Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nomination Database for the Nobel Prize
in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

List of universities in FR:

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University Nominees Nominators
Académie de Médicin (faculty of medicine) 11 
Bordeaux 11  75 
Cancer Research Institute
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Collège de France 70 
Collège de France, Catholic Institute
Fondation Curie
French Army
Health Service of the French Army
Hôpital Claude Bernard
Hôpital Saint-Louis
Institut Alfred Fournier
Institut Bactériologique
Institut Pasteur (Pasteur Institute) 429  120 
Institut du Radium
Kaiser Wilhelm University
Laboratoire de Biologie Bactérienne
Lille 19  45 
Limoges, School of Medicine
Lyon 14  32 
Lyon, Veterinary School
Marseille School of Medicine
Montpellier 33 
Museum de Paris (Museum of Natural History) 18 
Nancy 45 
Nantes Medical School
Office international des epizooties
Paris 64  63 
Paris, Institut de France 38 
School of Medicine
School of Medicine and Pharmacy
Sorbonne 70  26 
Strasbourg 81  38 
Surgical Clinic, Lille
Toulouse 26 
Val de Grâce
l´Ecole d´Alfort (Veterinary school)
l´Institut Paris
l´Institut Paris (faculty of medicine)
l´Institut de France (Academy of Sciences)
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