Up in Poverty"
John Hume grew up in poverty in Northern Ireland in the 1930s, but was able to get an education beyond primary school ? a very important factor in his life ? and surely a path to his Nobel Peace Prize which he was awarded in 1998.
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"Perhaps the Earliest Memories I Have Are of Being a Stubborn, Determined Child"
Rosalyn Yalow was the daughter of immigrants without high school education. At a time when women were given little access to scientific studies, she made up her mind to pursue a career in physics, and in 1977 she became the second woman ever to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics.
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Rosalyn Yalow
Rosalyn Yalow.

Günter Blobel .
Günter Blobel.
"At The End of January 1945, We Had to Flee"
"1945 was also a turning point in my life. Until then my childhood was a perfect 19th century idyll", Chemistry Laureate Günter Blobel writes in his biography. Born in the eastern part of Germany, now part of Poland, the family had to flee from the advancing Russian Red Army, and life became chaos. 
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"My Childhood Memories Are Filled with the Years of Drought, Flood and War"
Daniel Tsui was born in a remote village in central China. His parents, like most of the villagers, had never had the opportunity to learn how to read and write. Follow his journey from China to Hong Kong to the United States - and then the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics.
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Daniel Tsui
Daniel Tsui.

Harry Martinson.
Harry Martinson.
"I Grew Cold at My Childhood Hearth"

Harry Martinson was left an orphan at an early age when his father died and his mother emigrated to Oregon, US. The young Harry became a so-called child of the parish; he was sold by auction to the lowest bidder. At sixteen, he ran away and went to sea. His travels provided inspiration for his literary efforts, and in 1974 he was awarded the Literature Prize "for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos".

I was small in the listening days.
At late harvests toothless mouths told
of leprous marsh-spot in the seed and
the bitter bloom of ergot on the rye.
I grew cold at my childhood hearth

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