Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1993
Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk

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Remembering Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was awarded the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for his work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa. He died on 5 December 2013.

"... a shining example for the world that there are ways out of the vicious circle of violence and bitterness", Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Francis Sejersted said in his speech at the award ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

What Did Nelson Mandela Mean to You?

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

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"Mandela is a big inspiration. Throughout all the violence in the world, he stood up for what he believed. He stopped apartheid in Africa."

"Nelson Mandela was a man who fought agenst aparthide and was a role model for all people throughout the world. when I hear his name I think of freedom and a good type of rebellion. he is a good role model because he never gave up even when times got rough. That is why I honor Nelson Mandela."

"Mandela was one an awesome person that was right in the ways of equality. He was also a major symbol for anti-racisim and equal power between all the peoples. I hope that his legacy lives on through what he did."

"Nelson Mandela believed that everyone should be treated equally. He risked everything so there wouldn't be anymore aparthied in Africa."

"Nelson Mendela resited anti apartheid and stood up for his people.He nver gave up for what he belived.He has made a huge mark in history."

"He played a big part on how South Africa is run today. After being in jail for 27 years he never gave up. I hope to do that one day as well."

"He was a very couragous man. Our world would be very different today if he didn't have the great courage. He has influenced many descisions."

"Nelson Mandela will always be remembered. I know that what he did was right and that I will always remember him."

"Nelson Mandela is a hero who showed that there is always hope."

"Nelson Mandela was a true role model to me because of his courage to stop aparthied and his will to never give up."

"he was a great man and will be remembered God bless him:)"

"Nelson Mandela to me, was a man of great intergrity... He will be dearly missed all over the world..."
/Tumi Mofokeng

"Nelson Mandela was an example of courage and concern for all people throughout the world. He inspired the world with his actions."
/Thomas Hofer

"love the guy"
/Calum Turnbull


"nelson is a hero to me he inspired sooooo much"

"the meaning of success and peace with also tolerance"

"wisdom peace the symbol"
/jake barry

"He was a great soul. The reverent title of Mahatma for Gandhi would fit him just as well."

"Hamba kahle Madiba!"
/Keenan Solomons

"Mandela has always been a powerful symbol of wisdom,"

"''he means alot peace i would say and it takes courage"
/jake barry

"Nelson showed me nothing is impossible, and that we as society are not divided in anyway. His legacy will live on until the end of time."
/Sk Edwards

"to me nelson mandela inspiered me to stand up for what i beleived in life"
/johnaja niccola bowens

"He means lot for everybody: Peace, love and freedom. Thanks for ever."

"He meant alot to me, he is really a great person. Why did he die? We're taking about him in school, his autobiography Long walk to freedom."

"he meant the world to me! i cant beleive he died! ;( rip god old man"

"he was a man who changed the world. he is a symbol of freedom"

"To me Nelson Mandela is a symbol of freedom and being free THANK YOU NELSON MANDELA FOR EVERY THING"
/Jaedonne Andre Garwood

"Mandela was love disguised into a human. His legacy will always live within our souls and remembered as the one that showed we are the same."
/Dr. Pablo Dutra, Brazil

"he was like a father to me. I don't think the World will again have someone like Madiba anytime soon."
/Sithembiso Lloyd Mhlongo

"He inspired me to look positively into the world and be inspired that my ideas count and studied medicine"
/Dr.David Tamuhla, Gaborone, Botswana

"He means alot to me because he never game up. He wasa peace maker.Reast in peace Nelson Mandela"
/Talor Johnson

"I think I really learned something from him ."

"He was a great man of peace."
/Josiah Walker

"he is a man of kind a man of courage"
/kendeja hughes


"This guy is absolutely amazing. even after 26 years of imprisonment, he fought for the good of everyone. incredible."
/Tessa Dagord

"i love this guy i have a report on him for school"

"Nelson Mandela was a great guy. he was polite."
/Nancy Pacheco

"Nelson Mandela is such a great guy!!"
/Margaret Coe

"His Death Was Shocking And Sad But He Will Live In Our Hearts Forever, He Has Influenced A Lot Of People Who Will Carry On In His Footsteps!"

" Colour Me You - For Nelson Mandela, written to say goodbye when his passing seemed imminent."
/s.fargo munnik

"He discovered that Hate will destroy the Hater. He understood the only way to Victory is to Forgive those who deserve it the least."
/Brian Wilson

"nelson mandelas heartbeat lives within all of us"
/lily from swedem


"He was willing to forgive, and encompassed peace, he showed me one person can make a difference. He changed the world for the better."
/Sarah H

"It always seems impossible until it's done. These are Nelson Mandela's words and I like to live by them. "
/Erika A. Musser

"To me, Nelson Mandela represented humanity. His heartbeat for unity in a diverse culture is the epitome of freedom."
/Angella Frazier


"He was a role model to everyone around him.He was funny. He liked to dance.I was his son."
/Makaziwe Mandela

"he was my hero he was a great actor of all time <3 @-- we all loved him"
/jamie from south carolina

"A person who taught us HUMANITY."

"Tata Madiba Was South Africa's greatest son And without exaggeration He was one of the fearless ones Tata means Father Because he was South Africa's father too And Madiba was his Xhosa clan Which the people of South Africa knew He was the type man whom We occasionally get a chance to see He commanded so much respect that He got from his enemies He received the Nobel Peace Prize For establishing peace in his land By forgiving his enemies for their atrocities Indeed he was quite a man He was a mighty warrior of Africa With the spear of freedom in his heart He joins a long line of other fighters Who fought and went back to God"
/Rev. Samuel Edwards

"tata madiba nelson mandela has meant the world to us.he makes us boys and girls because of his politeness,powers and his are our king we were proud about you. we love you father rest in peace we will always miss you.your highness"

"Nelson Mandela was a beacon of hope for the South African community. His legacy will love on in everyone's hearts and minds."
/Bien y tu

"nelson was like a 2nd farther to me i was inspired by him until we found out that he died"


"It's all sad:("

"A true role model of selfless leadership. Mandela, a colossus indelible in d global polical sphere! Farewel, Madiba, d biggest name in Africa!"
/Collins Eze/Nigeria

"Nelson Mandela had foresight to sacrifice for the day when freedom would come to his land prepared if need be to die for what he believed."
/Wayne Peddie

"Maybe I wasn't born during Apartheid, but I thank him for giving the new SA generations the broad opportunities we have. Thank you Tata"
/Lindiwe Ngwane

"Nelson lived a life of a uncompromising leader, somebody who knew his purpose in life and went for it at the expense of self-centeredness."

"he was a help honor man i wish i could see him before he died my birthday is August 18,2003 my is on the 18 too i want to know how you died"
/Yazmin falcon

"Some people live for humanity and devote their life to promote life of others. He was a great example. May god bless his soul in peace."

"Forgiveness! A man who's life was robbed, fought for the equality of both black and white with no supremacy!"
/Dr. Gunnar Olason

"He was my hero and protector, he saved us from from many suffering in exile when he requested all exiles to bome back home."
/Sizakele ELsie Bocibo

"he inspired me"
/daniel olas

"His a black diamond staying in our heart for million years to come."
/Asrat Tesfaye from Ethiopia

"Mandela was my childhood hero as I watched Movies of freedom fighters in Africa. Later he informed most of my aspirations in life"
/Kerukadho Emmanuel


"He left a powerful legacy of peace, justice, human rights and virtue for humanity to take forward."
/Rooksana Omar, South Africa

"the greatest man that people will remenber forever."
/travis leedom

"The Greatest man who lived and the greatest anti-racist. Only a great man will want to die for his country."
/Pratham Shah

"Nelson Mandela represented peace and courage. May his soul rest in peace and freedom. We will miss you."

"The Black Hero!!"
/Mekdes Assefa From Ethiopia

"Nelsan Mandela was the fameous/hero/great man&proud for black african"

"he used to be great, in this life, and after"
/narges motevasseli

"we miss nelson"

"Never give up your ideas. If you are strong, patient and wise you can win. Dont become blinded by your victory."
/Mariusz (Krakow, Poland)

"A man who fought all his life for the freedom and dignity of his people under the most difficult conditions"
/Jorge Morales Pedraza

"If we all was half the humanbeing Mandela was, there would be only peace."

"To me nelson mandela is a hero. To every patriot of a country should folow his footpath"
/Solomon Adehi shaibu (nigerian)

"Nelson Mandela Grande Negro"
/Salvatore Valentino

"Nelson Mandela was a great statesman and an avid advocate for peace and reconciliation."
/Thomas Hofer

"For his unparalleled contributions to humanity and for being a champion of democracy and peace in our time."
/LE Quinones

"A revolutionary who had the courage to stand up and fight for the right.A fighter who showed us that humanity is greater than above all."
/Tulsi Swain

"Mandela was and always will be a man for all people to admire and emulate. To me the greatest gift he gave was a forgiving and loving heart."
/Catherine Poundstone

"Adieus Papa. The whole mourn your death. Rest in PEACE."
/Bulus Tawal

"Mandela is a means for me to doing something for who need it."
/Gaurav Kumar

"Nelson mandela was a greatest hero of them all"
/Siboniso zulu

"Mr.Nelson Mandela was a kind hearted man,humble,peaceful and faithful.Although i have never met him before,but the bond of being an African co-exist between us"
/Ojo Mayokun

"Nelson's body is knom no more,but his work, his contribution, his quotes are live till the universe exits."
/Nazir ahmad

"miss u"
/devin craig

"To me Nelson was no just any ordinary man. A special creation of god indeed.He is an idol of mine or perhaps a hero. We will miss you"

"Brave man with great vision of liberty! True symbol of fight against discrimination!"

"He was a Man, Admired, Diligent, Noble, Enthusiastic, Loving, Astounding. I celebrate Mandela, for being a role model to the human race."

"R.I.P nelson mandela"

"Mandela has been able to inspire the dreams of social justicia"

"Mandela has always been a powerful symbol of wisdom, justice and courage. The world is less for his loss, but great for his having lived."
/Elle Kay

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