Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Describe what Martin Luther King Jr. means to you in a few words.


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Number of messages: 355
"he is a person of courage"

"I am an individual that really appreciates the Civil Rights and freedom that I can Live in because of Mr. Kings Sacrifice for all Minority"
/Emenike Vah Brandy

"His messages will live on forever! Rest in power Dr. King!"

"You are still Alive by your Historical Hope (I Have a Dream). The Dream is still alive by your soul & inspiration"
/Moataz Mohsen

"Rest in Peace MLK Jr"

"God be good to him, may he rest in peace"
/Patrick Burke

"Martin is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/Berit Illg

"Pacifist, patient, y"

"I'm doing a high school project on you and you are so amazing!"
/April Holloway

"Brave, courageous, resilient, free, project, love, live, segregated, justice"
/Elle Holloway

"If all men are like you the world will be a better place."
/M genius

"thx's for what you did you have changed the future and on"

"He has all the traits it takes to be a modern day HERO"

"he is a wonderful person! His fight nonviolent is amazing!"

"his is a good man"

"Martin may have died in his forties but his legacy will live on for more than 40 years and more thand the oldest lifetime ever"

"I love Martin Luther King Jr. He was a good man if he don't want black and white people to be together we would not be here"

"Hard working man who wanted people to be friends white black."

"What I wouldn't give to be able to go back in time and meet this amazing human being! Just the sound of his voice brings tears to my eyes!"
/Carrie Henry

"I wish I was alive when he was alive. but I'm nine now."

"i love king"

"Thank You for standing up for those who were mistreated"

"He helped Rosa parks. I think she was great too."

"He's awsome"

"I think Martian is is a really good guy"

"Martin Luther King means the world to me"

"Martin Luther King has done so much for for all of us we owe him a appreciation"

"a hero"


"Happy Black History month #MLK thanks for all u done for us"

"Luv u man!!"


"Martin Luther king jr is awesome"

"your the best president ever"

"Thank you for changing the world"

"I Love You For Giving Me Future"
/Oyekule Tosin

"Im doing this for my homework, and this guy had guts. i wish he was here today."



"martin was the best"

/Iyla Cardamone

"Thank You Dr. King for all of your Great Works in the history of the World. I am honored to share the same birthday as you!!!"
/Jaheam Makai Streater

"Hi your amazing"
/Mary stone

"he was a gooooooooood man"

"I thank Martin Luther King Jr., for the beautiful speach of I had a Dream!"

"I thx Martin so much and i would no be in a white school right now if that speech was not made. THANKS MARTIN {OvO}"

"i love you"

""Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. "I love this quote, thank you Dr. King."



"B.I.P lord praise you amen shorty u the best bro keep your head up rest up fam"
/chris brown

"He is awesome brave and loving also so amazing and i love him thank you for being the best"
/temyah corporan

"OMG this so surprising thanks for everything Martin Luther king jr l"
/Ashley Lucas Pereyra


"Martin Luther king jr. as a good man and he sacrificed his life for us."

"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is truly a Man of God. One of the greatest that the Almighty has created. With true love, compassion."
/Darlene Britt

"love dr martin luther king jr forever. He was a good person to ever one back then the man that killed him is a mean mean man"

"Inspiring, peaceful, and hope and love"

"peace good person"
/why did they kill him

"Thank you martin luther king you are still in life for my heart."

"Martin is smart, brave, kind, generous, sweet, and a believer. he is all those things because he's the man with the plan"

"Thanks for helping everyone even me and thanks for doing the right thing you were a strong man that heard about"

"rip great man"

"kind love hope belive trust"

"Dr. King was known for non violence, equal rights, great speaker and leader, family man, great pastor, Nobel Prize, I have a dream speech"
/Ida Rogers

"The chosen one"

"A Prophet and Just human being. Lived out this message of nonviolence"

""Dr King was the epitome of peace""
/Amit Kumar Dubey

"Dr King was the epitome of courage, honor, integrity and love."
/James Winfrey

"I love you and thank you Dr. King. A great man of God!!!"

"I am proud to be a black woman. Thank you Dr. King for paving the way for black people men, women, boys and girls all over the world. Tk U"
/Catherne Schuyler

"A man who didn't see color and fought for us all to have equal rights! A true ICON Happy MLK Day!"

"A man of honor, vision and promise!"

"I wish he were alive today to show the country that we can live in peace. His message was not carried on by most. Very sad."

"A Prophet, who was Humble, Visionary. a. Man of Peace, Humanitarian, Warrior, Love for all Mankind. He completed his destiny/GAVE OF HIMSELF"

"Martin was a man who believed in the Word of God and tried show that to the rest of the Human Race, Sadly we rejected him also."
/Ruben Wetherell

"A reminder that society falls apart if we don't practice compassion, understanding, acceptance, love, etc. etc."
/Collin Pavelchik

"He was A Great man who wanted equal rights for all people. He was a man of honor and greatness"

"Para mi significa: libertad y amor. Es increíble lo mucho que puede inspirar una persona como él."
/Yoatzin Alvarez

"Happy MLK Day. This day means the world to me. I salute Dr. King and his movement. Love and Peace!!"
/Cheryl James

"What a GREAT MAN! Let us all not forget the struggle. #EQUALITY!"

"He was a true peacemaker and helped change our nation's culture, spreading the most important message that we must love one another! God bless Mr. King and his use of spirtual wisdom to change the world! I can't imagine where we would be today without leaders like him taking a stand for humanity. I am grateful for all that he did and continues to do through his legacy."
/-Jennifer Cozby

"A martyr for justice!"
/A. Campbell

"Few people in their life's journey effect change, choosing to sit on the bench and watch. MLK was a LIFECHANGER"
/K H

"Martin Luther King paid the way for all race to be together and no one is less of a person because of the color of their skin. He is a hero or at least my hero and I appreciate the sacrifice he made for his dream to come true."

"The world needs more Martin Luther King's today, we need world peace."

"God Bring this man into our lives for a min he has done his job for Black people but we still have more to do!!!!!!!!AMEN"

"A great man that was humble represented humanity with his love of equality, fairness for all human beings regardless of their skin color. He went through many fiery trials in order for us to be free. I'am forever grateful of what this great man did for our country."

"As a child, I saw him speak for the first time on TV. His words shifted my consciousness, like so many other white people from that era..."
/Ronald Joseph Vilarino

"Thanks for all you did on behalf of those who felt they had no voice. And thanks for convincing Nichelle Nichols to remain on 'Star Trek'!!"
/Jesse Tee

"He was a true thought leader! Collaboration and peaceful demonstration - it is the only way to lasting, effective change."

"We are literally living his dream ... he is proof that if you dream it, believe it, and work hard for it you can achieve it. Thank you Dr. King"

"Great courage!"
/Aria Morgan

"From Nobility to Inspirational"

"We all need to learn from his message we are all created equal, not divided. We all can stand up for our beliefs and rights but peacefully."

""Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." These words have meaning even today -- especially today."

"A man of integrity. A gentle soul who fought the good fight for equality. I will always remember."
/Liz Willis

"He was an AWESOME example of the FAITH that he taught and believed SO much in. A mountain mover, he was! A Mountain Mover!"

"What a great message, judge every person by their personal qualities and NOT the color of their skin."

"I lived in Ukraine during a revolt. I saw that if they would have had a man like MLK they could have had change without the war."
/David Price-Williams

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