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During autumn 2010, ten Nobel Laureates have answered seven questions ranging from admiration, hopes, inventions, accomplishments to what they are doing to make the world a better place. A new question and answer will be posted during the next several months.


What would you say if the whole world were listening? Have your say!


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Here are the answers from visitors:

"Nothing is belongs to you.It is only......Be intelligent.Now you are a human being"
/Kolitha Kaushalya from Sri Lanka on 19 July 2013
"live life to the fullest:"
/elvie from Philippines on 13 June 2013
"it is never too late to be the way you wish you would have been."
/neal from United States on 11 March 2013
"live and let live ."
/darshil from India on 8 January 2013
"Nothing Less"
/Sanfer Albert D'souza from India on 26 November 2012
/chris martin from United Kingdom on 14 October 2012
"Many others may believe as you do. You are not alone. Let your voice be heard to gather those of like mind. Perhaps it takes more than one to make a difference, but one can be the catalyst to gather the many."
/DBW from United States on 8 October 2012
"The world is bigger than your back yard, and the spirit of UBUNTU in this vast space will take us far!"
/Phumelela Mdluli from United States on 27 August 2012
"Enjoy life and always know you are never alone. Individuals are fighting battles everyday in order to survive; we must do what we can to help each other. Take nothing for granted because these battles we constantly fight can end in the blink of an eye. For this we must live, be happy, and do great things. Nothing worthwhile is easy, and nothing easy is worthwhile."
/John Fleites from United States on 4 April 2012
"I was once so heavy and pain filled, my inability to change the inequities and suffering in this world and through my own enlightenment I discovered that it is not for us to end the suffering or balance the inequities that exists, it is enough for us to merely INSPIRE this desire in the hearts souls and minds of human beings....... without suffering their is no enlightment without war their is no peace without fear their is no courage i"
/Jo-anne from Australia on 6 March 2012
"Follow in the steps of Socrates and his kin, question and challenge everything! Ask why to everything, and do not accept anything just because someone told you it. Be a philosopher in your own right, hold your own ideas in the highest regard, and follow the path of peace. Never stray from that path, and do everything you do for you species as a whole. Also, don't brag, as if you are that good others will speak for you."
/Favre from United States on 3 March 2012
"It is nice to learn and discover new things but the thing one must learn first is to be a human being."
/Abhishek Kumar Mehta from India on 18 February 2012
"Respect everyone. Assume nothing about anyone. Learn about others instead! Read, think and learn everyday. Walk everyday. Write everyday. Create everyday. Develop mentally, emotionally and physically. Support individual creativity and collective collaboration! Think, Feel and Act."
/Gabriel from United States on 2 February 2012
"?Be a good human being and live every moment with love, trust, blessing,"
/PUSHKAR BISHT from India on 4 January 2012
"Wake up, ascend to higher levels of education, read more!"
/Dimitrios C. Georgiou, MD, PhD from United States on 10 December 2011
"its all about perspective the viewer depending where he's viewing from at different scale viewing from outside he see's the big picture but from inside he cant know how bighis universe is but he notice's a patten in the small model that just keeps happening on differnt scales with what he can obserive looking in, that could be true for the large scale thats not observible to us looking out but same patten might be repeated with its observers looking out wondering how big his universe acually is"
/stephen rhys trapnell from United Kingdom on 3 December 2011
"i dream that someday,the world could be independant from money and politicians more honnest and less obsessed by power,sex and money.I wish also that science and medical fields would become a priority."
/74123 from France on 30 November 2011
"A better world is possible! We have no boundaries, endless possibilities, incredible imagination, and limitless potential to be or do whatever we wish to. God has given the world to all man in equal, know the good and do the good, be just, never stop seeking the truth and right intentions will be your guide!"
/Javier Leon from United States on 27 November 2011
"criticism without proposal means nothing"
/on 7 November 2011
"Be honest.Practice honesty.Serve honestly."
/Dr.Anil from India on 7 November 2011
"Change yourself first for a better habits, before trying to change others."
/Georgina Zertuche from United States on 6 November 2011
"It's unreal and urealistic to think that terrorism,hunger,economic crisis will ever end on Earth. You just have to take a good look on wats gooing on around you"
/on 7 October 2011
/Vincent light house c from India on 27 September 2011
"I would tell the world to come to its senses."
/Zachary Hardy from United States on 17 September 2011
"You're white, I'm yellow, she's brown, he black, they're red, all Human."
/Jess S from United States on 17 September 2011
"Science precludes fundamentalism. We must remain humble, knowing that we never know the whole truth. (Fundamentalist scientists should check their science.)"
/Tosin from Nigeria on 17 September 2011
"Believe me when i say that everything will be alright, the sun will always rise- there are two sides to everything...why focus on the negative when the positive exists right before us? Close your eyes and concentrate on your true happiness. Peace begins with a smile =)"
/Tahirih Boodhoo from Guyana on 16 September 2011
/from Italy on 14 September 2011
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