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Nobel Laureates Have Their Say

During autumn 2010, ten Nobel Laureates have answered seven questions ranging from admiration, hopes, inventions, accomplishments to what they are doing to make the world a better place. A new question and answer will be posted during the next several months.


What invention has most affected your life? Have your say!


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Here are the answers from visitors:

"chaos theory in sri lankan culture"
/Kolitha Kaushalya from Sri Lanka on 5 July 2013
"it must be "one piece swim suit""
/aradhana bevan from Australia on 19 June 2013
/Vivek from India on 27 May 2013
"Human Rights!!!"
/from United States on 16 May 2013
"my Bible"
/claudette from Jamaica on 25 April 2013
"the invention of language."
/from United Kingdom on 9 April 2013
"light-bulb......... DUUUUH!!!"
/Raul Petrascu from Romania on 21 February 2013
"the printing press"
/hailey from United States on 20 February 2013
"I.C engines! Because without them we have to travel long distances on our bicycle.."
/Ramanpreet Singh from India on 16 January 2013
/darshil from India on 8 January 2013
"Invention of computer has transformed human life in 20th Century more than anything else..."
/Viju Chiluveru from United States on 8 January 2013
/cyril mabileau from France on 22 November 2012
"time machine"
/Von Heine h. gahit from Philippines on 9 November 2012
"invention of electricity and atomic energy"
/J V Solanki from India on 7 November 2012
"The human mind, from which all other inventions were spawned."
/DBW from United States on 8 October 2012
"Denden Cabalbag she invented love for me"
/Junnar Garcia from Philippines on 8 October 2012
"phone and especially smartphone"
/zhihui from China on 6 October 2012
"Without " Electricity " it would have been seriously impossible to imagine a world, that we are living now..."
/Maktum from India on 4 October 2012
"The Internet, has/will affect everyone's lives!"
/Phumelela Mdluli from United States on 27 August 2012
"Ballpoint pens and notepads. Without them we won't be seeing any ideas come to life, or even see my post."
/The Phoenix on 26 August 2012
/felipe adell from Spain on 17 August 2012
"undoubtedly ELECTRICITY !!"
/rahat from India on 10 June 2012
"Steve job should get a noble prize"
/aahlad from India on 24 April 2012
"Fire. Whatever you say has something to do with it. Computers, internet, iPhone, microscope. It's the best thing ever!"
/Werty from Australia on 21 March 2012
"The internet - I think the internet is the tool used to promote communicate and allow others to join together for campaigns for peace and believe also that its creator should be granted a Nobel peace prize, campaigns from amnesty international and other like minded orgs can communicate and gain signatures for peaceful protests world wide. It is a great tool of unity and communication and with that peace is inevitable"
/jo-anne from Australia on 6 March 2012
"The invention of language has affected my life the most, as it allows me to express my ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and concerns to my peers and species as a whole"
/Favre from United States on 3 March 2012
"First the Printing Press and now the Electronic Press or the Internet."
/Gabriel from United States on 2 February 2012
"the work that Abdul Sattar edhi is doing is phenomenal, changing the lives of millions in pakistan. he is running the largest, private, ambulance network of the world and other few charitable organizations. A country like pakistan, where bomb blasts and accidents of various nature are common place, his ambulance service provides the relief and quick transportation, to everyone and anyone in need, to the nearest hospitals. no body deserve the nobel peace prize more than Abdul Sattar Edhi."
/Salman from Pakistan on 12 January 2012
"cell phone is the one invention that has most affected my life, i cant stay away from it."
/Misael from United States on 6 December 2011
/Conor from Other on 12 November 2011
/jugraj from India on 7 November 2011
"Tesla's AC"
/John Meyer from United States on 7 November 2011
"Physics in a positive way! Now I know where I belong to, what I made of and still a long way to go."
/Georgina Zertuche from United States on 6 November 2011
/Rudina from Albania on 28 October 2011
"I think invention of semiconductors has most affected my life, because all modern electronic devices which we use everyday based on semicondactors. People can't imagine their life without cell phones, computers, mp3 players, radios."
/Alexey Ivanov from Russia on 14 October 2011
"i think steve jobs should get a noble prize"
/achillieus from Greece on 8 October 2011
"I think I speak for more than just myself when I say the late Steve Jobs and his inventions of the ipod iphone ipad and imac have changed my life forever. They not only play a part in my daily life, but also help the way I stay connected with my family and the world. Forever grateful and in debt to you Steve jobs.... Rest in Peace thanks for the great inventions and innovation you left behind!"
/Daniel Soto from United States on 6 October 2011
"Free will and curiosity"
/on 3 October 2011
"the computer has helped me alot with communication and homework. plus when im bored i have games i can play lol."
/kimberly from United States on 19 September 2011
"The invention of inventing"
/Jessica S from United States on 17 September 2011
"School. The idea of outsourcing some part of child/human development to "experts." It must be a very old invention."
/Tosin from Nigeria on 17 September 2011
/TAUTZE on 16 September 2011
"the internet..because it has allowed me to learn from areas, people, that i would never of had the chance to without has provided a ongoing wealth of knowledge and information, as well as emotions.."
/HisKid6 from United States on 16 September 2011
"all links that let us know each either......"
/antonietta from Italy on 30 August 2011
"contact lents"
/rosaria from Italy on 30 August 2011
"light bulb for Thomas Edison."
/Omar from Jordan on 28 August 2011
"invention of microscope..."
/krishnamoorthy from Korea,South on 17 August 2011
"The invention that has affected my life the most is ' FIRE '"
/Ipevnor Vershima Nathaniel from Nigeria on 16 August 2011
/on 11 August 2011
"the jutis grill!!!!!!! no we grill"
/juti from Finland on 9 August 2011
"From greatest to smallest, I would say Fire, Alphabets, electricity, pc, internet..."
/Ipevnor from Nigeria on 8 August 2011
"Number , language , and moral lessons"
/th?o from Vietnam on 4 August 2011
/john from United States on 28 July 2011
"The DEFIBRILLATOR and MODERN DAY MEDICINE - They bring you back from death"
/from China on 26 July 2011
"mobile phone"
/on 16 July 2011
/Shreya from India on 9 July 2011
/Apoorv from India on 4 July 2011
"the invention that has affected my life the most is ab circle pro"
/aaron fatsworth from United States on 23 June 2011
"The computer/internet. They've made the flow of information and knowledge so quick."
/from United States on 20 June 2011
"the wheel..."
/from United States on 17 June 2011
"First and formost radio, next to it Television, now internet viewing through computer and mobile... In view of medicine Antibiotics"
/P.Murali Manohar from India on 15 June 2011
"The writing"
/Irfan from Malaysia on 15 June 2011
"Duct Tape"
/from United States on 15 June 2011
"Penecillin. It has saved countless miliions from amputations and deaths. As an Australian I am prolud of the role of Florey."
/Patrick Cook from Australia on 15 June 2011
""Invention of corruption"....because when I think about something I need to consider corruption."
/S.M.Arman Ullah Rony from Bangladesh on 15 June 2011
"Optical Fibres which enabled us to cummunicate and surf the net extra-fast..."
/on 15 June 2011
"Technology to have 3D movie and TV, i-products, The air-conditioner and of course, the Internet."
/on 15 June 2011
"The machine that can carry us all around the world - Aeroplane"
/on 15 June 2011
"The automobile (cars trucks etc.) and the telephone"
/Rachel from Australia on 15 June 2011
"electricity and computer"
/Paolo and Gaia from Italy on 14 June 2011
/on 14 June 2011
"I believe that the invention that has changed my life most would have to be the computer as it is now easier to do large sums and mathematical problems and it is a much easier form of writing"
/JohnnyIQ from Australia on 14 June 2011
"Internett of course!"
/Christine Urquhart Furre from Norway on 14 June 2011
"The XBOX."
/on 14 June 2011
"Telephone and Cellular Communications. Also, cable!"
/on 14 June 2011
"COMPUTER AND TV>>but that doesnt rly count cuz i was born with thoses things so probs the iphone"
/Logan Kylie from Aruba on 13 June 2011
"glass. No glass i think no reactions and no inventions"
/on 13 June 2011
/Emily from Australia on 13 June 2011
"The computer"
/on 13 June 2011
"Food, mobile phone, computer"
/Roshni Mubarak from Australia on 13 June 2011
"The wheel, the internet and the computer"
/Adil Mubarak from Australia on 13 June 2011
"My own existence!"
/Pat Murray from Canada on 13 June 2011
"Written word and printing press have been of great importance for enabling people to spread their ideas and knowledge. More recently, the Internet has enhanced people's means of communication even more. The inventors of computers should be given a Super Nobel Prize."
/Claus D. Volko from Austria on 12 June 2011
"The invention of using ideas with outcomes that have more negative than positive for good reasons... i.e. a white lie is a perfect scenario. Usually this is considered with having a more positive outcome than negative. But what if the lie is discovered? Usually they are created because one party thinks another party isn't ready for the truth. what happens when that party discovers the lie... ? Is there a way to avoid the ultimate negative outcome? I know there is."
/Todd James Siddhartha Thomas from United States on 12 June 2011
/on 12 June 2011
"Science and Technology is the only way to change the world. And, it is also the true gift for entire humanity."
/Jaret Jose T. Ulanday from Philippines on 11 June 2011
/Shahzaib from India on 11 June 2011
/from Peru on 11 June 2011
"Internet, cell fones"
/Amol from India on 11 June 2011
"The Computer has most changed my llife, I use it almost daily :)"
/on 10 June 2011
"i would probelly say the internet, telephone, pc , electricity"
/abbs from United States on 10 June 2011
/bahman from Iran on 10 June 2011
/from Canada on 10 June 2011
"Nike Zoom :)"
/Stefan Mr?evi? from Serbia on 10 June 2011
"The written"
/Luz María Téllez Morales from Mexico on 9 June 2011
"electricity, Internet"
/from United States on 9 June 2011
"The pc had most affected my life."
/on 9 June 2011
"China and Korea made movable printing presses a few hundred years before the Gutenberg press. Pioneers in mass literary production."
/on 9 June 2011
"The CPU"
/Dana from United States on 9 June 2011
"Without a doubt The computer/internet and google.. all coupled with the expression" It;s not a question of what you know but knowing where to find it" The P/C is the greatest learning curve I have experienced' Google and Google earth keeps my sanity and my feet planted firmly on the ground"
/Brian Tranter from Australia on 9 June 2011
"The printing press, or resealable food packages"
/keenan from United States on 8 June 2011
"The printing press, or resealable food packages"
/keenan from United States on 8 June 2011
"Guttenberg and his brilliant printing press. Without this invention most of us would still be living as serfs."
/Maura Collins from Italy on 8 June 2011
"greg james and his feet up friday audience. he is the funnyest d j evaaaa"
/gregisafitty from Kiribati on 8 June 2011
"Alan Titchmarsh."
/from Gabon on 8 June 2011
"My teacher Mr Weissman."
/Vicey Baby from Botswana on 8 June 2011
/abolarinwa from Nigeria on 8 June 2011
"good wine,relaxing music and bathtubs"
/cdn from United States on 8 June 2011
"The steam engine. It powered many machines and was a major part of the Industrial Revolution. Even today, most types of electricity production is based on the steam engine."
/from Australia on 8 June 2011
"The Internet"
/on 8 June 2011
"The invention of the fibre-optics by Narinder Singh Kampany"
/Hsk from United States on 7 June 2011
"the toilet"
/on 7 June 2011
"Gutenberg's printing press (for books have shaped me, I would not be who I am if I had no access to the written word) and the Internet."
/Karolina from Poland on 7 June 2011
"Its the art of flying by some living organisms and the flying machines"
/r.s.d.unnithan from India on 7 June 2011
"I think..the ability to ask..why,how,when and what...the logical scientific method is the grand mother of all necessities which in turn is the mother of all inentions"
/khurram saleem from Pakistan on 7 June 2011
"Internet! It's the only invention that started a revolution in the history of humanity."
/Lorena Gavazzoni from Italy on 7 June 2011
"Electricity Beer"
/from Australia on 7 June 2011
"The Fender Precisionbass guitar"
/on 7 June 2011
"The GHD hair straightener"
/Jonothan Smith, PHD in medicine from Afghanistan on 7 June 2011
"The wheel."
/on 7 June 2011
/Irina from Russia on 6 June 2011
"The contraceptive pill and the washing machine. It freed us women from the house."
/on 6 June 2011
"mininote, WIFI, and fresh milk"
/arifin from Indonesia on 6 June 2011
"One is language, two is reasoning, three is imagination, and the list goes on... However, I think that the toilet paper has affected me the most. In my diet, inventing, and cleaning, the toilet paper is most helpful if not the most useful in everyday life, if accessable."
/on 6 June 2011
"Light, Utilizing Oil to generate Power , IT, Computer, Networks, Radar, X ray, Medical treatments, Telecommunication, Transportation; Cars , Airplanes , Elevator or left , Watch, Cooling system, Air-condition, Refrigerator ,TV, Tier ,Mirror, Microphone, Speaker, Camera, Printers , Wire, Satellite, Washing Machine, Radio, Fiber , Paper, tissue, Cans, Cloth , Glass, Sunglass, Bakery, Plastic, Paint, Receivers, Blanket, Pen , Knife, Glue , Soap, Hard desk, Plastic bag, Sounds like Bill, and Digge"
/Hasan Hammad from Saudi Arabia on 5 June 2011
"The internet"
/from United Kingdom on 5 June 2011
"Internet and Computers"
/on 5 June 2011
"the telescope"
/stephen hawking from United Kingdom on 5 June 2011
"Thinking. It's just my own invention because of Schizophrenia but I have my monthly stand in to sing in my thoughts the own texts of old Irish Rebel and Pirate's Sea songs. I think Punk and Dadaism. I think Psychedelic and Nonsense. I think the Old Way which is forgotten."
/Tschoubie from Austria on 5 June 2011
"The printing press; how else could ideas be efficeintly spread?"
/Jose Hurtad from United States on 5 June 2011
"Blessing of science and technology in human development. Last couple of years we have seen a lot o development in the world. Communications within the mankind is the best invention."
/Dulal Kar from Bangladesh on 4 June 2011
"the kindle"
/ems from United States on 4 June 2011
"The doodle."
/Whale Slowmas from United States on 4 June 2011
"Although modern technology such as the computer and even the telephone (land line and cell) are all great. The one that most affected my life was indoor plumbing. There is nothing like being inside in the middle of the night and you really have to go."
/Millie from United States on 3 June 2011
"Okay, I've entered my "Say" for the serious .. what invention has most affected my life.. (The written word, the internet and A/C or.. electricity/plumbling etc) NOW for the FUN answer.... the invention that has most affected my life in a YUMMY way is: CHOCOLATE!!! (snicker snicker, giggle) I'm just sayin'"
/Laurie K Hodges from United States on 3 June 2011
"The Written Word! It enables us to communicate and to express our feelings and thoughts and ideas that lead to great things! The written word is by far the invention that has most affected my life. That, and air conditioning and the internet! hahahhaha"
/Laurie K. Hodges from United States on 3 June 2011
" introduced us to unimaginable universe...hoping for a new planet to live in soooooooonnnn....."
/Aswin Karthik.P from India on 3 June 2011
"natural substances (drugs) can cure diseases in human beings nature is a wonderful gift to us it creates problems and asks us to find out solution which it keeps very near to us"
/suresh kumar from India on 3 June 2011
"The violin. The simple pleasure of playing it improves my mood and makes life feel much less stressful. It is much appreciated after a physics exam or homework assignment."
/Julio from United States on 3 June 2011
"Your mother, just sayin:)"
/frank from United States on 2 June 2011
"The Internet. Not original I know, but it's not that long ago that we thought that computers would depersonalise the world. But we're a social species and networking computers fits well with the way we're pre-wired to manage the world of information. Value is now based as much on ubiquity as it is on scarcity. And we're only at the beginning. Exciting isn't it?"
/Alan Newman from United Kingdom on 2 June 2011
/on 2 June 2011
"Television has most affected my life. But it is agricultura the invention i find most important human innovation."
/on 2 June 2011
"thanks for peacemakers like me :D"
/Mahmud from Uzbekistan on 1 June 2011
"To making peace is the most important thing."
/Mahmud from Uzbekistan on 1 June 2011
/Lopamudra Sharma from India on 1 June 2011
"Electricity, because almost everything else comes under it"
/Motaz Abumathkour from Jordan on 1 June 2011
"the written word"
/on 1 June 2011
"the invention has more affected my life is english standard language computer optical fiber internet ; the nobelprize award and democracy and the general theory of employment intrest and money of john menard keynes and on war of carl von clausewitz the eternal general and we must not forget al mokadima of ibn khaldoun;;;;;"
/kaldorka kaka from Algeria on 1 June 2011
"Modern Plumbing"
/from Canada on 31 May 2011
/zobia from United Kingdom on 31 May 2011
"a lot of things . electricity, computers cellphones.... hot tubs? LOOOL"
/Mary Jane . on 31 May 2011
"The Tooth Brush - It keeps your mouth smelling clean"
/Shamika from Canada on 31 May 2011
"invention of the structured mind,due the exposure we have of the world by means of computer,cell phone etc have has affected my life to the most."
/jiji D/o Shankaran from India on 31 May 2011
"The invention of addition and basic laws of maths. Without them, no scientists, no inventions and no Nobel laureates"
/Ratnottam Das from India on 31 May 2011
"Charcoal, without it there would not have been an iron age."
/L. A. Burke from United States on 31 May 2011
"The word"
/Nerea Arrizabalaga on 30 May 2011
"the person from kenya. that is very big accolade and i am glad she won it."
/from United States on 30 May 2011
"Computer and Internet;"
/Chinmay Majee from India on 30 May 2011
"life is all I can say about what has change my life."
/Richelle G Johnson from Australia on 30 May 2011
"The invention of the game of tennis and the racquet and the fuzzy yellow tennis ball affected my life because will be my childhood and future career"
/from United States on 29 May 2011
/on 29 May 2011
",The ease of communication using computers., cell phone, I pad,, The TV jet planes for travel the capture of life 's interesting moments using,,electronic cameras all of those stand to serve communication Satellites I.E last but not least"
/from United States on 29 May 2011
/louise from United Kingdom on 29 May 2011
/louise from United States on 29 May 2011
"Ability to Share Ideas and Able to behave Perfectly in the sustained Environment!"
/Narayanan from India on 29 May 2011
/Ahmed from Egypt on 29 May 2011
/VINCENT LIGHT HOUSE.C from India on 29 May 2011
"LSD and the subsequent discovery of the double helix."
//elinore from Switzerland on 29 May 2011
/felipe from Chile on 28 May 2011
"My own life..."
/Mike from Italy on 28 May 2011
"Modern medicine. Without modern medicine, I wouldn't probably be still here. Imagine a world without vaccines or antibiotics!"
/Yuri from Spain on 27 May 2011
/swash from Bangladesh on 27 May 2011
"The most important invention to me is the public school systems. The transferring of educational ideas that I would never have possessed without school has changed my life."
/JB from United States on 27 May 2011
""The computer""
/from United States on 27 May 2011
""The Internet.""
/Keitiline R. Viacava from Brazil on 27 May 2011
"i think internet especially despite its bad effects ,"
/on 27 May 2011
"The discovery that humans can invent. 'nuff said!"
/mrmish from India on 27 May 2011
"All that things which can raise human and animal rights and peace for the better world"
/murad khan from Pakistan on 27 May 2011
/V from India on 27 May 2011
"the lense. without it no penicillen, no fine detail objects, no TV, no glasses, no telescopes, no space exploration, no satelights and *gasph* no Ipod LOL"
/I Know it all at year 10 from Australia on 27 May 2011
"Bank notes and fiduciary money"
/Montero Granados, Roberto from Spain on 27 May 2011
"Coffee. If it were not for this "beverage of miracle", I would not be able to stay awake for extended periods of time."
/on 26 May 2011
"internet and video games"
/Abhishek Mamgain from India on 26 May 2011
"Cell phone!!!"
/Bre from United States on 26 May 2011
/Hugh Jass from Botswana on 26 May 2011
"Communication Language and Fire"
/Saurabh Patel from India on 26 May 2011
"the pen... It was the first and still is the most effective medium by which our ideas leave our brain and take form in the world, making our existence known long after we are gone."
/Chadwick Blissett from Jamaica on 26 May 2011
/rajesh singh from India on 26 May 2011
"The machine make impossible possible"
/ShyYuan from China on 26 May 2011
/on 25 May 2011
"we can't alter the speed of light"
/vickey from India on 25 May 2011
"any transports (car, airplane, etc)"
/fun 101 on 25 May 2011
/on 24 May 2011
/Karthik from India on 24 May 2011
"Glass has been opening our eyes to newer worlds."
/Shreyas Gomedic Ramachandra from India on 24 May 2011
"Its very difficult to say that a particular thing has changed our lives as all have contributed to our wellbeing in one way or the other. But if I have to pick one I will go for glass, which enabled the making of lens...microscope.....telescope....and so on. This has been revolutioning our lives since its discovery and I am of the feeling that most other inventions are the upgradation of it."
/Shreyas Gomedic Ramachandra from India on 24 May 2011
"cell phone"
/sbell from United States on 24 May 2011
/on 24 May 2011
/on 24 May 2011
/goat from Bolivia on 24 May 2011
//B/tard from United States on 24 May 2011
"The transistor affected all our lives the most, because it enabled an extension of not only physical but also mental capabilities of humans"
/from Germany on 24 May 2011
"The invention of quantum chemical theory and the origin of carbon interference/signaling (mutability) in living systems."
/Rado Bozov from Bulgaria on 24 May 2011
/Rohan on 24 May 2011
"mobile and internet."
/Ravindra Jadhav from India on 24 May 2011
/SOE from Burma on 24 May 2011
"Use of restriction enzyme in biology. This is dramatically changed the biology into molecular biotechnology and has a wide application in changing the phenotype of organisms."
/Ajay Rana from India on 24 May 2011
"The computer"
/Bob hillsdere from Benin on 24 May 2011
"vehicles i must say"
/ishanka rathnayake from Sri Lanka on 24 May 2011
"Well,actually there's lots of inventions which has affected my life in an epidemic way.Electricity is the first of course.It affected my life the most.Without it life becomes horrible.It seems there's nothing in the world without electricity.It's electricity which can change a whole village in an unimaginable way."
/Nayeem Akram Aquib from Bangladesh on 24 May 2011
"The Internet has enabled me to enlarge my knowledge of the world and languages. I have learnt English and French thanks to the Net although I had already studied them in high school in Italy. Internet is an amazing tool which has changed the world over the last 15 years making it freer in terms of possibility of sharing and spreading of ideas."
/Gianluca Ricchiuto from Italy on 23 May 2011
/kannan from India on 23 May 2011
"the clock"
/surbhi jain from India on 23 May 2011
"the printing press by johannes gutenberg..without it there would be no printed Bible..and without Bible there would be no Christianity for me, my family and the entire Christendom :)"
/from Korea,South on 23 May 2011
"The most profound invention came from Dr. Louis Ignarro the science of medicine in nitric oxide. When cardivascular disease is the number one killer in the world and the most preventable his findings are second to none. What his product has done for me, my family and thousands of others is unbelievable. Thank Dr. Ignarro and thank you Herbalife for making this product available to the world."
/Al Vizina from United States on 22 May 2011
"PCR, I think the acronym says it all !! Perfect Contributors to human Race !!"
/Prathima Athreya from India on 22 May 2011
"give abdul satir eidi the nobel peace prize award.......he is beyond mother teresa....."
/Arhum from Pakistan on 22 May 2011
"the mcm/70 microcomputer (the first PC) invented here in Canada"
/from Canada on 22 May 2011
"The computer, ice-cream and buses"
/Ingrid Sjöstrand-Needham from Ireland on 22 May 2011
/taiyeba nafrin from Bangladesh on 22 May 2011
"The Wheel"
/Aswin Anilkumar from Qatar on 21 May 2011
"The internet. As a medium it has revolutionized communication equally for good and bad."
/Artur K. Jakubowski from Canada on 21 May 2011
"The computer and internet"
/on 21 May 2011
/Scott from Canada on 21 May 2011
"albert einstein`s relativity theory"
/on 21 May 2011
"mobile phones"
/Asma Tariq from Pakistan on 21 May 2011
"electric motor"
/Jim Blanton from United States on 21 May 2011
"we have invention in clean energy to protection the planet from toxic gases which caused climatic change. we need your fund to implement this project for health old man and women or children,animal,bird,fish.can you fund me.we thank you very much to read require."
/wahid sayed salem aly from Egypt on 20 May 2011
"The internet."
/on 20 May 2011
"the car"
/Francesco Gianani from Italy on 20 May 2011
"informacao em tempoo real - aqui incluidos internet e telefone. revolucionou a forma como nos relacionamos com os outros individuos e como sentimos o tempo."
/marcos savall from Brazil on 20 May 2011
"At different stages of century it was different invention that touched life the most. Having said that in the past 10 years Internet has brought in profound changes in our life. Internet has connected people across the globe, brought in awareness and accountability within every individual. It has brought in an awareness that every individual can make a change and collectively they can change the world for better."
/vinod mehra from United Arab Emirates on 20 May 2011
"Language (as the essence of communication)"
/Salim Huerta from United States on 20 May 2011
/on 20 May 2011
"i would have to say that facebook has really moved moved in my life and shown me some things that i thought couldn't have happened for 5-10 years :) GO FACEBOOK! :P"
/michael from Australia on 20 May 2011
"The telephone."
/Rebecca from United States on 19 May 2011
"For me the computer and books"
/ronke Okpuzor from Nigeria on 19 May 2011
"Finding a cure for cancer! The world's population is slowly dying of some sort of cancer."
/Marissa from United States on 19 May 2011
"Computer :))))"
/yo momma. from Barbados on 19 May 2011
"Lou ignarro"
/Carlos ruiz from United States on 19 May 2011
"The Formula that i invented and donated to the Nobel Prize Org. to distribute for free to those that are hungry or need a career. The insructions will be repeated is the Contact the Nobel Org. section"
/James Michael Jenne, (Family on the fourth ship at Plymouth Rock. from United States on 19 May 2011
/Aung Naing Maw,YANGON INSTITUTE OF ECONOMICS from Burma on 19 May 2011
/haneesh krishna from India on 19 May 2011
/from Suriname on 19 May 2011
"Being born in 1959 in Australia, I would have to say undoubtedly television. Television has existed the entire time I have been alive and I have been addicted since an infant. I've watched so much television that I periodically worry I'll soon get some kind of advanced radiation sickness. I hope this is not so. But TV has given me so much: all the fantastic series, documentaries and other shows I've watched. The highlight was to watch - as a ten year old - the Moon Landing live."
/John Foley from Australia on 19 May 2011
"Mobile banking-Mpesa"
/Isaac Mbeche from Kenya on 19 May 2011
"It is the reaserch in medicine.It has saved the humanity from lot of decease."
/IQTIDAR JAVED from Pakistan on 19 May 2011
"what was the first thing in the Universe ever created?"
/from Armenia on 19 May 2011
"The "Internet",just a click away has brought all the scientific materials/news i has helped me to know my world better,and made me develop the appropiate dreams to shape our world making it even best...without this fast,cheap,easy to use invention i would have needed to depend on posted mails to get many information required."
/Agboola Oluwaseun Sampson from Nigeria on 19 May 2011
"Plastic. If all the plastic suddenly disappeared, the whole world would fall apart. The oceans would also be cleaner."
/Kate from United States on 19 May 2011
/cat from Vietnam on 19 May 2011
/VIVEK.B from India on 19 May 2011
"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the best innovation is for all of us Saliva biomarkers technology discovered by Prof Dr David T. Wong, from UCLA. Hope he will be one of Nobel Prize winner soon. Sincerely, Dr Maca"
/Dragana Maca A. Kastratovic, MD, PhD, spec clinical pharmacology from Serbia on 19 May 2011
"The invention of open-heart surgery really has affected my life because I was given the procedure when I was a little baby. I really wouldn't have the quality of life that I enjoy today without it."
/Zachary Hardy from United States on 18 May 2011
/on 18 May 2011
"The Toaster. I Like Food."
/Ignacious from Canada on 18 May 2011
"Gutenberg Press and written language"
/Sam from United States on 18 May 2011
"The ink pen. As a USA inventor myself, the pen conveys the "thought" or ideas down on paper, to provide the legal basis of Intellectual Property. The pen "inks" those ideas onto legal documents, and your "mark" is permanently etched forever."
/Benjamin Ray Martinez from United States on 18 May 2011
"The telephone. After this event, we sougth: radio, TV, computer, mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, tablets... When they are together: internet, distance communication. The information had reached thousand of people. In that time was an incredible revolution!"
/Malu from Brazil on 18 May 2011
"Transistor, was a groundbreaking invention"
/Meran from United States on 18 May 2011
"The invention of language in the form of the written word. The invention of books has been inspirational for me. I read to learn, understand and enjoy how life is for other people. That has been my the one thing that has affected me the most."
/Ellen Beener from United States on 18 May 2011
"COMPUTER: communication and knowledge in real time !"
/from Italy on 18 May 2011
"US Patent 6425764 Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy for Treating Psychological, Psychiatric, Medical, Educational, and Self-help Problems. Exhaustively researched by US military for treating PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and used by Veterans Administration. Cited as most effective therapy and half the cost. VRT is used to treat Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Chemcial Dependency, Stroke among other conditions."
/Dr. Ralph J. Lamson from United States on 18 May 2011
"Please present the question this way. It is not most affected invention, but more helpful and needed inventions!"
/Ramachandran from India on 18 May 2011
""Language" is Greatest of all inventions by humans."
/Arunraj SP from India on 18 May 2011
"The Internet. What would we do without it??"
/Scott from United States on 18 May 2011
"the iphone!!!!!"
/jodie sabino from United States on 18 May 2011
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