Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2009
Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider, Jack W. Szostak

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Photo Gallery

Nobel Prize Award Ceremony


Nobel Prize Award Ceremony


Close-up of the Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine


The 2009 Nobel Laureates stand for the Swedish national anthem


Elizabeth H. Blackburn on the stage of the Stockholm Concert Hall


Elizabeth H. Blackburn in conversation with Mr Per Westerberg


Elizabeth H. Blackburn at the Nobel Banquet


Elizabeth H. Blackburn delivers her banquet speech




All 2009 Nobel Laureates


Elizabeth H. Blackburn delivering her Nobel Lecture


Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Jack W. Szostak and Carol W. Greider after delivering their Nobel Lectures


2009 Medicine Laureates during the interview with


Elizabeth H. Blackburn autographs a chair


Elizabeth Blackburn and husband, John Sedat




Elizabeth Blackburn


Elizabeth Blackburn in her lab at the University of California, San Francisco


Elizabeth Blackburn with a student


Damaged telomeres


Pond microorganism cell


Professor Elizabeth Blackburn with a microscope


Professor Elizabeth Blackburn in her lab


The Blackburn laboratory group


Professor Elizabeth Blackburn and her husband Professor John Sedat on the beach


Carol W. Greider and Elizabeth H. Blackburn


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