2013 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm.
Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm.  © Nobel Media AB 2013. Photo: A. Ljungdahl

2014 Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies
The new Nobel Laureates take center stage on 10 December in Stockholm and Oslo, where two women and eleven men will receive their Nobel Prizes, and enjoy the Nobel Banquets afterwards. provides live web casts from the Nobel Lectures and the award ceremonies, as well as photos and interviews with the Laureates. The activities start on 6 December.
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The Nobel Banquet
The first Nobel Banquet, held in 1901, was attended by 113 male guests. Today, some 1,300 guests are invited. Holding a gathering of this proportion and prestige entails a lot of preparation and hard work.
arrow The Nobel Banquets - A century of culinary history
Nobel Banquet Starter
  © Nobel Media AB 2013
Photo: H. Paulin-Strömberg

Nobel Week Dialogue
Nobel Laureates in Discussion about Ageing
This year's Nobel Week Dialogue aims to introduce new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of ageing.  A unique constellation of Nobel Laureates, renowned scientists, policy makers and opinion leaders will meet for discussions. Watch the live-stream on 9 December.
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Medicine Laureate Edvard Moser in Conversation
Partners in both life and research, and now as Nobel Laureates, Edvard Moser and his wife May-Britt Moser were jointly awarded the 2014 Medicine Prize. In this conversation Edvard Moser talks about partnership, Norwegian research, and childhood memories.
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Edvard Moser
Photo: G. Mogen/NTNU.

Nomination Archive
From the archives of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
Explore the Nobel Prize Nomination Archive
Three common searches on individuals in the Nobel Prize nomination database are Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi and Joseph Stalin. Were they ever nominated for a Prize?
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Monthly Quiz
The Nobel Prize Amount
Most of Alfred Nobel's fortune was to be "distributed annually in the form of prizes to those who during the preceding year have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind." What is the prize amount per full Nobel Prize 2014? Click to submit your answer!
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