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Nobel Media creates, with the support of AstraZeneca, an educational Internet production per year which will further explain the benefits of Nobel Prize awarded discoveries.


The Blood Typing Game

Blood typing

The Blood Typing Game is based on the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, awarded to Karl Landsteiner for the discovery of human blood groups.
Published in December 2011

Watch a video about the Blood Typing Game!
3 min.

Play the Blood Typing Game!

Try to save some patients' lives and learn about human blood types and blood transfusions!

Play the Game


Comments from visitors:

This is much better than the other version I played. Very good graphics, gives a person a good understanding of blood types and who can receive what type. My lovely patients were AB-, O+, and B-. I didn't kill anyone! Hooray!
Coralynn, 17

I loved it. It's so much more interesting to learn through games and interaction than reading through tons of text. Even though reading IS essential, activities such as these really do help to visualize what is happening.

This game is well-designed in terms of teaching content. I used this with my own students and would like to recommend it to other educators as well.

great game might consider bein a doctor now!
kuratulain, 12


Immune Responses

Go through ten interactive stops and find out how our immune system protects us and sometimes could harm us with the help of some Nobel Prize awarded discoveries.
Published in September 2010

Watch a video about Immune Responses!
1 min.

Immune Responses - a production based on several Nobel Prizes related to immune responses


Comments from visitors:

Hey, Even mathematicians like me can grasp the beauty of the human defense system through this (excellent) application. regards,
Bart, 22

Highly educational - an excellent resource. This should be used in schools more widely.
Gavin, 37

this was a really good educational game, much better than all of the other ones out there!
lauren, 16

i enjoy a lot
alexandra, 14


Nerve Signaling


Thanks to the work of thousands of scientists, some awarded the Nobel Prize, we now have a basic understanding of the nervous system and how it sends messages from one cell to another. Go through 18 animated stops and find out more!
Published in September 2009

Watch a video about Nerve Signaling!
1 min.

Nerve Signaling - a production based on several Nobel Prizes related to nerve signaling


Comments from visitors:

This is very interesting, but for the average student it would be boring. In my experience of Biology, I found this over the top and extremaly intreeging. I loved the pictures and all the detailed information. (sorry about the bad spelling) =^\_^=
Tabitha, 15

This nerve signaling interactive presentation is awesome! It was easy to understand, and had great pictures and diagrams to explain what was being talked about! The layout was also very appealing, I liked how the slides were all shown along the neuron at the top :)
Kaitlyn, 18

wow...! this game is awesome!, telling everything about generation and propagation of action potential. It's Nice and pretty easy to grasp. Nice work!.
praveen, 25

I just like to thank for putting up this kind of site in their website. Professors like me who teach neurochemistry will ease my burden in explaining this topic to my students by showing them this slides. Congratulations!!!!!
Educator, 28

I liked it, it is interesting and easy(ish) to understand.
Andi, 41


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