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During autumn 2010, ten Nobel Laureates have answered seven questions ranging from admiration, hopes, inventions, accomplishments to what they are doing to make the world a better place. A new question and answer will be posted during the next several months.


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"I would like to see the men who invented the machine that takes everyday plastic trash and turns it into fuel receive the Nobel Peace prize. They work for Blest in Japan. They have come up with a way to minimize the amount of trash impacting our world."
/Kim Doom from United States on 3 May 2011
"wangaro mathai.i have known her since i was i child,and i always admired her achievements in life,she is my role model"
/rose isaboke from United States on 3 May 2011
"I admire my mum because through all the struggle and hardships she faces she always tries the best to get what we want and make us happy. Also because she was there with me every second of my life so far and i could never be without her. For that i am nominating my mum!!!!"
/anonymous from United Kingdom on 3 May 2011
"I admire Nelson Mandela because of his amazing ability to forgive those who have done so many bad things to him."
/anonymous from United Kingdom on 3 May 2011
"arthur compton"
/jaced from United States on 3 May 2011
"Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim should receive the Nobel Prize for Peace for his work in Israel and Palestine. Today (3rd May 2011), Berenboim has managed to fly a group of international musicians to Gaza City where they are performing a free concert for peace."
/Suzanne Lussier from United Kingdom on 3 May 2011
"i admire my bff's the most"
/kennedi from United States on 3 May 2011
"Abdul Sattar Edhi from Pakistan should be given Nobel Peace Prize..."
/Faraz Ahmed Nizamani from Pakistan on 3 May 2011
"I admire Female leaders who are apposed their whole lives and struggle never giving up who succeed in making it to the top despite all odds against them."
/on 3 May 2011
"I admire people who care about others because they are the ones who are most worthy."
/Unknown from Singapore on 3 May 2011
"I jave read recently Brian Farmelo's biography of Paul Dirac and could not refrain to admire this latter's tenacity and quiet determination to do something great in spite of many obstacles: a dysfunctional family, a wife who was not always on his side, and last but not least, an absent-mindedness that was interpreted in many ways--Farmelo think it was adult autism."
/Claudiu Litan from United States on 3 May 2011
"" i admire martin luther king! one of his famous quotes that i like of his is ,faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the staircase""
/Gabrielle on 3 May 2011
"I admire my boyfriend the most we love eachother"
/from Macedonia on 3 May 2011
"Paul Dirac. For the discovery of quantum theory, and his work in establishing a basis for the exploration of the electron. He was clear, bright, and extremely terse. Qualities we could admire in this world."
/Turner Rentz from United States on 2 May 2011
/on 2 May 2011
"micheal jakson he is awesome"
/on 2 May 2011
"I admire anyone who is willing to sacrifice their lives for the higher good. I admire anyone who sets aside their selfish needs and is ready to serve others. I admire anyone who has so much love for the humanity and is willing to transform that into concrete acts of changing the world. Unfortunately Mr. Kissinger and others alike should have never received this award."
/Miki24 from United States on 2 May 2011
"Izzeldin Abuelaish. To find and promote peace after such loss.... May there be peace for all families in the Middle East."
/from United Kingdom on 2 May 2011
"I admire Muhammad Yunus, He lead the world for poverty elevation of the poorest in the poor societies. His work is lesson to those who just talk of poverty elevation through media but do not work in the field. I salute Muhammad Yunus."
/Muhammad Anwar, An international development activist from Pakistan on 2 May 2011
/king_babe from United Kingdom on 2 May 2011
"Queen Rania, is trying very diligently to merge East and West. I watch her youtube information and find it very useful. She is amazing! This woman is on a REAL peacekeeping mission. She is using herself, her status, and all efforts to help West and East in coming together. This woman is truly a peace loving person. Barack Obama? Give me a break!"
/Rebecca from United States on 2 May 2011
"Queen Raina, for her peaceful efforts in showing the world that Muslims and Christians can get along peacefully. I highly respect her and believe that she will change the world, one group at a time."
/Rebecca S from United States on 2 May 2011
"I admire Angelina Jolie for all of her efforts to relieve children of starvation. There are so many that have survived and thrived due to her. She has "hands on" changed the lives of numerous people, doesn't seem to care if she documents it or not. "
/disgusted from United States on 2 May 2011
"Sir David Attenborough, for his contagious love for nature, his unprecedented contributions to the countless generations to come that will cherish his documentaries until they die, like I will."
/Hao Nguyen from Australia on 2 May 2011
"i admire my mother because anytime when i was done she would help my back up again.she is very loyal and i love her with all my heart.she has been through allot in her life and i will alwayz luv her no matter what..."
/kashmoney.. from Jamaica on 2 May 2011
"Hello, I admire Nelson Mandela for his fight for freedom against apartheid.He's a genius and a fighter who doesn't give up!"
/Yomi Habib from Nigeria on 2 May 2011
"Martin Luther King Jr. A great christian and human rights fighter."
/on 2 May 2011
"i am 15 years and i have my very own discoveries but anyways i admire albert einstien.he had his own ways of having 100% concentration.he has done a lot 2 save man from destruction(indirectly).his theories showed the very rays of his inteligence and also his discoveries."
/from South Africa on 2 May 2011
"I admire J.J. Thomson because even though one of his experiments blew up in his face, he still had the courage to continue to study science! GO J.J. THOMSON!!!!"
/Bluewolf from United Kingdom on 1 May 2011
"i admire wangari maathai..why ? her passion to care for the environment,when everyone else seems to have given up,makes me make up my mind that shes one of the greatest..fight on,prof."
/from United Arab Emirates on 1 May 2011
"I admire those who have courage"
/Johanna from Denmark on 1 May 2011
"Just take a look at Salomon Khan"
/Mark Calleja from United States on 1 May 2011
"i admire my aunty lerato simply because she inspires me so much in terms of her personality and the way she is living her life"
/ofentse from South Africa on 1 May 2011
"I admire my father Armando Gamboa Bejarano therefore he helped many people in silence and only we knew that when he died and in his funeral many people that we did not know approached my mother and told her everything that he had helped them"
/César Gamboa from Colombia on 1 May 2011
"I admire SWAMI BABA RAMADEV For revolutionizing YOG all over the country and even to abroad............he is showing the path of way to live a healthy generation...............A very good scientific thinker..............."
/SACHIN NAIK from India on 30 April 2011
"Edith Schwalb,for being so courageous during hitlers invasion!"
/on 30 April 2011
"My lifelong admiration goes for a man who dared to unite, through his astoundingly productive work in search of Man's highest ideals of freedom and beauty and peace, the entire world as one brotherhood. The 1st Asian to win the Nobel Prize for literature, he has not yet been truly assessed for his artistic genius. Rabindranath Tagore: poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, thespian, educationist, spiritualist, philosopher, social reformer, orator, composer, lyricist, and artist."
/AnindyaB from India on 30 April 2011
"Wangari, Maarthai because of her vivid nature and immense propensity towards a world devoid of environmental depletion which redefines the aesthetics of nature and exploitation of natural resources for effective use and eschewing extinction of valuable animals,also,promoting the dogmatic syndrome of unheard African women voices."
/ikhenoba,joseph from Nigeria on 30 April 2011
"I admire ambitious people =)"
/iva from Croatia on 30 April 2011
"My friend Dex is an awesome bro, he helped me through a tough time back in January 2010 when I was down on my luck. Now it's my turn to get him through this rough period in his life. He's a great guy and deserves to be on this page just as much (if not more) than anybody else."
/SaffronDev from Norway on 30 April 2011
"I admire my grandmother, Mama Fortuna. She grew up without a father of an unexepected death. She spent her young years on the streets of a very poor family and city in Peru. After she married pretty young, she had many kids and were still very poor, my grandfather wasn't the best husband, but all her kids were successful professionals.. thanks to her determination to provide them with discipline and education no matter which school you go to. Now she is living the life that any woman would love."
/Karla from United States on 30 April 2011
"I admire Muhammad Yunus , he did improvement for the poor people life"
/Eyad from Canada on 29 April 2011
"I admire those who have lost much of what they love and have nothing yet they fight for the rights and needs of others..."
/age 12 from United States on 29 April 2011
"Nikola Tesla...because his inventions were done with the intent on open sourcing, and not for profit of individuals. He wanted to make the world better. Energy from the ionosphere is free, and as such, should not be charged for."
/Catherine L from United States on 28 April 2011
"obama becuase he proved we can have an african american president"
/tori from United States on 28 April 2011
"President Obama knows the US constitution says treaties are the supreme law of the land. The Geneva Convention is such a treaty, eclipsing any US secrecy law. Bradley probably did not know he was obligated to act when he discovered war crimes. Bradley Manning just knew the difference between right"
/Ace Frahm from United States on 28 April 2011
"I admire Albert E. ,because of his intelligence."
/on 28 April 2011
"PFC Bradley Manning"
/Michael E. Peterson from United States on 27 April 2011
"Hi, This Zacarias from Angola I have been proud for those people who have been fighting for democracy and for humankind well being,most of them have received Nobel prize due to strugling for something that is valuable for the world. But i admire most most Wangary who has fought for better florestation and environment in kenya."
/Zacarias from Angola on 27 April 2011
"some one who cares and likes me for who i am not what i want to be"
/teymon stocks from United States on 26 April 2011
"every one equals"
/IMRAN FROM PAKISTAN on 26 April 2011
"i like martin because he was great leader and man"
/imran from Russia on 26 April 2011
"I admire my grandmother."
/boy from United States on 26 April 2011
"I admire all of the soldiers to stand on the frontlines and fight for the freedom of their country."
/Riley from Canada on 26 April 2011
"I admire people who move on after something they didn't like happened"
/on 26 April 2011
"Abdul Sattar Edhi "Within moments of seeing Mr Edhi I was aware I was in the presence of moral and spiritual greatness. He is the greatest and most wonderful person I have ever met, and I feel certain future generations will revere him as a saint. ""
/Farrah on 26 April 2011
"My husband for being such a fantastic person and the strongest and most amazing through his fight against cancer. He is my inspiration and my hero. We will win the fight!"
/Turid Hillestad Nel from Norway on 26 April 2011
"I amire my mother's older sister. though she was single and unemployed, she managed to raise me, my 3 siblings and her 5 children after my mother died 14 years ago. She also took care of her mother and today three of us are studying overseas and the older ones are holding high position in their jobs. We are what we are because of her! GOD bless her!"
/Dodo from Botswana on 26 April 2011
"Of course Dr Yunus as he did for the poor of our country and he wants to make the country a poverty free nation"
/MOHSHIUL AZAM from Bangladesh on 26 April 2011
"I admire Slash because he is a musical genius and a kick ass rock star."
/Robert Gardner from United States on 26 April 2011
"i like everyone"
/joe dirt from United States on 25 April 2011
"I admire the chickens in my backyard. They have a lot more intellect than any of us do, and they actually have the ability enjoy the simple things in life."
/Elizabeth Gibson from United States on 25 April 2011
"Besides, I admired my parents late Mr. Bholanath Bhattacharyalate Mrs. Bani Bhattacharya and my youngest twin brothers Mr. Rupak"
/Professor Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya MD ; Prof from India on 25 April 2011
"I admire the men and women who move on after losing their spouse. That is strength."
/Mike Bentivegna from United States on 25 April 2011
"I admire lonely women who bring up their children and I admire men who take care of their family. All of them are courageus."
/from Catalunya on 24 April 2011
"I admire mother thresa. She devoted her whole life helping poor and needy people."
/on 24 April 2011
"I admire Derek Jeter because he is kind and has a charity for kids."
/on 23 April 2011
"I admire all of works which were made by represented in Nobel Museum people and the awesome job they have done. They improved our world, made it much better. I admire the work my mother (Marianna Sharygina) has done in agricultural sphere, she took part in creation of several hybrids of sunflower. Also i would like to add that I admire my teacher of International trade and Agricultural policy course in SLU - Yves Sury. He is a brilliant tutor and very open-minded person."
/Anastasia from Russia on 23 April 2011
"Mahatma Gandhi - as one deserved NP the most and have been neglected."
/Anna from Ukraine on 23 April 2011
"The person who I admire the most is Doris Lessing, for the sheer brilliance of her writing that metamorphises into fire, sex and ecstatic beauty"
/James Orrell from United Kingdom on 23 April 2011
"I admire the entire race of humankind, because of their great advances in overall thinking, new ideas, and mental and physical strides."
/on 23 April 2011
"i admire my dad because he taught me how to be a man. He was blind my whole life but he never became bitter and was always laughing and making jokes. Everyone who met him loved him and i miss him very much."
/Daniel Cclendinen from United States on 22 April 2011
"I admire Charles Darwin M.A., because his theory on evolution is a new and easy way to view life. This simple theory of evolution gives reasons and explains how life is diversified around us from the smallest life or organism to the most complex organism."
/Deoye Tonade from United States on 22 April 2011
"Paul Pierce for never giving up on the boston celtics"
/from United States on 21 April 2011
"Angelina Jolie, because despite she´s famous and rich, she´s extremely humanitarian, and she not only donate in money, but donate herself, what is much more important. Long live for Angelina Jolie !"
/Oyama Almeida from Brazil on 21 April 2011
"Dr Helen Caldicott, she has spent her life advocating an anti nuclear stance and this is even more relevent with the events that are going on in Fukushima."
/Craig from Australia on 21 April 2011
"Muhammad Yunus.He is Helping a needy people and he is inspire from his mother itself and working hard to help the poor people in this era..."
/Inamul Hasan.Madar from Korea,South on 21 April 2011
"I admire Wangari Mathai because the steps he took to protect nature in her country is outstanding. And she being the first woman who did her Ph.D in her country is a remarkable one."
/Amoga laxmi from India on 21 April 2011
"Brad Manning / Wikileaks"
/on 21 April 2011
"I admire environmentalist Mr. David De Rothschild for educating the world on how important nature and our environment is. His construction of a plastic bottle boat was innovation, along with demonstrating how important waste can create productivity. Taking the issue even further, Mr. Rothschild demonstrated the plastic bottle boat across the ocean, with drive and will striving for a healthier world all around. When someone helps our troubled world, we don't wonder why, but we are grateful."
/A nature admirer from United States on 21 April 2011
"I admire Mr Anthony Williams a pioneer in the innovation of the Steel Pan Instrument. Since Pythgoras musical calclations of the Cycle of Fifth music theory, it is Mr Williams that made a Musical Instrument in this configuration. I do believe this qualifies as a pioneering descovery and groundbreaking invention. Anthony Williams deserves to be recognize with the highest Awards including a Nobel Peace Prize"
/Thepanpiper from Trinidad and Tobago on 21 April 2011
"Besides, I always admired my parents late Mr. Bholanath Bhattacharya (who was himself a refugee from East Pakistan, during independence of India in 1947, fought for land acquisition for refugees of Indo Bangladesh war"
/Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya MD(cal) FIc Path(Ind)-Professor and HOD Pathology, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Medical college Cr Avenue- Kolkata-73W.B, Residence- 7/51 Purbapalli; PO-Sodepur; Dist-24 Parganas(north); Kolkata-2010 from India on 20 April 2011
"I too admire my mother. She taught me the dignity of labour. From her I learned how important it is to do my duty with perfection. She taught me to seek satisfaction from the perfection of my accopmlishments."
/Joseph Job from India on 20 April 2011
"wangari maathai"
/patrick karanja from Kenya on 20 April 2011
"I love Carol W Greider if you agree! I admire your modest character. I admire a living soul scientist for life. I wish I can be a student of you, and understand you and your work more!. And I thank correspondents to announce me about the fact "nobel prize" so that my life is not boring! Thank you and love you more!"
/Hoang Thi Hue from Vietnam on 20 April 2011
"because she tried to create a better world whithout the use of violence.... and is a fighting women.... I read the book ... in spanish (con la cabeza alta) .... about her life..."
/david rodriguez avila from Spain on 20 April 2011
"I would nominale Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian who sacrificed himself and set off the wave of protests that have removed several of the tired regimes of North Africa and set them on the road to peace and democracy. I don't know if the award may be bestowed posthumously, though."
/Susan Johnson Willey from United States on 19 April 2011
"I admire the Egyptian revolution - the first ever nationwide peaceful revolution that not only changed the regime but also put its dectators to civil fair trials with no use of violence, fight corruption and change the face of the country in couple of weeks."
/Mohamed Abdellatif from Egypt on 19 April 2011
"Yiruma, because he's the most talented man in the world."
/IlijanaP from Bosnia on 19 April 2011
"Wangari Mathaai. She being a woman fighting it out with power hungry corrupt men, she deserves kuddos. They said Africa is not for women but Mathaai is doing wonders."
/from United States on 19 April 2011
"I admire every girl in the world who doesn't wear makeup. They aren't afraid to show who they really are, and that is very noble."
/wearingmakeup from United States on 19 April 2011
"I admire Stevie Wonder, because he is an amazing musician, even though he has a disability. He doesn't let his disability get in the way of his dreams."
/Kati from United States on 19 April 2011
"Dr. Dapo Sobomehin, who has taken it upon himeself for over twenty-five years the problem of the youth on the streets, keeping them in schools, jobs and making sure their homes are provided for."
/on 18 April 2011
"Without world PEACE it may probably be impossible for scientists to carry out researches, without ECONOMY there will be no funding for expensive research works, without PHYSICS we might never knew how to make electronic apparatus used in reasearches, without CHEMISTRY we can't know about chemical elements needed in every sphere of human live notably pharmacy, and without MEDICINE how can we safe billions of lives yearly?... I therefore respect every scientist that has made a contribution,no matter how small."
/Agboola Oluwaseun Sampson from Nigeria on 18 April 2011
"I admire the Egyptian people for their courage to literally overcome oppression. They are what dreams are made of. Never give up."
/Tiana from United States on 18 April 2011
"DR MYRON WENTZ... recipient of the Albert Einstein Award, Top Children Hunger Fund contributor, Humanitarian, opened hospitals in third world countries for free, founder of a health company that provides high end nutritional supplements for better health and makes $0 form the profits."
/Nancy On from United States on 18 April 2011
"My great aunt was a journalist and foreign reporter. She travelled the world and was really tough and stood her ground for women and children rights. She also had a great respect for animals and nature. She passed away just a few months ago, and I hope I can be (a bit) like her!"
/Frida from Sweden on 18 April 2011
"Among the Nobel laureates, the man I admire the most is Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 1964, for his struggle for civil rights and his opposition to the Vietnam war. I wrote a paper about him describing him as a political theorist. But I also admire Jimmy Carter, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Heinrich Boell, Nobel Prise in literature laureate, as well as two other literature laureates, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck."
/Thomas Hofer from United States on 18 April 2011
"Shinya Yamanaka. He has opened a new dimension in stem cell research; an avenue that is both ethical and patient-specific"
/from Kenya on 17 April 2011
"I admire Har Gobind Khorana, the way he worked with utmost devotion for the augmentation of fronts of science is remarkable."
/Uzair qadri from India on 17 April 2011
"i admire the people that lost all their life to find out a physical fantion or a law of nature."
/khalil Ahmadian from Iran on 17 April 2011
"Fredrick Sanger for his 2 major fantastic discoveries. I admire him personally becoz he is the role model for younger generation scientits"
/krishna on 17 April 2011
"I admire most the people who have internalized completely the things they work with; science, music, anything"
/on 17 April 2011
"People passionate about what they do/see, because their passion is contagious."
/from Mauritius on 17 April 2011
"My mom and Dad who have been raising me so well and i know they love me!"
/on 17 April 2011
"Sir Paul Nurse, any man's name that has nurse in it is a great man!"
/on 17 April 2011
"Mark Elliot Zuckerberg he helped free Millions of People in the Arabic world, he re-shaped these countries and brought freedom and democracy with Facebook's help to people who no one before Facebook has known to exist."
/Khalil Milan from United States on 16 April 2011
"sir John was after i saw the movie 'beautiful mind' that i read about him.I love the way he perceives things and i think he is genius. I am inspired by the way he continues his studies soon after he overcomes schizophrenia. It was due to his love towards math. I admire his dedication and would want to become like him."
/happy from India on 16 April 2011
""I admire my mother and my brothers for their love and care toward's my education"."
/Samuel chukwuebuka from Nigeria on 16 April 2011
"i admire my family and my friends for having the strenght to deal with there problems:]"
/from United States on 15 April 2011
"I admire my parents and grandparents... I admire those people who are very helpful harding working.... I like Sachin Tendulkar..."
/Vijay from India on 15 April 2011
"I admire my father and my mother. They taught me to help other people."
/Mohd Afiq Ismail from Malaysia on 15 April 2011
"i admire the people that lost everything but always keep fighting for the things that want"
/Laurien D'Haen from Belgium on 15 April 2011
"i admire my mom because she brought me to this world and put clothes on my back and food on the table"
/from United States on 15 April 2011
"I admire my late Mother, She want all of her off spring to be great...she want me a doctor..and i m trying to fulfill her wish."
/Omair Adil from Pakistan on 15 April 2011
"I admire my brother who inspire to me to do the best in the life."
/Priti from Nepal on 15 April 2011
"the person i admire most is my nursery school teacher.she virtually assumed all duties including my mum's"
/vincent munyaga githaiga from Kenya on 15 April 2011
"I admire Nobel, he was a explosive figure"
/ugclufgcxlhfxl from Azerbaijan on 15 April 2011
"The nobel winner whom I admire most is of course our leader Aung San Suu Kyi. And she is not only a symbol of freedom and peace but role model of all women over the globe."
/Pyae from Burma on 15 April 2011
"I admire my hubby the most, for always being there for me and granting even my wildest dream."
/lices_2001 on 15 April 2011
"I admire my mother very much. She is the one who shows me to be a human being."
/Anupam Das from India on 14 April 2011
"Sir Harold Kroto as he is brilliant and bright and has used his intelligence in favour of the human being, medicine and not for weapons and atomic bombs. He is great!"
/Nerea Arrizabalaga on 14 April 2011
"My Grandmother who teaches me the endurance and optimism characters."
/fmucyo from Rwanda on 14 April 2011
/BUDDA from United States on 14 April 2011
"I admire every nobel laurates,because they are distinguished men and women,who makes sacrifices day and night to make this word a better place...each scientists make a pattern that leads other scientists to discover new patterns...My only regret is in the area of nuclear energy yet it's good...But my heart goes for Nobel all laureates in medicine and physiology...they are my mentors."
/Agboola Oluwaseun Sampson from Nigeria on 14 April 2011
"I admire those people who works for humanity without personal gain.Who tries to bring peace, works for mankind."
/dr meena jain from India on 14 April 2011
"I encourage by Albert Einstein,because his academic careers was not so bright and faces too many difficulties of his profession ,enrolled in an ordinary jobs;devotion on researches,thinking and at last success on his theories."
/A.S.M.Imam Hossain from Bangladesh on 14 April 2011
"Damien Lewis. I admire Damien Lewis because he is awsome"
/Jesyka from Australia on 14 April 2011
"Admiro la capacidad de trabajo, la disciplina y la sabiduria puesta en beneficio de la humanidad de todos los premios nobel quienes ayudan a la humanidad a avanzar cada día!"
/LUIS FERNANDO GARIBELLO PERALTA from Colombia on 14 April 2011
"I admire Dan Barker. He is one of the leading fighters for the rights of atheists in America. He goes up against a formidable foe, in this case the Religious Right, and is not afraid to voice his opinions."
/Zachary Hardy from United States on 14 April 2011
"I admire Dr. A.Q. Khan, Who sacrificed"
/Shakeel Tariq from Pakistan on 13 April 2011
"i admire nelson mandela because he made a lot of changes in his country and because one of the first black man to become president in south africa"
/Brittney Robinson from United States on 13 April 2011
"I admire my mother. Who spent all of her life working hard and supporting her family (siblings)in first instance and then her children. She died before she can enjoy the fruits of her life long struggle. She knows that she will die after 1 year when she was diagnosed cancer. But never stopped working hard till the last moment of her collapse. She taught me lesson. To struggle hard, for the betterment of other people, without having expectation with them for return. I am following her footsteps"
/A.G from Pakistan on 13 April 2011
"I admire Marie Curie.She was a pioneer in so many aspects. It is just amazing her hole life. What an inspiration she is."
/José from Portugal on 13 April 2011
"I admire my father the most. There should be a Noble Peace Prize for Dads. Mine would be the first considered and given."
/J'saiah Minaje Bayard from Trinidad and Tobago on 13 April 2011
"I admire Prof.Douglas Osheroff ,nobel laureate in Physics. He communicates science with passion and a great teacher.he is a passionate photographer.He gives talk on enigmatic subject of how discoveries happen in science.Very very friendly person."
/G N Viswanath from India on 13 April 2011
"I admire myself. I admire the fact that through all the struggles and all the obstacles and adversities I am here, still trying to make it. I admire my perseverance and never ending faith in hope."
/Rose from Canada on 13 April 2011
"the person that i care the most for is my: boyfriend, and family. my boyfriend is hot wubbable and very nice. my mom is important because she helps me thru everything"
/jennelle maieleah leiani dandins from United States on 13 April 2011
"I admire Sean Forrester . He is a strong pro-life advocate with a horrible life story. He deserves some recognition for his strength and kindness."
/on 13 April 2011
"I admire the two libyan jetfighter pilots who landed on Malta"
/on 13 April 2011
"I admire my great-grandfather, Linus Pauling. I was only 1 year old when he died. Linus Pauling was a world-renowned scientist and the only person in history to be awarded 2 unshared Nobel Prizes. He was globally admired for his tremendous contributions to chemistry and for advocating peace. I am sad that more people don't remember him. I would like to make a movie to bring his life to those of a new generation of people who don't even realize how much his work touches their lives."
/Alex Kamb Pauling from United States on 13 April 2011
"Clive W. Granger because his discovery of cointegration is perhaps the sole which has potential to permeate all science disciplines dealing with trending time series data."
/Evens SALIES from France on 13 April 2011
"All of the people that have helped the Japanese during the time of trouble."
/Yukiko from Japan on 13 April 2011
"Greg Mortenson. After a climb on the mountain K2, he was physically exhausted and ill, took the wrong trail and ended up in a small village, where he was taken care of. As thanks, he said he would build a school in the village. And he did. He is now head of a non-profit organization to promote education and literacy, especially for girls, in remote mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan."
/Ulrika from Sweden on 13 April 2011
"My grandmother for being able to combine a working- and a full family life with five kids."
/Ann from Sweden on 13 April 2011
"I admire my mother In law who travels far to come help me with my child."
/Lina from Sweden on 13 April 2011
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