JULY 2015
Allosaurus skull, Dinosaur National Monument. By InSapphoWeTrust from Los Angeles, California, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Allosaurus skull, Dinosaur National Monument. By InSapphoWeTrust from Los Angeles, California, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Moon Walks and Dinosaurs Inspired
There are many times in life when we need inspiration ? for choosing an education, for selecting a path for our work or just for being able to continue with what we are doing. Here, Nobel Laureates talk about important sources for their inspiration.

When Nobel Laureate Craig Mello was nine years old people were walking on the moon ? and he was amazed. What he learnt about science from school, from the news and from his palaeontologist father inspired him to become a biologist.
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Inspiration from Marie Curie
A biography about scientist and Nobel Laureate Marie Curie inspired Medicine Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn and taught her that "doing science is an important thing".
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Elizabeth Blackburn
Elizabeth Blackburn.

Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Vargas Llosa.
?He Was a Writer That Had Built His Talent, His Genius, Through Hard Work?
Literature Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa talks about his great inspiration, French author Gustave Flaubert, who achieved his talent through hard work and discipline.
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"It?s Usually the Women"
The people who really inspires Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams are the ones nobody knows.
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Jody Williams
Jody Williams.

Eugene Fama
Eugene Fama.
?I Didn?t Learn Anything in Classes?
Eugene Fama, 2013 Laureate in Economic Sciences, talks about the two people who inspired him during his studies ? one of them was also a Laureate.
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More Inspiration
'Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative' is a global program designed to help Nobel Laureates share their inspirational stories and insights by bringing them into closer contact with the worldwide scientific community, and especially with an audience of young scientists. At its YouTube channel, you can find more video clips where Laureates share their thoughts, for example Medicine Laureate Paul Nurse, who gives his advice to students: Don't work too hard.
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Paul Nurse
Paul Nurse.

Monthly Quiz
Congratulations ? to Whom?
On 6 July one famous Nobel Peace Prize Laureate turns 80 years. Do you know whom? Make a guess and click to submit your answer.
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