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During autumn 2010, ten Nobel Laureates have answered seven questions ranging from admiration, hopes, inventions, accomplishments to what they are doing to make the world a better place. A new question and answer will be posted during the next several months.


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Here are the answers from visitors:

"Additional in my research results possibility swiftly finds out most important answers to help global people find a place and their role of the Universe. See at encouraging the spirit of discovery and sharing of fundamental knowledge about the Universe and our place in its midst- as I see it that the revolutionary concepts of the research results shall be kept intact preserving your image all over the world, which is my ultimate goal too."
/Shahidur Rahman Sikder from Bangladesh on 3 April 2013
"I want to open the biggest automobile company ever and from profits of it ,I want to do charity,establish peace in my country and open a foundation of equal caliber of NOBLE foundation to support research."
/darshil from India on 8 January 2013
"I believe i have conducted an experiment to trick the brain out of love, to then feel a stronger love for another. I am hoping to have some advice on this subject as I am only 15 years of age, and wish to share my little expreiment, due to me being an ameture"
/Jasmine Winter from United Kingdom on 14 December 2012
"I want to create SUSTAINABLE PEACE based on POSITIVE PRINCIPLES, or POSITIVE PEACE. I want to PUT GOD FIRST, in everything I do, and through His divine guidance apply SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES to MATERIAL PROBLEMS. I want to become PERFECTLY FOCUSED on the PEACEFUL, JOYOUS WORLD I want to see; and not the world as it currently is; and in this way, help to CREATE WORLD PEACE through the POWER OF MY VISION and INFLUENCE. I want to FULFIL GOD's PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE, by ADDING TO and IMPROVING, our world!"
/Primrose Oteng from Botswana on 22 November 2012
"to restore faith of humanity"
/gorban from Malaysia on 12 November 2012
"i want to become an software engineer or a scientist one day !!"
/SachiniEMSPE from Sri Lanka on 20 October 2012
"To be able to enact genuine change to a corrupt system."
/DBW from United States on 8 October 2012
"Edelweis Cabalbag she gave me hope. uhhm and she have a cousin named Hope too..."
/Junnar Garcia from Philippines on 8 October 2012
"I Hope that Higgs Field explains all the properties of all particles not only Mass since scientists will start its characteristics now Peter Higgs is the man!"
/Guilherme from Brazil on 29 September 2012
"I want to become a sculptor. I want to become a person who can influence and inspire people through my creations. I want to be able to affect the world around me through sculpture and try to bring about greater peace and equality, particularly in relation to food distribution inequalities around the world, the use of violence to harm and spread a message of hatred and the position of women. I aspire to be able to influence the contemporary world and how it works through my art."
/Shruti Joshi from United Kingdom on 2 August 2012
/abdullah khalid from Pakistan on 31 July 2012
"to make breakthroughs in vector born diseases to save lives and getting noble prize"
/Ayman Ahmed from Sudan on 23 July 2012
"To help spread love, trust, and hope throughout the world, and to work towards achieving world peace, and unity so we can work towards the future preservation of humanity rather than the present destruction of it."
/John on 22 July 2012
"To write a book that appears at the right time to a spirit in need, write words that soothe the heart and mind , a book that is both friend and comforter in the hour of disillusionment and loneliness, bring PEACE to the troubled soul. (western world has great spiritual conflict and confusion)"
/Jo-anne walker from Australia on 6 March 2012
"I hope to help rebirth the essence of education and its true purposes. Right now higher educational system is producing slave workers at no end, shackling our future leaders and innovators to become another number to the capitalistic society. Current educational purpose seems to be individual success, perpetuating and highlighting human greed and selfishness. I wish to help reemphasize the importance of individual's role in a larger community through radical reassessment of educational system!"
/Jisu Youn from United States on 2 March 2012
"Better systems in all areas of life."
/Gabriel from United States on 2 February 2012
"To become a great astrophysicist one day!"
/from Bangladesh on 18 January 2012
"Internal and external factors of God and artificial perils can be possible by establishing practice at dedicated R"
/Dr Rajeev Kumar from India on 15 January 2012
"A man who has already got great thoughts, good feelings"
/PUSHKAR BISHT from India on 4 January 2012
"and saved thousands of people and lives. I know it might not mean much to some of the people here. However being chosen over Al Gore who only talked about Global warming which was getting to be obvious and yes got peoples attentions I think that Irena Sendler should have deserved the award more."
/Alex Howe from Canada on 18 December 2011
"Poland was a very risky, if anyone was caught they would either be brought to a concentration camp or killed immeditly. The Germans would have multiple check points and check people to make sure they are who they are. Most would be caught in them and be immediatly killed. Another way that people where caught was the Nazi's would go into peoples houses and check them over thouroughly to make sure there where no refugee Jews. To do what she did was nothing short of bravery hope for peace for other"
/Alex Howe from Canada on 18 December 2011
"I know I probably will never win a Nobel Prize but I find it very unfitting that Irena Sendler did not win one when she was nominated against Al Gore. She was responsible for over 25 000 children being smuggled out of the ghettos of Poland and into a hopeful more safe environment. To do that it would take large amounts of courage, love and also intelligence. To get them out through the sewers like she did would have to be timed and taken lots of precautions. To get people out of Nazi occupied"
/Alex Howe from Canada on 18 December 2011
"My biggest wish in my lifetime is to change people's lives all over the world through literature and win a nobel prize in literature for changing people's lives worldwide through literature."
/Aaron Malabed from Canada on 10 December 2011
"I will make something:I'll be a physician and earn a nobel price"
/74123 from France on 30 November 2011
"My goal is to be humanatarian and great role model someday- to promote the importance of education, which results in a healthy, honest lifestyle and to ensure everyone feels loved, appreciated, and knows his or her true self, strengths and potential."
/Tahirih Boodhoo from Guyana on 10 November 2011
"A MIRACLE !!! To get more knowledge about the Cosmos and get part of it to give the best of myself to others !!!"
/Georgina Zertuche from United States on 6 November 2011
"I hope complete my study at Harvard university and make a scientific researches on cancer and try to get to cure to this Intractable disease. I really hope to get Nobel Prize in Medicine. I will work day and night to achieve my goals , Maybe I will reach my goal and maybe not,but I really optimistic and I will never give up ."
/Dr.Hala Mazid from Syria on 3 November 2011
"More achievements and opportunities in developing countries!"
/Rudina from Albania on 28 October 2011
"A better understanding of cosmic rays.."
/Sriram Seshadri from India on 20 October 2011
"if the world wants to end poverty invest in education. if people cant read well enough to fill out a job application how are they going to work at jobs that will end extreme poverty fill their minds with the importance of education not extremist idealogy. teach them to see education isTHE way out of poverty. not extremist behaviour"
/tanya poe from United States on 8 October 2011
"To have inspired students to be creative, curious about the world around them and to effect positive change in whatever they do as members of the world community"
/from Canada on 4 October 2011
"UK Citizenship"
/on 1 October 2011
"Gender Equality. That men, women and transgender will exploit opportunities on an equal level and fairness"
/Dennis Mugo from Kenya on 25 September 2011
"By suggesting that Maryam Rajavi should be nominated for the Peace Prize. The National Council of Resistence of Iran has long renounced arms and stands for democracy and equal rights in Iran. She is the next Nelson Mandela, and the pro democracy exiles in Camp Ashraf need urgent protection."
/Nicholas Weedon from United Kingdom on 21 September 2011
"To eliminate from the world society those forces of evil in government, business and economics that seek to destroy individual freedoms and subject the worlds population to 'a one world government"
/on 19 September 2011
"A Latin American like a culture World"
/from Chile on 19 September 2011
"hpv for women from 26 age"
/minh from Vietnam on 19 September 2011
"There is a question in my mind that it always make u worry,..... I want to know about science and technology... But i am not able to get the answer for some questions.. like,... " where the deleted memory goes in universe?"... Its Because of one conclusion, that i read in my text that "The things in the universe are not created, but it can be change from one source to another".. so where the source of data we deleted..."
/Mr.A.Chandrashekar from India on 18 September 2011
"A good college, peaceful life, and a world without boundaries or prejudice"
/Jessica S from United States on 17 September 2011
"I want thousands to study my ideas and millions to be impacted by them. I want more people to be more free."
/Tosin from Nigeria on 17 September 2011
"the paradise in earth"
/on 16 September 2011
"to point the way to hope, love, peace"
/Wanda HisKid2 from United States on 16 September 2011
"To exterminate religion."
/on 15 September 2011
"I hope to bring a revolution by dissolving the border between India and Pakistan, both of which were ONE NATION before 1947. I want to end the enmity between the two sister-countries, and therefore restore peace and love in the region."
/Smia Hakak from India on 15 September 2011
"I would like to fight for a world of self reliance."
/Dillip Kumar Sethi from India on 15 September 2011
"There is wonderful usefull research Saliva Biomarkers Research PI Prof dr David T. Wong. I would like to introduce saliva biomarkers technology in everyday medicine."
/Dr Maca from Serbia on 15 September 2011
"I hope to open an International school for my dispalced people who fled from war in Darfur and now roaming aimlessly as street chiildren in our political capital (Khartoum)."
/Mohammed Abbas Mohammed Aghbash from Sudan on 14 September 2011
"I Hope to teach the feature Nobel Prize winners!!!"
/Sarah Kretzschmar from United States on 14 September 2011
"Be the first Thailand Nobel Laureate in Physics!"
/Vichayanun Wachirapusitanand from Thailand on 14 September 2011
"I hope to inspire students to become scientists."
/Don Worthy from United States on 14 September 2011
"iI hope to be a world security agent"
/Olaolu Falokun from Nigeria on 14 September 2011
"I want to study for myself and get knowledge to develop myself But I want to devote Myself for the service of others by using my knowledge.....!!""
/NAUSHAD SHAIKH from India on 14 September 2011
"Help put smile on d face of humanity...bring a smile out of people's hopelessness."
/Olowoporoku Tope from Nigeria on 14 September 2011
"I hope I will study abroad in any university in the field of Astrophysics or Astronomy and work at NASA. One day,I will get Nopel Prize in Physics ....God Willing:)"
/Shahinda from Egypt on 13 September 2011
"to live in a better place in future where nature is not at all harmed"
/shaikh muhammad mansoor from United Arab Emirates on 13 September 2011
"In future, I would like to see at least one part of Africa to be like Los Angeles.. that means, I would encourage good governance and education in Africa.... secondly, I would like to create an alternative source of energy that is clean and affordable for all Africans..."
/Ipevnor Vershima Nathaniel from Nigeria on 13 September 2011
"I want to expose all those, who in the name "Peace", kill thousands everyday..."
/Smia Hakak on 13 September 2011
"I hope to win the nobel prize in medicine for groundbreaking research"
/ntish dang from Canada on 13 September 2011
"Realise and gain the divine felicity in this world itself while there is yet time."
/on 12 September 2011
"to be come a rock star/ actress"
/on 12 September 2011
"We only have to say that we needs to nominated a doctor of spiritual research,A man's inspiration leader,to joiint us with the spiritual level state,we are so human,that we forget our birthhood,and our place in cosmos."
/sergio gurken from Brazil on 11 September 2011
""To continue the great work by great humans for truth and spread the beauty of science through out the world...""
/Sumesh Chandran from India on 11 September 2011
"break the neural code and discover the mysteries of the brain"
/fadi kayale from Lebanon on 11 September 2011
"scientists have done more than a lot for society and humanity. i ask society what is the real status of their in the heart and mind of the society and people?"
/L C Sethia lecturer from India on 11 September 2011
"At 64,I wish to be part of a movement-social,cultural and finally political-which can mobilise the masses in making another world possible.That world lies not beyond seven seas,but around me in my own city of Quilon which could be transformed in the Gandhian way of self governance"
/bhaskaranrachana from India on 11 September 2011
"I have great hope to help individuals better understand themselves and in doing so understand the importance of unity and equality through uniqueness which applies to all living creatures here on earth. Reversely, how an individual is able to experience their environment, its living creatures and through that context learns more about the connectedness of the world in which we inhabit."
/Abby Corson from United States on 10 September 2011
"i want to devlop my native land this is very remote area i ever seen with my neacket eyes and also want to rise up the life standard of our villiage's people."
/rajesh budha from Nepal on 10 September 2011
"Hope to understand the true propose of Life and fulfill the same."
/Mamatha Prasad from India on 10 September 2011
"I am studying my electrical engineering in Andhra Pradesh of India. I was a deschooled child and spent my clildhood in experiments on equipments in my house. I built up interest towards physics since all equipments work basing on principles on physics. I am from a middle class family and i know the sufferings of people. I always thought of preventing the miseries of the people."
/P Viswa Bhaarath from India on 10 September 2011
"Once I receive my MA (at 64) I will return to ethnobotany and continue to record the various uses people have for plants, learn biochemistry to understand how plants function in the body and publish my findings; use innovative ways to connect children to the world of plants"
/D S F from Canada on 10 September 2011
"Please try to find another way to transversalizate sciences each other."
/Mario Enrique from Peru on 10 September 2011
/alex from United States on 10 September 2011
"I hope to win a Nobel prize for my work on the cause and cure of Alzheimer's disease."
/Robert Nield from United Kingdom on 9 September 2011
"To teach physics, engineering and technology to enable humanity achieve a higher level of environmental understanding. To open their minds so that they don't live in fear of ignorance ."
/Aviti Mushi from Tanzania on 9 September 2011
"I want to conquer this world so I can make it a better place to live where no one will have to face inequality, injustice, and discrimination. Science is not an asset of any nation. We are different by races, colors, and appearances but we are same from inside. What counts is our heart and mind."
/Adnan Maqsood Choudhry from Canada on 9 September 2011
"Fight robots"
/on 9 September 2011
""Somebody help our society.........Where humanity for human being ? ""
/Poresh Chandra Roy from Bangladesh on 8 September 2011
"I would like to help save the soils of the world to create a better future for our environment."
/Ama from Ghana on 8 September 2011
"I have many unpublished works in literature and I want to win the Nobel Prize in literature so that I can change the world with the pen"
/Francis Nnamdi Odibo from Nigeria on 8 September 2011
"It is my hope to see the world in which ALL human beings are judged by not their money, influence, power or status which they they may have earned by corrupt ways but judged by their service to mankind in securing life, health and happiness in their daily lives., spreading the message to love all mankind even if it involves dissoving all international boundaries. I hope to realize this goal by providing safer health and my services for the sick and needy till the dying breath of my life. Are U?."
/Dr Manjit Singh from Canada on 7 September 2011
"I have so many thoughts like developing rice variety which have naturally occuring antioxidant suppliments and nutritional properties along with high yield,to reduce malnutrition problem and have food security which would be economical and reach the diet of common man.Presently working on medicinal rice navara but need a economical support"
/suvarna rani chimmili from India on 7 September 2011
"i would like to play a siginificant role in unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity and to bring out more physical relevence of quatum mechanical ideas due to my strong belief on the symmetry in all the aspects of this wonderful universe we live in !"
/Ankur Sao from India on 7 September 2011
""I would like to achieve the Nobel Medice Prize for my work and research on Neurosciences. My main goal is to provide Humanity a better knowledge on Brain potential and Health. Science is the way for a new Humanity Era!!"
/Claudia Freire from Portugal on 6 September 2011
"Define cognition in mathematics and develop a unifying theory of the mind, applying this knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence."
/Lunga from South Africa on 6 September 2011
"Peace in the all nations,cultures and religions."
/tasneem from Pakistan on 6 September 2011
"I hope that all children recieve the benifits of a healthy, nuturing and loving childhood. I hope to assist in that. I also hope to publish my book."
/Tracy from United States on 6 September 2011
"To see my society achieve their desires."
/Kehinde Adetola from Nigeria on 6 September 2011
"I will one day win a nobel price either in chemistry or in medicine. This is my dream."
/Ibrahim Y. Zakari from Nigeria on 6 September 2011
"Im gonna win this prize , not for money , not for fame .... Im gonna win this prize to represnt Possibility ,, not once , not twice ,,, but several times ,,,, I have my eyes locked on to this nobel prize ...... Im gonna Revolutionize Physics and MEdicine"
/on 6 September 2011
"Each find their own personal " ITHACA ""
/from Italy on 5 September 2011
"I want to help my daughter to find her own way. I wish she could feel free to express and realize her wishes. Don't depend on money, prejudice, passing craze. Hope that I could do it too."
/Irina from Russia on 5 September 2011
"I wish I can understand "adn", to help children who are lost , to meet parents, to find out illness for treatment, to meet relatives............"
/dog from Vietnam on 5 September 2011
"make the word a better place for man and more peaceful"
/Jeffrey A. Ruiz from United States on 4 September 2011
"I want to live a happy fearless life evolved around Economics."
/Tiffany from United Kingdom on 4 September 2011
"I believe in mankind's ability to overcome the impasse relative uncertainty, uncertainty in which it is currently. This can be achieved only through faith, science, research, cooperation with major changes for the better. I believe we need a review of your foundation status - which is passed by our current times - in determining the prize winners."
/Stoian Valerian from Romania on 4 September 2011
"I would like to save the lives of children who have been dramatically stressed due to certain circumstances accouring within their lives.To help guide them towards a life of prosperity."
/Erica Minter from United States on 3 September 2011
"I am working toward achieving a less punitive society in the future, particularly in the United States where one out of every 100 of its citizens is incarcerated and millions of children are raised with at least one parent in prison. My non-profit organization, The Ethics Project, seeks to address the impact of crime, incarceration and injustice by educating the public about the rules of professional conduct that pertain to attorneys, judges, prosecutors, police and other legal professionals."
/Christi M. Griffin from United States on 3 September 2011
"I hope to remind the Nobel committee to award the Nobel Prize to someone TRULY deserving~Irena Sendler, for saving 2,500 Jewish children"
/Rachel Jordan from United States on 3 September 2011
"I would like to eliminate the occurance of disease states in human population by a genetic approach,knockout the defective genes and replace them with healthier ones."
/jak2stat from India on 3 September 2011
"i want to be a renown writer that will be writing to alleviate wordl problem and the people there-in. again i intend to be a solution provider to mankind challenges.also to collect a nobel laurete in language and literature."
/olamide omoru from Nigeria on 2 September 2011
"I would like to share an ancient invention - education - which can change the world and make it better."
/Khari Klein from Canada on 2 September 2011
"As a human being I always wonder about human mind and Natural laws. My hope is become next Einstein."
/Sudip Ghosh from India on 1 September 2011
"Gene Roddenburrys vision of the future Best describes my hope for the future. When we learn to be one people we will achieve much."
/Veronicca Lakewood from United States on 1 September 2011
"I hope to achieve Nobel prize in physics for the recognition of my research on the future."
/A.S.M. Imam Hossain from Bangladesh on 1 September 2011
"help the needy poor women and children"
/Kobusingye Scovia Maria from Uganda on 1 September 2011
"I want to study for myself and get knowledge to develop myself But I want to devote Myself for the service of others by using my knowledge.....!!"
/Chandragupta Julwani from India on 1 September 2011
"I want to become a grat ballerina and promote art and beauty."
/Anca from Romania on 1 September 2011
"help people under stand that people in the poor parts of the world need mine and your help to survive the outbreak of diease in the world today. people should be nice to each other our culture are differnt and that special"
/harley tiananga from Australia on 1 September 2011
"Find the cure against Cancer and help all those people suffering from this disease. And make of our world a better world."
/Anthony Escobar from United States on 1 September 2011
"I would like to achieve the Nobel Peace Prize for Environmental research."
/Nicole from United Kingdom on 31 August 2011
"I hope I could win nobel prize for medicine or physics in the future I love physics so much And i love medicine so much too I wish Allah would help me"
/Ahmed Gebreel from Egypt on 31 August 2011
"i want to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, and in the mean i am working on a process for blood glucose meters to help people with diabetes or who have recently been diagnosed with it, it will have an insulin read out to help people with the same condition as me, i know its not easy to control, and it took me years to find a way of controlling it, and thats why i want to change the way diabetes is treated so people dont have to suffer with controlling it."
/Paul Crotty from United Kingdom on 31 August 2011
"I want the people to live forever."
/MOHANAMURUGAN.K from India on 31 August 2011
"I hope and I have an ambition to achieve a Nobel Prize in physics."
/A.S.M.Imam Hossain from Bangladesh on 30 August 2011
"I am planning to write a book about the role of human in the world and what they are doing right now, Just endless production and consumption, distracted from exploration and creativity, what we as human would have achieved 3000 yrs ago, Ex of this is some 3000yrs ago the great library of Alexandria, so much precious manuscripts holded so much knowledge from so many scholars, most of which lost and ravaged because of war and politics. Where the world is heading, World changes when mindset change"
/Prashant Chandrakar from India on 30 August 2011
"i would like to be loved.i would like to love....forever"
/rosaria from Italy on 30 August 2011
"i would like to live without any hopes!"
/antonietta from Italy on 30 August 2011
"To be an amazing artist. One who can touch the soul of humans with a fistful of fire. And rewrite the concept of creativity."
/on 30 August 2011
"Human desires are endless - because of that we are able to develop every single point of our "Life path" and living better and simple. What am i hope to achieve in the future? - I want to increase my lifetime (Age 150 or 200 why not?) in order to feel and continue this beautiful "life path" even more. As a 21 years old student boy i admit the Humans are greedy."
/Arsbold.E from Mongolia on 30 August 2011
"I hope to, one day, understand any part of math that has to do with quadratics."
/on 30 August 2011
"I would like to be that one person in someone's life, or many people's life that can bring a smile to their face. What better way is there to achieve world peace, then to smile?"
/Vishmayaa from Canada on 30 August 2011
"I want to create a diagnostic test for detecting minor traumatic brain injuries/concussions accurately. We intend on demonstrating within specific zones of the brain tracking decoupling within dynamic control system networks."
/Michael D McHugh from Canada on 29 August 2011
"In the future I hope to learn more about disorders of the mind and learn more about how people function psychologically"
/Mia from Australia on 29 August 2011
"make an invention which can change the world and make it better."
/Omar Q. from Jordan on 28 August 2011
"A footprint on this planet, that marks my walk for peace and understanding, for love and kindness in our world. One world, one vision, one government, one language. Sounds like the great writings from Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Bahai-religion. Correct! Inspired by them, I try my best. God helps me!"
/Reinhard Bimashofer from Austria on 28 August 2011
"I want to go to uni and graduate as a doctor, I also want to get involved with charity work in third world countries especially Africa and Asia but that's later in the future when I am successful"
/Catherine Joseph from Kenya on 28 August 2011
"I will keep my nation green"
/J. KarthiKeyan from India on 27 August 2011
"i want to became ias"
/on 27 August 2011
"In this world there are many great things to be discover through physics,I wish to have my PhD in physics and discover the most world class discovery. And rest my life career with nobel prize in physics."
/Saheed Yusuf. O from Nigeria on 27 August 2011
"that the architecture I make can be a place where one can feel himself in harmony with him and the nature"
/Bogdan Tofan from Romania on 26 August 2011
"I hope to achieve an excellent relations in all over the world!!! In my opinion the friendship with all nationalities is the main aim of any government!!!!!"
/Aram from Russia on 26 August 2011
/Rossana Alva from Peru on 26 August 2011
"My Dream is to get rid of poverty from the whole world and get rid of diabetes so as to have a score of zero percent from diabeteic to take nobel prize twice insha in economy and other in medicin"
/Ahmed Elhaged from Egypt on 26 August 2011
"My dream is to write several (historical) romans, and to make beautiful Art that is an inspiration to others... I am slowly but surely working on it ! I am fast like a Tortoise :)"
/My Middle Name => Patience from Netherlands on 26 August 2011
"It is my hope to have research conducted on my simple, rapid, painless, highly effective cure for cancer. Cancer and Hibernation (c) "
/Egon J. Beer from Mexico on 26 August 2011
"I hope to see a man of the people, a less well known man recieve the nobel peace prize for his efforts to help the people and ensure our common good."
/on 25 August 2011
"to spread love and happiness on this world as the most powerful and renewable energies that exist."
/Mathieu from France on 25 August 2011
"I hope have a good compuuterr"
/on 25 August 2011
"I hope to see a deserved homage to a man of peace, that during his life always aspired for a world without war, with love and peace. Probably the most influencial leader in the construction of peace in the last century. I would like to see the Peace Noble Prize awarded to John Paul II, even after his death. It's more than deserved, I think!"
/Paulo coelho from Portugal on 25 August 2011
"Become a Nobel Prize winner of Literature,get more sophisticated in the legal and Philosophy professions, and apply all these to the grand benefits of the human race."
/Mankind Olawale Oyewumi from Nigeria on 24 August 2011
"my hope is to make enough income, get the happy familly and live according to GOD's set standarts"
/mkrchief from Lesotho on 23 August 2011
"I want to be a "Forensic Scientist", and than want to help the poor humanity with my capabilities. As I am born to serve the humanity."
/Muhammad Jawad from Pakistan on 23 August 2011
/WHIZZ from Malaysia on 23 August 2011
"A better place for mankind"
/on 23 August 2011
"I hope to contribute in every way, especially scientifically and technically, to the development of my India and her people...Even small ideas can make huge differences in the situations faced many millions daily....a change in outlook will bring a change in lifestyle....when things will begin to change for better because of our individual efforts....that will be a real breakthrough ..."
/Tush Rohi from India on 23 August 2011
"Food for every mouth,a job in every hand and smile on every face."
/Sanjay Dattatraya Shinde from India on 23 August 2011
/CHERYL ADEYEMI FRAZER from United States on 23 August 2011
"I shall have my introduction as one amidst you or a philosopher or space scientist made by you yourselves. The most important topics about Universe Brain can be found at As I see it that the Universe case is early or Copy or such like- Digital CD i.e. Digital Universe "
/Shahidur Rahman Sikder from Bangladesh on 22 August 2011
"i want to be a scientist"
/ayodeji from Nigeria on 22 August 2011
"My hopes are that there shall be permanent peace among humans on this God blessed planet. I hope there is bountiful of clean water, food and energy. I hope to be able to provide ideas, leadership and inspiration in this journey to the unknown unknown. I hope to live long enough to see the cures for all known diseases to mankind."
/Hashim Mohammed from Malaysia on 22 August 2011
"get PHD in physics"
/mohammed ali from India on 22 August 2011
"To completely understand quantum mechanics. To establish to a greater extent the Nuclear Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, in a theoretical and also practical applications towards structure and function determination of biomolecules. India compared to Europe and US lacks still in best NMR instrument set ups, any extraordinary research group( probably only 2 I can name ) conducting the excellent research involving the technique for biological questions. My aim is to see this happen in India."
/Anup Chowdhury from Germany on 22 August 2011
"To have united nation every body take care of one another the sick and the poor, there are too many people hungry with no place to stay, to many of our children or dieing because of gun violence. we live in a country that no one should be hungry or with out shelter. we need to pull together and help one another, don't puteach other down all the time, help and pray for one another."
/demetria williams from United States on 21 August 2011
"My Plea is for the youth that they are the leaders of tomorow and we can change this world foo the better"
/lily from Kenya on 21 August 2011
"If we all could struggle towards making the world a better place like these world heros, thenn the world will surely change for the better. this is a really good piece of work and may God help all the personalities behhiind this worrk. Thank you once more for this piece of work."
/Grace Mbaya from Kenya on 21 August 2011
"I love you all! I want to live in a peaceeful world!"
/Vitalina Veriyenko from Ukraine on 21 August 2011
"nobel prize in science"
/R shiva reddy from India on 21 August 2011
"I would like to affect people life positively by inventing things that solve the worlds problem.i would also like to be the first african to win a nobel prize in physics."
/Victor Aregbede from Nigeria on 20 August 2011
"In featur we achieve a peaceful world without any violenc"
/Sarita from India on 20 August 2011
"At my advanced age(72 )my future has limited time span-yet its my desire to leave this world with more smiling and contended faces.The greatest lesson of my life is how to minimize your needs and not to live beyond your means.Though we living in a world of plenty-its a sheer illusion hence we must find out what we can live without because we are in habit of accumulating material things without realising the worth.I wish to teach how to enrich your soul which ultimately matters."
/Harish Shukul- on 20 August 2011
"to start a primary education centre and also it should have a good library where children would really enjoy being with them. would like to see all smiling faces in the streets especially for underprivileged children. want to become the best primary school teachern and educator and bring out the inner beauty from each of them,,,,,,,,no hate and no fear at any cost to any children....."
/Rajesh Kumar from India on 20 August 2011
"to have a better world to live and to prosper. no more inequality especially between developing countries and the developed in terms of opportunity in wealth and resources. Currently, industrial developed countries prosper faster as they place unfair deals in trade and markets"
/Nazief Nirwanto from Indonesia on 19 August 2011
"the greatest achievement for me would be to become highly successfull.success for me is determined by the number of lives i affect positively.want my name to be known the world over, to inspire other people to crave for success."
/Adejoke from Nigeria on 19 August 2011
"Create a health"
/Jesus A. Rodriguez from Mexico on 19 August 2011
/Frederick Godoy from Argentina on 19 August 2011
"In my earlier comment of 18 June 2011, I have mentioned of some "conceptual" problems in learning / teaching of the uniform circular motion. Actually, physicists should have realized these problems 100 years ago - see my comment on Prof. Carl Wieman, Nobel Laureate, Physics. Some retrograde exoplanets are challenging age-old planetary theories and also point to the need of considering my work seriously. So I am expecting Nobel prize in physics. "
/Dileep V. Sathe from India on 18 August 2011
"I hope to discover the secret of Perpetual Motion which will provide mankind a new source of energy, THE ULTIMATE SOURCE."
/Mr Harold Gene Mathews from United States on 18 August 2011
"How about achieving the most expertise to deal with major issues that still plague mankind? My ambitions are to be in places where people need care and can always extend my hand and do a lot for each other, knowing that even doing ... can not really be enough."
/Claudia Sinibaldi from Brazil on 18 August 2011
"Help ensure that everyone in my country has access to quality, affordable healthcare."
/Mark Schrider from United States on 18 August 2011
"We need a Better Place ! A place where children can be born with no worries !"
/Anounsa Typommarathavong from United States on 18 August 2011
"I want to create some literature which will be read even decades later."
/Surendra Sahu on 18 August 2011
"As for me, i want to achieve further development on interstellar travel. it won't be too difficult to achieve. What is needed is acceptance of new presentation of ideas such mine. I had my longtime personal researches and studies and ideas about massive space and air travel which to direct approach considers origin direct from the earths gravitational perspective. Such to consider is that of space travel. provisions in all aspect is necessary including life support and flight maintenance."
/Jerry e. Villamer from Philippines on 18 August 2011
"I want to recover my mother earth from pollution by my contribution to R"
/J. Karthikeyan from India on 18 August 2011
"to become a vet"
/ashley from New Zealand on 18 August 2011
"A dancer needs a platform for his/her show. Physiology or genetic functionality of living organism needs a similar foundation that is often been ignored in biology. Invisible binding force of self-gravity plays this vital role of foundation for living mass.To understand biology for better world-one will have to say through mirror of "Self gravitation bio" on study on biomechanics of intrinsic gravity. Sooner the better."
/I.R.Bhattacharjee from India on 18 August 2011
"My scientific social service in my web "
/A. Xavier Raja from India on 18 August 2011
"destroy the poverty with educating all the people ."
/mitra from United States on 18 August 2011
"be a Nobel Laureate and one of the pioneering scientist in my field"
/Noor Othman on 17 August 2011
"real peace for all human beings"
/on 17 August 2011
"I hope to establish a centre for the study of the family affiliated to a university in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa and recognized and supported by the UN,"
/kodzo atakuma agbodza from Ghana on 17 August 2011
"I hope I can make it BIG!"
/Josť from Portugal on 17 August 2011
"To raise children in a loving home."
/Amanda Milam from United States on 17 August 2011
"A dream that used to dsiturb my sleeps when I was young: a foundation destinated to poorest people, kids from streets. Tree education domain: Mechanics, Technology and pure Arts. Making the poorests the kings of tomorow by fighting poverty at the root."
/Binyou-Bi-Homb Marius Yannick, Cameroon Debate Association from Cameroon on 17 August 2011
"I hope the UNESCO prepare a full essay on peace and all ministers of education order it the taught in all high schools and universities of the world . I wish one day peace govern the world and the war abolish completely. I thank Nobel peace committee for serving PEACE. and I thank all humanist Norwegians.They are the kindest people of the world.I hopeess see the day when human beings have learned to love each other,and mother Tresa and mandelas rule countries. "Peace is the most OPPRESSED word"
/ALI Bakhshi from Iran on 17 August 2011
"A preventive HIV vaccine has the potential to control the global AIDS epidemic and avert the suffering of millions of people. Since 1995, we are proposing that the most effective HIVvaccine is in the Cockroaches. Millions were spent on prevention programs and budgets of nations continue to increase. Millions were spent on prevention programs and budgets of nations continue to increase. Objective: Our main purpose is that universities, scientists, researchers, doctors, vaccinologist, immunologists, virologists and great specialists in infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS and vaccines become aware and begin the research in their respective institutions around the world."
/Mariojose ANGELES from Dominican Republic on 17 August 2011
"I hope to win the Nobel Peace Prize for my idea on 'Positive Peace,' and demonstrating that sustainable peace can most easily be forged through the application of positive principles and self-empowerment."
/Primrose Oteng - 17 August 2011 from Botswana on 17 August 2011
"Nobel Prize in pharmaceutical science twice ,find ways to overcome all types of cancer and AIDS and make people happy"
/yousab from Egypt on 17 August 2011
"I feel a little ashamed to write this but one of my hopes is to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. i have written four plays, two short stories and one novella. I hope someday that my writing will be good enough to be recognized."
/Zachary Hardy from United States on 17 August 2011
"As an NGO member of Forum UNESCO, UNEP; International PEN, and as president of Public Awareness Education Programs (est.1979), the plan of action of what I hope to achieve in the future is centered on Adorno?s Education After Auschwitz: To focus on the future requires my continued commitment for the urgent need to take grassroots initiatives, working with and for youth, locally, regionally and internationally, to protect and uphold the founding values and Constitution of UNESCO, and UNEP."
/Hans F. Schweinsberg from Canada on 17 August 2011
"i'd like to see more kkoalaprograms i like the really mutch..and i want that tthe louise vuitton bags getting cheaper because there expensive. reaally expensive and oisabel alende must write hear booksseeing at kateccold because alexander and nadia are nerrds. ,and i wanthat rred hot chilipeppers sing att my birrthday because therre really awsome. and i want sugarspidders for sale. i,d like them. andi want that amy winehouse getting alive. and ladygaga must hold her mouth. muhahahaha"
/monkeytale #muppet you scareaboutthatha???? from Netherlands on 17 August 2011
"At 57 with few publications l cannot see myself winning the Nodel Prise. My biggest wish is to somehow return and die in Sweden. Not immediately of course. I do have a few years left in me. I am very confident about my teaching but it depends on where it is applied. The future: Earn as well as l can. Meet former contacts. I have lost contact with many which does not help. Nobody ever replies. Find more positive help than hinderance. Improve someone's life. Be successful."
/Stephen Archer from United Kingdom on 17 August 2011
"To be the first Philippine Chemist to win the nobel prize in chemistry for providing a reaction mechanisms leading to the Total synthesis of Paclitaxel."
/Jesus Navarro Valencia from Philippines on 17 August 2011
"Nobel Prize in Physics"
/Alessandro Spallicci from Italy on 17 August 2011
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