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During autumn 2010, ten Nobel Laureates have answered seven questions ranging from admiration, hopes, inventions, accomplishments to what they are doing to make the world a better place. A new question and answer will be posted during the next several months.


What is humanity’s greatest challenge? Have your say!


Have Your Say!

Here are the answers from visitors:

"humanity is nothing but to help the people who were indeed of the daily requirements"
/divya on 24 July 2013
"Dignity of the self and every one else"
/Vivek from India on 27 May 2013
/on 29 April 2013
"To know thyself!"
/MM from United Kingdom on 24 February 2013
"Humanity's Greatest problem is managing "TODAY AND TOMMOROW""
/on 18 February 2013
"Humanities greatest challenge is education. There is a huge gap in science and math in many countries that needs to be closed. Education should be free, available, and it needs to be worth the effort that people put in."
/Isaac from United States on 17 February 2013
"Humanity?s greatest challenge is humanity itself."
/from India on 8 January 2013
"I think it is using the resources around us in a profitable manner for everyone and maintaining peace and equality among all....administering justice and for that having a sensible and good understanding human nature is required....improving our standards of living, respecting nature and leading a good life."
/on 9 October 2012
"The greatest challenge is to be able to look beyond yourself. To be able to see the consequences of your choices on the rest of the world, and let your conscience guide you in the right direction."
/DBW from United States on 8 October 2012
"Human Nature"
/John on 22 July 2012
"Humanity's greatest challenge is understanding nature. By nature, I mean everything that is around us; examples are economics, science, philosophy, and most importantly, ourselves."
/John Fleites from United States on 4 April 2012
"I once heard a quote that changed my viewpoint from looking outward and instead riveted my attention inward, "The greatest obstacle to success is getting out of your own way.""
/Chris Craft from United States on 21 March 2012
"Accept it is not master of this planet , and it has no real idea of what life is and what death is and that we are very obviously evolving and outgrowing this planet, and have no control over this process, the butterfly may actually be a clue"
/jo anne from Australia on 6 March 2012
"I think that a it is importat to limit growth of the population of the world is, perhaps, the most important thing we can do to save our world as we know it. This planet is capable of supporting a finite number of humans and I think that if we do not limit ourselves somehow that "nature" will begin to let Nature take it's course and destroy us a part of the universe. How this limiting is done, to me, is the sore spot and at this time with all the different religions and and and various ment"
/from United States on 3 March 2012
"Humanity's greatest challenge is to be the Lords of this universe."
/Abhishek Kumar Mehta from India on 18 February 2012
"The individual psychopathologies that become social, economic and political problems."
/Gabriel from United States on 2 February 2012
"?Humanity starts from compassion, faith, love, kindness"
/PUSHKAR BISHT from India on 4 January 2012
"Became respectful with the world!!!"
/Georgina Zertuche from United States on 6 November 2011
"I believe the greatest challenge facing humanity is the equitable distribution of resources in which the ingenuity, strong work ethic, and collaboration are still given greater rewards without denying the underprivileged or less-intelligent individuals a high standard of living."
/Jeff Schierholz from United States on 12 October 2011
"I think Humanity is very important in relationship, most Scientists lack of Humanity. They are very cold, sometimes even rude. The Humanity Princess Diana Showed to us is very touching, I think she should get a Nobel Prize on Humanity."
/Susan Cameron from United Kingdom on 10 October 2011
"The challenges are so many, and they are all interconnected. One element precede or complement another and at time difficult to explain. I think the corner stone to create the right condition for addressing all this challenges is : Peace. A peaceful world will mean that we have found the right balance between our personal goals and need and our immediate community or global goals and need. Peace will free all human capital and energy to resolve so many immediate and future need. PEACE"
/Raul F from United States on 8 October 2011
"challenges to humanity is really a cluster of many problem but these can be minimise by human only. inequality in power,economy,freedom,knowledge and education are curse to humanity. acquiring anything is good but it use is to be optimum and it should distributed need based. to cultivate ones good sense of responsibilities is a big challenge."
/sameer kiro from India on 5 October 2011
"By making energy cheap, reliant, and abundant, we can solve many of the social and economical problems that mankind is facing. I think the solution lies in the relationship between water, electricity, solar and hydrogen..."
/Marc Power from France on 3 October 2011
"Humanities greatest challenge today is to provide sufficient funding for all of the people of the world so that all can live in a prosperous society, no msatter the location on earth of the persons. Money is the lifeblood of all nations, all states and provinces, all cities, all organizations, all families and all persons.......without it......there can be no prosperity and enjoyyment of life as our Creator intended."
/FRANK MEZIAS from United States on 2 October 2011
"Eliminating the use of oil (and also coal) in the generation of energy."
/on 1 October 2011
"Living in Peace"
/Joel from Nigeria on 26 September 2011
"Gender Equality. That Men, Women and Transgender will exploit opportunities on an equal level and fairness."
/Dennis Mugo from Kenya on 25 September 2011
/Vincent light house c from India on 25 September 2011
"The greatest challenge of humanity is to save oneself from the lust to acquire and accumulate, be it materials or money or power. It does not include knowledge about self, about universe or our planet. Man has forgotten that a still greater power than man is the creator of this universe,be it energy or GOD in any form. At one stage of life, one has to learn to give to others - the needy ones'. What to give, is decided by the essential needs of the person.It is the service to GOD."
/Dr Subhash Datta from India on 24 September 2011
"To have sound economies in eachown's countrys, withoutmaking war against the other."
/Dan SIlver from United States on 24 September 2011
"the great divide between the rich and the poor should be abolished.but seems impossible task because people in power maintain double standards."
/sunil pradhan from India on 22 September 2011
"The use of capital punishment."
/Zachary Hardy from United States on 17 September 2011
"On trying to achieve the world peace and perfect government that is yet so far away."
/Jessica S from United States on 17 September 2011
"I have no idea. We keep overcoming our greatest challenges...then comes a greater one :)"
/Tosin from Nigeria on 17 September 2011
"The greatest challenge of humanity is the avid desire for knowledge without the commensurate wisdom of it."
/Taofik Sanni from Nigeria on 16 September 2011
"Logical thinking and honesty is not ruling over most countries because of special circumestances around the world."
/shahab from Iran on 16 September 2011
"Sustainable 'Growth'."
/Satheesh from India on 16 September 2011
"to learn to care about others, more than caring just for themselves"
/Wanda HisKid2 from United States on 16 September 2011
"Most of us fail to understand ourselves, by understanding ourselves we can understand others. knowledge, respect and patience is all we need to create harmony that's equal, non-discriminating, willingly kind and helpful. WE must educate ourselves and then seek to educate others. =) <3"
/Tahirih Boodhoo from Guyana on 16 September 2011
"Immorality ,unethical competition ,illeteracy ,only the thinking of earning,corruption is the greatest challenges of humanity."
/ASM Imam Hossain from Bangladesh on 15 September 2011
"There are multiple challenges, and they are all connected! So, let's begin by putting down weapons, and opening our ears and hearts to other persons. Then we will hear their sufferings, and we will know a new reality. Then, we could begin to work together for a humane society, wherever we are."
/loreta jordan from United States on 15 September 2011
"The policies of United States of America"
/iqtidar javed from Pakistan on 15 September 2011
"Truth combined with peace will lead to a humanitarian evolution by supporting learning and dignity!"
/Christl Meyer from Austria on 15 September 2011
"The population explosion of humans on earth. The risks of a a major disaese wiping most of us away. To limit the growth and protect natural sustaining tribes from the Western world influence."
/Claes from Sweden on 15 September 2011
"Humanity's greatest challenge is , Now a days " Climate change " , The biggest challenge for humans , It will affect our future Generations life and also living things .We are all work hard to reduce it and to full stop the CO2 emission in our Earth . To utilize the more Renewable sources for our Future generation and also for Living things."
/Prabhakaran from India on 15 September 2011
"To achieve a deathless body"
/on 15 September 2011
"Peace and equal justice without any kind of discrimination."
/Shamsi from Canada on 14 September 2011
"I f people united under the United Nations and put efforts together, they can do something to suppress selfishness and make our life peaceful and pleasant."
/Ahmed Amin from Sudan on 14 September 2011
/on 14 September 2011
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