Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1993
Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk

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Remembering Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was awarded the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for his work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa. He died on 5 December 2013.

"... a shining example for the world that there are ways out of the vicious circle of violence and bitterness", Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Francis Sejersted said in his speech at the award ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

What Did Nelson Mandela Mean to You?

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

Number of messages: 145
"great man"

"A great man... Helped so many people!!!"

"he mean a lot to me actually everything, he was a good leader and also he was a great man who deserve all respect. i will always remember him"

"qhawe la maqhawe, the legend himself, uTata by Title, doctor by profession, fighter and a loving somene. #Remember Mandela"
/Mologadi Margaret

"Nelson mandela was a great men who deserve all the respect from all human being. He created a new meaning for human where everyone is equal"

"Without him, the world wouldn't be the same"

/Dr. Anthony Onyachonam Chukuma

"great man"

"good man help lots of people"

"my hero"

"he was determined to protect African Americans rights and he has successfully done that"

"he was an inspiration the the world"
/nadia firt

"Peace equality justice between black people and white people we lose u ah i can't beleive it it's a chock 4 me i love so much and Peace"
/Yousra Mayawissa

"My friend"


"he was a very good leader and i have a lot of respect for him"

"he was the best"

"He was a great leader"

"He was the most influential person in the universe."
/Connor Burns

"I am very proud of the father of SA"

"There is no doubt in my mind when I say that Nelson Mandela is the greatest human being that ever lived in the past 1000 years."
/Anil Fernando from Canada

"A laureate for a fighter that holds the record of being incarcerated for the SECOND LONGEST duration in history."
/Johnathan Li

"To me, Nelson Mandela represented humanity"
/riwane adjtoutah

"On the day of final judgement three men will stand surpreme Nelson Mandels. Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi."

"A hero"

"is the best man in the world and we never forgei it and is the best person"

"Nelson Mandela was an inspiration not only to South Africa but to everyone around the world."
/James Campbell

"cool guy who fought for freeeeeedomm GO SOUTH AFRIICAA"

"One of the most powerful people which the world has ever seen. Inspiring. To God be the glory!"
/Bunny Charles Hechhula

"An amazing person. Will be an icon throughout history. He will never be forgotten."

"amazing hero never be forgotten"

"he is really famous"

"he is like jesus Christ to me."

"he was great person"

"nelson mandela has changed my life a lot because I am now educated because of him. may his soul rest in peace."

"He was determined and he set a great example to others to do the same."
/Pollyanna Harris, Cheltenham, UK

"He was rightly given the nobel peace prize"

"R.I.P Nelson Mandela"
/Raven Bobo

"Through the lens of your Life we may see Hope. Thx You Sir."
/Donnie Davis II

"nelson mandela meant alot to me he gave me the power to stand p for myself"

"I think Nelson Mandela means to me is he is a person of hope and love he cares about everybody and everything."

"Nelson Mandela was a true hero. Nobody deserved the Nobel Peace Prize more than him. A truly inspiring man."
/Sam Hooley, 7th Grade


"he made me be brave and be a leader"
/Jole & Jeff & Gary & Trei & Niko Lutes-stein

"My hero. A legend. A great icon for humanity."
/Israr Hasan

"a man of all goodness. very kind and gentle."
/will jones

"He is the prime example of how one person can make a difference; you just need to find the will within yourself and act."
/Debra Alexander

/Zarra Vasquez

"Nelson Mandela was a shining light. He meant that I could move on with my life."
/C. Kaal Glazier

"Beginning of a new SA. In Mandela footsteps we find courage, determination, free will to strive against all obstacle for an equal society"
/Geraldes Cachaca

"Social liberty and freedom is the cure for everything. Nelson Mondela practically symbolizes as a true human being."

"Nelson mandela meant a lot to the people who were always around him and he was considered as a great father and fighter because he fought for freedom"
/Jay jay

"he was a truly inspirational leader his spirit will live on forever"

"Nelson Mandela means for me: FREEDOM, HOPE and LIBERTY."
/Carmen V Delerme, From Vieques, Puerto Rico

"Nelson Mandela i listen to all your speeches everyday before and after i go to sleep. R.I.P Mandela you will be missed a lot"
/juicey j

"i love mandela my dad i miss u but u are still with me every single second"
/Zindziswa mandela

"he ment to me a hero. He bought peace to racial discrimination. he thought about other people before himself and that's what i like the most"
/private person

"he was awesome :)"

"nelson mandela was a huge rolemodle for me he keeps me going and I never up"

"this my mans he so funny i love him he my bro"
/chris baker

"Nelson Mandela's persistence and constant positivity are both attributes we should aim to achieve in our lifetime."
/Tyler Euting

"nelson mandela means a leader who wanted to stop the apertheid and i consider him as my role model he never gave up he fought until the end"
/sakir khan ARCO

"His life and times suggest to me that a leader is first a servant so that the people's concern{s} come first."
/Erewa K. Mene

"Nelson Mandela was a man who never gave up in his beliefs. after jail he stayed with it and he never gave up."

"Nelson Mandela was a great person to the world. When people brought him down he got back up. He was a great leader on showing how to stand up for whats right. He showed the world that you can make a mistake but dont let that make you feel bad he did not stop after he made a mistake"

"Nelson mandela was an amazing leader, an inspirational figure. Even after he was arrested, he did not stop fighting for his country's freedom. RIP Nelson Mandela"
/Josh Lang

"I think Nelson Mandela should be remembered as a hero because of his peace and tranquility towards the South Africans, and for their freedom"

"Nelson Mandela meant to me that we can stand up for the things we believe are right. When he got out of jail he never gave up his goals. He kept pushing for his goals even after four decades ealier that he started. he has inspired me to never stop fight for what is right."

"Nelson Mandela was great becuase he helped the people of South Africa to become free and have the rights of all people."

"Nelson Mandela means something to me, because even when he was in prison, he alwasys kept his hopes up. He never stopped trusting in what he believed."

"Nelson Mandela should be remembered because how he made new laws for Africa; that was fair for both whites and natives."

"I say Nelson Mandela was a person to stand up for what is right. He was a great leader. He was a person that never gave up."
/Levi and Hamlet

"nelson mandela was a rolemodel. he will always be remembered for what he did. I will always remember him for the work he did."
/Carver gray

"A symbol never imagine could come from black Africa. He remains an inspiration for me and many others in a world full of injustice"
/Joseph Jimmy Sankaituah

"Nelson Mandela was a hero for south Africa he brought them a democratic government. also he made peace between blacks and whites."

"Mandela is a big inspiration. Throughout all the violence in the world, he stood up for what he believed. He stopped apartheid in Africa."

"Nelson Mandela was a man who fought agenst aparthide and was a role model for all people throughout the world. when I hear his name I think of freedom and a good type of rebellion. he is a good role model because he never gave up even when times got rough. That is why I honor Nelson Mandela."

"Mandela was one an awesome person that was right in the ways of equality. He was also a major symbol for anti-racisim and equal power between all the peoples. I hope that his legacy lives on through what he did."

"Nelson Mandela believed that everyone should be treated equally. He risked everything so there wouldn't be anymore aparthied in Africa."

"Nelson Mendela resited anti apartheid and stood up for his people.He nver gave up for what he belived.He has made a huge mark in history."

"He played a big part on how South Africa is run today. After being in jail for 27 years he never gave up. I hope to do that one day as well."

"He was a very couragous man. Our world would be very different today if he didn't have the great courage. He has influenced many descisions."

"Nelson Mandela will always be remembered. I know that what he did was right and that I will always remember him."

"Nelson Mandela is a hero who showed that there is always hope."

"Nelson Mandela was a true role model to me because of his courage to stop aparthied and his will to never give up."

"he was a great man and will be remembered God bless him:)"

"Nelson Mandela to me, was a man of great intergrity... He will be dearly missed all over the world..."
/Tumi Mofokeng

"Nelson Mandela was an example of courage and concern for all people throughout the world. He inspired the world with his actions."
/Thomas Hofer

"love the guy"
/Calum Turnbull


"nelson is a hero to me he inspired sooooo much"

"the meaning of success and peace with also tolerance"

"wisdom peace the symbol"
/jake barry

"He was a great soul. The reverent title of Mahatma for Gandhi would fit him just as well."

"Hamba kahle Madiba!"
/Keenan Solomons

"Mandela has always been a powerful symbol of wisdom,"

"''he means alot peace i would say and it takes courage"
/jake barry

"Nelson showed me nothing is impossible, and that we as society are not divided in anyway. His legacy will live on until the end of time."
/Sk Edwards

"to me nelson mandela inspiered me to stand up for what i beleived in life"
/johnaja niccola bowens

"He means lot for everybody: Peace, love and freedom. Thanks for ever."

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