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The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013
François Englert, Peter Higgs

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physics

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"Congratulations to both of you, your life is inspiration for many ..........GOOD SHOW"
"Congratulations to both. I am sure the winning pair are definitely missing the third contributor Robert Brout, who is presently not with us."
/Stuti Kumari, India
"Congratulations for both the winners along with the third contributor on the topic who is presently not with us."
/Niraj Kumar
/Benny Wenda
/camilo jose cela
"Dear legents, Happy day!"
"i have learnt something in physics something new and very interesting to see you people have a reasoning power while for me physics is about learning about motion,force and laws of motion and gravitation is so boring.i need to apply everything and learn and make something that i want to make the world understand physics is important."
"congrats! sir u did a great thing for us, may be someday i explore more."
/prashant malik
"Well done! Great Work!"
"Congratulations, well deserved."
/Dr Sylwia Greda
"We are proud of your invention of Higgs Boson"
/K.S. Nallathambi
"Congratulations Sirs for such a phenomenal achievement."
/Jing Varias
"Respected Professor Higgs, Congratulations for The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2013. I have been a research student at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Professor Rpger Cowley and Dr. A. D. Bruce with two external supervisors (1978-1981) including yourself as one of the external supervisors. I have been teaching Higgs Mechanism to M. Sc. (Physics) students during a Course in High Energy Physics.. I send my heartiest congratulations for the Nobel Prize and best wishes for good health and long life."
/Dr. Jyoti Dhar Sharma
"Congratulations! Higgs &Englert."
/Kevin Huang
"You are brilliant sir !!"
"thanks all of u , congrates sir ............ your discovery rocking and well discovered ...amazing"
/bhanu pratap
"congrats on winning the nobel piece prize. you deserve it. In my class we are doing a project on the nobel piece prize winers. I go to Nobel Middle School"
/Francisco Reinoso
"hi this is cool"
"Congratulation , I hope you all the best , however I did understand what is going on perfectly ,it is seems be the truth that must must be accepted by me , unfortunate ."
"Hello Sheldon cooper"
/Callum wappett
"Congratulations Dr. Higgs on behalf of the Fulbright Association of Costa Rica!"
/Evelyn Aguilar-Murillo
/Saleh Awdaly
"You had to wait quite a bit but at least now you know you were right. Well Done :D"
"I hope you all the best"
/Saleh AwdAly
"I love physics! I think i'll work in physics some day!"
"Congratulations! The proze is well deserved"
/Thandinkosi Sibisi
"Hearty Congratulations."
/Rajiv Kumar Shukla
"Great achievement. Congratulations to both of you."
/Rahul Das
/Connie Tonsgard
"ya the ultimate revolution is to shift mankind from earth to the other safe place before earth collapse so the higgs boson particle characteristics may leads beyond big bang and we could find new universe."
/madhusudhan pandey
/Abhijit Samanta
"i want to make history. the existence of this event make me so motivate."
/chet vichea chakra
"congrats Prof.Higgs Prof.Englert . Lets celebrate Higgs Party."
/Ibrahim Mirza
"Great work masters. Thank you!"
/Zabih Mousavi
/Anto Edin Charley (AEC)
"thanks all of you. At last we find the particle and we are very near to the another world ."
/Rajib Garai,india
"A fantastic day for particles physics, congratulations to both of you and to the teams at CERN"
/Anders V. Williams
"Congrats,,your discovery Rocksss! I'm a Muslim and from Saudi Arabia and my family congratulate you all too..well deserved :)"
/Seham AlGhamdi
"congratulations! and best wishes for you for further scientific career"
"congrats to proffesor Englert and Peter Higgs for their contribution for theoretical physicist"
"Congratulations for such a macro achievement for discovering such a micro particle"
/amir arshad
"Great success for humanity.Congrulations!"
/Osman DÜZ
/classe VAs Liceo Gobetti Genoa, Italy
"Congratulate! This particle is really discussed more than any other particle..."
"Congratulations to Peter Higgs and Francois Englebert for this amazing "Goddamn Particle""
/Aman Arora
"thank for reading and knowing about physics noble prize in 2013.Our country myanmar is very low in science economic and social dealing and so on.I wish the noble prize winner especially physist."
/U than htay
"hearty congratulations sir"
"Congratulations!! Your efforts helped us to gain better understanding of the universe, you guys deserve that and much more :), greetings from Bolivia."
/Mauricio C
"u r the best."
"Great achievement indeed. Not only it strengthens and supports the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the SWG Theory but also explains the origin of fundamental particles masses as well as the Big Bang theory at the same time. The BEH Mechanism is one of the most important ideas in physics indeed. Congrats to the physics laureates on an highly expected and experimentally well tested theory."
/Kamaluddin Ahmed, Ph. D.
"Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for the Physics community as well as for the Physics Dept at King's College London"
/KCL Theoretical Physics UG student
"A truly deserved award! proof that research done on principles cannot go un-awarded!"
/Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui
"welldone sir"
"i m happy to wish u,u achieved for what u born in this world"
"A heartily congrats to both the higgs pioneers . I am not feeling tired after appreciation of your mathematical framework of the Higgs"
/Shivam Nalin Patel
"Many congratulation to Peter Higgs and François Englert for winning the nobel prize finally your work has got recognition and also greeting to CERN for making this possible."
/Ganesh Rai
"Mr. peter and Francois thank you so much sir very big invention in this world ... power full idea shared i love to learn your idea about god particle sir ..."
"I think you guys are awesome!!!"
/Bobbyboo Crusie
"Great work congrates"
/Ravindra Yadav
"congratulations to Francois and Peter."
/John Paul
"a very warm congratulation from physics living student. Thanks for giving us a new dimension."
/kumar saurabh
"its not too late to seek a newer world.congrates to peter and francois"
/mehmood pirzada
"its a good experience of learn this."
"you are so great!!"
"respected sir very very conglaulation for this award i hope you you do more reserch and give to this world . And help to move a step toward future."
"Hi sir , its been a hearty feeling of gratitude to greet you , there are no words to explain your superiority , these are just formality , thank you for your contribution to mankind !"
"Conratulations !!! to both the scientists for their 'Discovery of the Century'"
/Rajat Goyal
"Great work for finding out the fundamental mechanism that gives particles their mass! The Standard Model is finally complete!"
/Partha Shah
"congratulations !!!"
/Abhishek Pant
"It is highly expected one. You two Deserve it. congratulation"
/Vanniyasingam Sivasayanth
"Congratulations, Dr. Higgs! You're one of the most influential scientists of our time!"
/Luis Quinones-Ramirez
"Hello, Dr. Higgs and Dr. Englert...You are really a true inspiration for PhD students like us. Your continuous and endless dedication along with the faith on your work bring This Nobel Prize to you....Many many congratulation to both of you..."
/Md. Mehboob Alam
"My dearest congratulations to Professor Higgs and Professor Englert. You are the idols of a new generation of physicists"
/Ricardo Barrué
"I'd like to celebrate you for obtaining this honour. Je suis Belge, et je suis tellement fière de toi M. François"
/Ahmed Issawi
"Bravo to Englert and Higgs! There is nothing more splendid in the intellectual world than vindication!"
/Edwin Nembo Forlemu
"congrats...Higgs and Engelrt....salute to beautiful minds."
/Tushar Nath Verma
"many many congratulations. . . . . !"
"The world will never be the same... Thank you for your contribution to humanity!!!"
/Alicia Rodriguez-Jorge
"Congrats for proffesor Englert and Higgs for your achievement in theoretical physics, you're very inspiring me"
/Idrus Husin-UNJ
"Congratulations Mr Higgs and Mr Englert !!! Both of your discoveries were fascinating."
/Clayton khoo
"Without you people science is just a mystry"
/hari kumar
"Glad to see this wonderful time, and we will go and keep exploring more!"
"Congo Peter Higgs and Francois Englert on your winning of the 2013 Noble Prize you guys are awesome keep up the work"
/Desmond D'souza
"I was really disappointed when Peter Higgs never got his nobel prize. Finally, the dream has come true!!"
/Ashish Panigrahi
"A great step towards understanding what we are . . . a small step in understanding who we are. My heartfelt congratulations."
/Alfredo Searle, Chile
"Congratulations on the prize."
"congrats! Mr peter higgs it must be great winning the Nobel prize"
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