Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nomination Database for the
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1901 Blanchard Laveran Discovery of the malaria parasite, and further work on the disease. Show »
1901 Gautier Mechnikov Discovery of phagocytosis. Show »
1901 Marey Laveran
For their work on malaria; Laveran´s work was corroborated and furthered by Manson and Ross. See comment. Show »
1901 Nocard Mechnikov His enormous work in physiology and general pathology. Show »
1901 Proust Bouchard For his work in general pathology and its effect on the development of clinical medicine. Show »
1901 Roux Mechnikov Discovery of phagocytosis; work on cytotoxins. Show »
1901 von Thanhoffer von Schulek
V. von Schulek: Work on the effect of ultraviolet rays on the eye. E. Roux: Work on serum against diphtheria, as described in Annales de l´Institute Pasteur. A. Yersin: Work on serum against plague (see comment 2). Show »
1902 Bard Pfeiffer
R. Pfeiffer: Founder of the field of serum diagnostics. F. Widal: Method for diagnosis of typhus. Show »
1902 Bouchard Desgrez
Phisalix: Discovery of a vaccine using non-bacterial components. Desgrez and Balthazard: Invention of an apparatus, using sodium bioxide, which allows a man to breathe for extended periods with a small amount of air Show »
1902 Brawicz, et al |Wachholz] Roux
E. Roux: Worked with Pasteur; discovery of the diphtheria toxin. J. Bordet: Work on agglutination and hemolysis. Show »
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