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During autumn 2010, ten Nobel Laureates have answered seven questions ranging from admiration, hopes, inventions, accomplishments to what they are doing to make the world a better place. A new question and answer will be posted during the next several months.


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"Sal Khan, Founder of for re-shaping the paradigm of education."
/Aayush Jain from India on 20 April 2013
"I agree with all if u"
/scott from United States on 26 February 2013
"by being magical and elfish. I think this greatly benefits the world"
/chris martin from United Kingdom on 14 October 2012
"i love people"
/alice from United States on 8 October 2012
"The greatest is yet to be realize. When I can look at my sons and be proud of the lives they lead, that will be the accomplishment I wish to be remembered for."
/DBW from United States on 8 October 2012
"For my published/unpublished research-articles related to physics, origin of 'life', nature of 'consciousness'..."
/Hasmukh K. Tank from India on 13 June 2012
"Beginning the battle to conquer self!"
/Ayobami Akenroye from United States on 5 June 2012
"Salman Khan from The Khan Academy should win this !!!"
/jack buster from United Kingdom on 15 May 2012
"Building capacities of marginalized sectors of the society."
/from Philippines on 8 May 2012
"i admire martin luther king jr"
/gabby on 2 May 2012
"One of mankind greatest accomplishments is the ability of controlling his sphincters."
/hamilton moreira from Brazil on 11 March 2012
"Finding the meaning of life"
/jo anne from Australia on 6 March 2012
"New way of defining Planck's mass, time and length, proving Heisenberg's principle using Newtonian Mechanic's, proving Bohr's angular momentum postulate, proving existence of positron from Bohr's postulates, proving light has momentum from Bohr's postulate."
/Abhishek Kumar Mehta from India on 18 February 2012
"My intellectual accomplishments: Enlightenment Methodology; Physics of Psychology; Panmagnetism; The Magnetome Project; The Tonal Structure of the Human Psyche. Only one has to succeed and even if they are inaccurate or incomplete they each create an intellectual challenge that must be brought to realization. If I fail, I succeed!"
/Gabriel from United States on 2 February 2012
"Great success lies when you share your precious moments with the ones who are sad and poor and you give them a hope of life to live with sweet moments. No accomplishment is higher than humanity because humanity itself is greatest reward for me given by God. Life is not all about getting prizes, awards, certificates, accomplishments but to live with the moments of love, kindness, thanks"
/PUSHKAR BISHT from India on 4 January 2012
"It gives me an immense pleasure to be honored with Nobel Prize in Literature by Nobel Committee but winning Nobel Prize won?t be the highest accomplishment for me because what I have learnt from great people is to have good thoughts, character, good feelings"
/PUSHKAR BISHT from India on 4 January 2012
"I am so proud of the three nobel lauraates,but the most of all is my most distinguished President of Liberia Madam Ellen Sirleaf Johnson ,whom after a long years of struggle for peace and justice, has finally reached the mark."
/Sylvester N. Biddle from Liberia on 15 December 2011
"The invention of Thomas Edison has mostly affected our life, not only for his innovation with a great impact on the quality of our daily life, but for his belief in principles. He was not only an inventor and businessman, but he was a teacher with a valuable impact on education by highlighting ?teamwork? which seems to be a key principle for research."
/Parvin Mehdipour from Iran on 11 December 2011
"That my younger ones are so beautiful and so confident, partly because I encouraged them. That I can truly say I could win a Nobel prize or three someday, since I spend my life doing good work in development, literature, education, and currently to a very small extent, science. Least proud of how much money I have (not very much)"
/Tosin from Nigeria on 17 September 2011
"That even though i was born into great adversity in S.C...sold at 3 days old for a fee of $25..raised in a horrible setting due to lack of knowledge..punished for the mistakes of others..that even now 57 yrs. later"
/Wanda HisKid2 from United States on 16 September 2011
"My name is Peter Kimanie Goffe. I should be awarded the prize for the discovery of subliminal hypnossis most efective method. My method is much more effective than any other that existed before my discovery. My method utilises high quality suggestions to produce the beliefe in the subject's mind."
/Peter Goffe from Jamaica on 16 September 2011
"Ok I want to be able to go into a video game it self and I want Jet packs"
/Ryan from Other on 23 August 2011
"Getting all A at school"
/on 21 August 2011
"AT 59, I, m still so energetic, cheerful, curious and helpful"
/Sriram from India on 18 August 2011
/NSUDE EBERECHUKWU MAUREEN from Nigeria on 16 August 2011
"The most rewarding accomplishment I am proud of is when I posted my reaction mechanisms leading to the Total synthesis of Paclitaxel at American chemical Society website. I know that one of the viewers from 4000 of them in ACS community is being helped by my reaction mechanism I designed. Atleast in my own little way I contributed to the world a part of my knowledge and that what makes me proud the most."
/Jesus Navarro Valencia from Philippines on 16 August 2011
"To have been able to maintain my left leaning polittics and my atheism in spite of living in a country that is moving farther to the right and father to becoming a theocracy such as the US"
/on 14 August 2011
"The Leukocyte Gene-Cell Therapy To Help Cancer Partients In Stagew Two Cancer TreatMent."
/Robert Boykins from United States on 12 August 2011
"nelson mandela"
/on 12 August 2011
"t i am proud to be a Pakistani Muslim Lady! i would love to win a nobel prize if there is any in pharmacy... i am proud that i haved volunteered for over 60 hours in the last 2 months for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in USA."
/Mariam Hussain from Pakistan on 11 August 2011
"I'm most proud of the way we share information and connect with each other now. thanks to internet, mobile phones and social networks like facebook... I'm also proud of how far we've gone with fight against Malaria and related diseases.."
/Ipevnor Vershima from Nigeria on 8 August 2011
"Being able to confidently say, "I'm going to get through all of this one day and look back and laugh until I cry.""
/Amanda Frankel from United States on 7 August 2011
"Being a high school drop out, I am proud to have earned an Associate of Arts degree."
/Christal Jernigan from United States on 7 August 2011
"I'm proud of being able to make other people smile and be positive."
/Tibor Pastor from Serbia on 6 August 2011
"Starting my book................."
/Amilin D'Souja from India on 6 August 2011
"My latest accomplishment, which I am very proud of , is my book ONE YEAR - AND BEYOND which I wrote and published two years ago."
/Thomas Hofer from United States on 6 August 2011
"My most important accomplishment will be,when i love all, when the sensation of love spontaneously exudes inside of me for everyone. when i achieve the smiling face,as of Mahatma Gandhi,Mother Teresa,Nelson Mandel...,for this accomplishment i will feel most proud of me. I LOVE YOU.."
/Chiranjeev MIshra from India on 5 August 2011
""I'm proud that I'm dedicated to seeking a better way. Proud that I'm working to evolve - hard as it may be to do sometimes""
/from United States on 5 August 2011
"The inventor(s) of the LED, for providing environment friendly and sustainable light."
/Dominik from Germany on 5 August 2011
"Having my only daughter in 1980, at the age of 37, and hubby was 59. Raising her as a widowed mother from age 7. She is a very smart and intelligent young woman, and I give God the glory!"
/Judith Grace from United States on 4 August 2011
"Actions, love and care of parents to children"
/Hu? from Vietnam on 4 August 2011
"I have had psoriasis for 40 years. I am a self researcher looking for the cause. Here is the info I have written on psoriasis. Please let me know your thoughts. Hereditary Human Amylase Genes and the Effects of a Complex Carbohydrate Diet in Relation to Psoriasis: Present Humans have variable amounts of copies of AMY1 Amylase Genes which may vary as much as from five copies to fifteen or more depending on a person?s genealogy. A person with an ancestry from a region of the world where a complex carbohydrate diet was the major staple will have more copies of the AMY1 Amylase Gene then someone from a region that relied more on a protein and fruit diet as their major staple. This difference in the amount of copies of AMY1 suggests that each person?s specific diet should be balanced between simple sugars and proteins verses complex carbohydrates depending on the amount of copies they posses. If a person from a genome group which has low amounts of copies of AMY1 consumes a diet rich in complex carbohydrates the digestive system can be overwhelmed and the salivary glands and the pancreas may not be able to keep up with the demand for Amylase to complete the digestion of the complex sugars. The Amylase that is available will be used to covert as much of the complex carbohydrates as it can but some residual complex sugars will prevail. Since simple sugars are digested and absorbed in the beginning of the small intestine where permeability is restricted to single molecule sugars the remaining undissolved carbohydrates are allowed to pass further along the intestinal tract. These undigested carbohydrates act as food for non beneficial bacteria and fungi to harbor in the intestinal tract damaging the intestinal wall from contamination of their byproducts of digestion. This infestation causes an immune response multiplying the amount of white blood cells at the intestinal lining protecting the blood system from anything unwanted getting through the damaged intestinal wall. Also the body normally produces more Amylase then is used for digestion which is absorbed into the blood to be used to dissolve aging white blood cells. During eating, white blood cell concentrations are ramped up in the small intestine naturally to provide protection from any bacteria or fungi that may have just been eaten. Normally the dissolved Amylase entering the blood after eating helps control the immune response and dissolves the older and weaker white blood cells. In the person with low Amylase blood serum level the aging white blood cells are not dissolved and begin to be attacked by the strong white blood cells and are then trapped in the small capillaries of the skin to isolate them from internal organs. The skin is also trapping white blood cells fighting off anything entering through the leaky intestine wall also. Some of these cells can become trapped in other tissues causing abscesses. The skin acting like a filter contains the decaying white blood cells stopping them from returning to the pulmonary system. These decaying cells set off a response to start skin turn over and raise the dying cells out through the upper layer of the skin causing irritation and itching. Vitamin D is involved in the production of Amylase. A Vitamin D deficiency can cause decreased digestive enzyme production. Over working the pancreas can cause pancreatitis and atrophy and clogging of the Amylase producing cells. Alcohol consumption may reduce digestive enzyme production by fifty percent. Further studies into available serum amylase levels suggests that intestinal flora contains Amylase producing bacteria which may aid in supporting levels of available amylase. Primarily dairy bacteria. Humans having less gene comes of AMY1 may have lived in regions where foods containing these bacteria were more prevalent then in other areas. A person whose body was relying on intestinal bacteria to aid Amylase production may be compromised by bacteria damaging influences such as alcohol consumption or treatment with strong antibiotics. We can then assume it may be difficult to reintroduce these bacterias into the intestine since many of these bacterias are given to us in our mothers milk during the first few months of our lives when stomach acid is at its weakest. Thank You Joseph Trerotola"
/Joseph Trerotola from United States on 3 August 2011
"Eating 8 sausagesin one morning"
/Matthew Scott from United States on 2 August 2011
"My Professor Dr. Evelyn Steinhauer of the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program at the University of Alberta. She has taught me about the importance of sacred ceremonies in building peace and teaching sustainbility in living in harmony with the environment."
/Annaheita Wilson from Canada on 31 July 2011
"I'm proud of you Dr. Blackburn "Being a Biologist needs to know the principles and mechanisms of the diversity of LIFE... the origin of its existence and the comparison of facts and most important is to rationalize the knowledge gathered" -M.A.G Fran."
/Mark Anthony G. Fran from Philippines on 29 July 2011
"I am proud of living in Norway and experience how the norwegians react to the terrible terrorist attack on utųya and oslo, Not with hate and a cry for revenge but with love! If their was a peace prize for an entire population, i think it should go to them."
/Hennie from Netherlands on 29 July 2011
"I am proud that my parents are proud of me."
/Kiran from Pakistan on 28 July 2011
"Forest is very vital for Human Survival. Without Forest one cannot imagine How any living things will ever survive. From Common Cold to Deadly Cancer , Plants provide curing Biomolecules."
/Hemanta R Naik from India on 28 July 2011
"I am proud to be humble and help others without expecting anything in return."
/Eric Perez from Cuba on 27 July 2011
"i am proud for being honest and unbias throughout my life"
/kelsng dolker from India on 26 July 2011
"Developing and sustaining integrity and candor as the twin pillars of my life by disciplining myself repeatedly to uphold truthfulness, sincerity, transparency, honesty and humility in all my relationships and endeavors."
/Sam Chinwuba Uyanwa on 25 July 2011
"My experiments during paranormal investigations. Helping people to understand what is causing their suspicious events. This isn't "ALWAYS" explainable. I hope in the future to work with a group of scientists and to prove and share what we choose not to hear."
/Kenneth G. Priester Jr Aka Bud from United States on 25 July 2011
"discovering a new species of snake. it is called the Psenamatues Lukenatus. Awesome or what?"
/Luke Wallace from Australia on 25 July 2011
"i am most proud of my swimming achievements. state 3 years in a row! pretty good"
/Nathan from Australia on 25 July 2011
/from Ukraine on 24 July 2011
"I am proud of establishing African Americans In Gerontology"
/Aisha C. Young from United States on 24 July 2011
"Completing my degree in Business Management."
/from United States on 24 July 2011
"We were able to heal the ozone layer using deep blue computer notebook to activate giant satellite disks to emit strong radio waves to the severe affected Part of the ozone layer"
/Sir Howell Reynaldo Gomez Dela Cruz,Prince Charles,Chelsea Clinton. from Philippines on 22 July 2011
"i wish the green path of hope in iran good luck in there peacefull protests against there tolltarian regime and there crys for reform are not ignored"
/on 21 July 2011
"i wish the green path of hope in iran good luck in there peacefull protests against there tolltarian regime and there crys for reform are not ignored"
/on 21 July 2011
"I finished studying special relativity in high school"
/Iyasq8 from Kuwait on 20 July 2011
"I do feel proud to tell salutation for noble work and truly dedication of Wangari Mathaai to save the land from destruction by doing reboisation for reforestation to make the earth green and well for the future till winning peace nobel prize."
/gatot malaisianto from Indonesia on 20 July 2011
"I am proud of being a Muslim, husband, father, poet, and a teacher. As Maya Angelou once said, "at our very best, we are teacher's.""
/Ibrahim from Qatar on 20 July 2011
"married with swediish faamily. i am very prooud of myself."
/naoko from Japan on 16 July 2011
"That there are still some good people left in this world... short but sincere"
/Dean Haris from United Kingdom on 16 July 2011
"I believe I am a revivalist send forth to impact and positively change the world in the Area of Leadership by raising up 21st century leaders that are purpose driven by equipping them with the knowledge they need to become the best of themselves. I know that the sky is just a stepping stone and I will surely be one of the noble laureates in this generation. I am determined and nothing can stop me not even my failures and witnesses. I believe I am the best."
/Wango Bah Boris from Cameroon on 16 July 2011
"hmmm, my grandmother became sick with cancer in the early 2000's (or at least that when she broke down and told our family. When she lost the battle in 2004 I decided right then and there that I would become a doctor and a researcher of medicine!! Since then, I have put myself through school with lots of help and support from family, friends, and institutions that have given me grants. I also work at a cancer intitute here in Florida!! I am loving my life I thank God for that!!!"
/Samantha Scruggs from United States on 15 July 2011
"being position one in my school national exams year 1978"
/joe from Kenya on 15 July 2011
"I am proud of my father because he has saved four lives."
/Sam from United States on 14 July 2011
"I am looking to spread the positive vibrations we all are capable of to everyone and everything. It is hard to put in words, maybe you should look into my group called Moving Forward. I am networking with alike minds to start a revolution of change in our world. It is all about thinking positive, doing positive, and spreading the positive. If there's nothing but good vibes going around, the greed and instinct will be beaten down and move on to feed elsewhere. I have a lot of methods of practi"
/Edward Maurer from United States on 14 July 2011
"I have None ! Therefore I am insignificant to the World ! I make No difference"
/D from United States on 13 July 2011
"To have served the united nations peacekeeping forces in palestine in 1965-UNEF 1."
/Jurandyr de souza coutinho from Brazil on 13 July 2011
"Developing the World Peace House. The first open arena about peace, sustainable development, environment and equal human rights situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. "
/Christian Keiller from Sweden on 13 July 2011
"am ...proud to experience my life with nature"
/from India on 13 July 2011
"I am an aspiring researcher in molecular biology. I have been till now been rejected and discouraged to continue my pursuit in this field, but I have strong determination to stay and fight so that when I die people may benefit from my contribution and remember me. I am a fighter..I will always keep trying until I reach my goal."
/Anshuman from India on 13 July 2011
"Being a child of Earth."
/Matthew from Canada on 13 July 2011
"felt very great by knowing such an amazing persons of our world ....and feeling great by knowing part of the knowledge about it"
/sanjana from India on 12 July 2011
"According to an IQ test I recently took on the Internet, I have an IQ of 162. At another website I read that this IQ would be high enough to become a Nobel Prize winner. So I am on par with these great men and women - that makes me proud!"
/Claus D. Volko from Austria on 12 July 2011
"What we have been able to achieve in the last century!!"
/on 12 July 2011
"In my opinion I agree with the award of all Nobels, yet we in third world countries, we are discriminated by the color of our skin and our hair testura, are taken by the ignorant, when we produce food and fun for the rest of the world. The Brazil needs a Nobel Prize, this difference, this difference imposed by you, takes many children to crime. Our state has organized a lot of value, exchange experiences here as your first and second wars. Every day a new hope, we just bow to the Brazilians in ourselves. Flavio Cesar de Carvalho Bastos"
/Flįvio Cesar De Carvalho Bastos from Brazil on 12 July 2011
"Grown my children, and giving them arms to be what ever they want to be."
/Maria Pavez from United States on 12 July 2011
"To become an icon in my field of study"
/from Nigeria on 10 July 2011
"Helping to ending the Cold War; leading the people on our planet through a sometimes frightening and unique chapter in history."
/Matthew Ryan Brown from United States on 8 July 2011
"1- Puerto Rico is not listed in the Countries list. Well... anyway looking to the future as if it where the present (why not?) the cure of deafness has to be applauded throughout the all world."
/Linda from Other on 8 July 2011
"Being a child of GOD."
/Gabriel from United States on 7 July 2011
"to be a part of this amazing world"
/Apoorv from India on 4 July 2011
"being writer@ for happiness!!"
/tenaya santika from Indonesia on 2 July 2011
/VIVEK.B from India on 1 July 2011
"My older sister got her Black Belt, first Dan, in Taek Won-Do. :) :) :)"
/on 29 June 2011
"Personal: Being happily married to my high school sweetheart (11 years and counting!), and giving birth to our healthy baby boy. Professional: Ending this past spring semester of school with a 3.75 GPA."
/Tishina C. from United States on 28 June 2011
"being amazing"
/curly haired jew from Antigua on 27 June 2011
/jacinta from Italy on 27 June 2011
"I am proud of Dan Westguard of the United Kingdom, England, for saving a large pot of maggots from thier fate, during a fishing venture with his father. Daniel taught me that any being no matter how big or small is worth saving... definately a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize! I think!"
/Anonomous from United Kingdom on 26 June 2011
"Inspite of challenges of depleting ethics and human values and the concern and space for others, I have been able to hold to my basic belief that human soul is essentially divine and it should attempt to attain that for the benefit of itself and the society."
/Professor Sanjay Kumar Sharma from India on 26 June 2011
"sir, contunity in the HUMANTHINKING on TIME !"
/VINCENT LIGHT HOUSE.C from India on 24 June 2011
"I feel proud to be an apprentice on the human rights issue, and I know that there is a long way to go, always! It's great to know that all these winners had a consciousness for the sake of others, trying to defend them and guide them, this serves as an example and shows that I am not wrong to continue with my beliefs. I am a learner and the road is long!"
/Claudia Sinibaldi from Brazil on 22 June 2011
"most popular in bangladesh"
/hassan mahbub from Bangladesh on 22 June 2011
"Hi, this is Meenakshi Agrawal, to contribute for International Year Of Chemistry recently I set a world record .I hope this activity will motivate students globaly to opt for this science subject.,World Record is? fastest time to write all 118 symbols of elements of periodic table of chemistry In 91.65 seconds. Set On 22 April 2011, New Delhi, INDIA, In Presence Of Electronic And Print Media. Also available on all search engines like google,rediff,yahoo"
/Meenakshi Agrawal from India on 22 June 2011
"I am proud of learning, and of being able to share what I learned. All nobel price winners have this same characteristic, which in my opinion is what has allowed hummanity to develop."
/Oliverio Orozco from Mexico on 19 June 2011
"There is a global problem in the learning of uniform circular motion. It is confronting physics educationists for 40 years ago BUT no effective solution in sight, as yet. I took it up 35 years ago and soon arrived at a "conceptual" problems, which I have termed as the A/C paradox. Interested persons can read my letter to the editor of CHANGE, May-June 2008, p. 5 "
/Dileep V. Sathe from India on 18 June 2011
"For everything i dream and hope darling mum(Mrs Ruth),siblings and entire family....."
/Agboola Oluwaseun Sampson from Nigeria on 17 June 2011
"am really proud of being the best graduating student of class from the university. am also proud having a book on past question and answers in biochemistry to my credit."
/hammed adedayo adewole from Nigeria on 16 June 2011
"I am proud of my family,my parents,my wife and to have a child . In addition ,I am also proud of to accomplish the academic work of my undergraduate courses which led me to a graduate and also encourage me to theoretical research on Astrophysics,which would to be accomplished."
/A.S.M.Imam Hossain from Bangladesh on 16 June 2011
"The accomplishment that I am the most proud of is graduating from college. It was a huge milestone in my life and it helped to broaden my horizons both intelectually and socially."
/Zachary Hardy from United States on 15 June 2011
"Celebrating 6 years on the air "Peacetalks.Fm" I now want to travel the world to see and interview ordinary people about their views of Peace. Travelling to conflict zones. I have visisted many of to areas already, however now I will stay and report the stories of 'how people recover after conflict". If you would like to help me ;letting me stay in a room of your house, let me know. Please get invoved!!"
/clazlo from Canada on 15 June 2011
"a mysterous encounter with the feelings of a woman and a child in Verona"
/from Italy on 15 June 2011
"I am professional in Economics, Finance, and was appointed with the help abilities of Allah (God) With my experience become partner and finance consultant for three worldwide famous companies, I am wonderful economical persons"
/Dr NASSIR BA SALIM from Spain on 15 June 2011
"Leading the mission for better world and civilization"
/R.D. Miccahofman from Indonesia on 15 June 2011
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