Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1993
Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk

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Works in English
We accuse : the Trial of Nelson Mandela. – London : African National Congress (S.A.), [1963?]
No Easy Walk to Freedom : Articles, Speeches, and Trial Addresses / edited by Ruth First. – New York :  Basic Books, 1965
Nelson Mandela Speaks : Speeches, Statements, and Articles. – London : African National Congress  Publicity and Information Bureau, 1970
I Am Prepared to Die. – London : Christian Action Publications Ltd, for the International Defence and Aid  Fund, [1970]
The Struggle Is My Life : His Speeches and Writings Brought Together to Mark his 60th Birthday … –  London : International Defence and Aid Fund, 1978
Nelson Mandela, Symbol of Resistance and Hope for a Free South Africa : Selected Speeches Since His  Release / edited by E.S. Reddy. – New Delhi : Sterling, 1990
Walk the Last Mile with Us : Nelson Mandela’s Speeches in Ireland. – Dublin : Irish Anti-Apartheid  Movement, 1990
Nelson Mandela, Speeches 1990 : "Intensify the Struggle to Abolish Apartheid" / edited by Greg  McCartan ; photos by Margrethe Siem. – New York : Pathfinder, 1990
How Far We Slaves Have Come!: South Africa and Cuba in Today's World / Nelson Mandela, Fidel  Castro. – New York : Pathfinder Press, 1991
Nelson Mandela Speaks : Forging a Democratic, Nonracial South Africa / edited by Steve Clark. – New York : Pathfinder Press, 1993
A Better Life for All : Working Together for Jobs, Peace, and Freedom. – Johannesburg : ANC Department  of Information and Publicity, 1994
Long Walk to Freedom : The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. – Boston, MA : Little, Brown, 1994
A Time to Build : Addresses by the President, Mr. Nelson R. Mandela … – Johannesburg : Thorold’s  Africana Books, 1994
Invest in Peace : Addresses by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela … –  Pretoria : South African Communication Ser, 1994
Address by President Nelson Mandela to the 49th ANC National Conference, 17 December 1994,  Bloemfontein. – Johannesburg : Dept. of Information & Publicity, [1995?]
Mandela : An Illustrated Autobiography. – Boston : Little, Brown, 1996
South and Southern Africa into the Next Century. – Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1997
The Essential Nelson Mandela / compiled by Robin Malan, D. Philip Publishers. – Cape Town : D.  Philip Publishers, 1997
In the Words of Nelson Mandela / edited by Jennifer Crwys-Williams. – Secaucus, N.J. : Carol  Publishing, 1998
Long Walk to Freedom with Connections : the Autobiography of Nelson Mandela / abridgment and  connecting notes by Richard W. Kelso. – Austin, Tex. : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2000
Nelson Mandela : Words of Wisdom / selected by Margaret Gee. – Sydney, Australia : Pan Macmillan, 2000
In His Own Words / edited by Kader Asmal, David Chidester, and Wilmot James. – New York : Little,  Brown, 2003
Nelson Mandela : From Freedom to the Future : Tributes and Speeches / edited by Kader Asmal,  David Chidester, and Wilmot James. – Johannesburg : Jonathan Ball, 2003
Conversations with Myself. – New York : Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2010
In the Words of Nelson Mandela : a Little Pocketbook / compiled and edited by Jennifer Crwys-Williams.  – Johannesburg. : Penguin Books, 2010
Let Freedom Reign : the Words of Nelson Mandela / selected and introduced by Henry Russell. –  Northampton, Mass. : Interlink Books, 2010
Selected Speeches and Writings of Nelson Mandela : the End of Apartheid in South Africa. – St. Petersburg,  Fla. : Red and Black Publishers, 2010


The Swedish Academy, 2011

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