Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nomination Database for the
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1922 Zeynek Bechhold
Bechhold: Colloid chemical work, especially elastic ultrafiltra and work on lipoids. Kendall: The purification of thyroxine and description of its structure. Show »
1936 Whipple Corner
Corner: Work on the endocrine secretion of the ovary. Mann: Work on the physiology of the liver. Show »
1937 Mann Kendall The isolation of the active principle of the thyriod gland, thyroxine. Show »
1937 McClendon Burr
Work on vegetable fats in nutrition (linolic and linoleic acids) and Vitmaine E. Show »
1938 Tashiro Kendall The isolation of thyroxine. Show »
1948 Doisy Bittner Discovery of a mammary tumor milk agent and studies on its importance in the developnent of cancer. Show »
1951 Goormaghtigh Korteweg
Korteweg: The role of extrachromosomal genetic factors in the development of breast cancer Bitter: The role of a milk factor cancer development Show »
1951 Martius Westman
Westman: Neurohumoral regulation of female sexual functions and tubal egg transport Waksman: Work on streptomycin Bittner: The role of a milk factor in cancer development Show »
1951 Thomas Bittner The role of a milk factor in cancer development Show »
1952 Visscher Wangensteen Betydelsen av ökat intraluminellt tryck för uppkomsten av tarmhinder, postoperativ utspänning av viscera och appendicit. Show »
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