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Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1901 Campana Finsen
N. Finsen: Therapeutic use of concentrated light (phototherapy); treatment of Lupus vulgaris with concentrated light. E. Lang: (Second choice) Surgical treatment of Lupus vulgaris by excision of lupus and extensive transplantaion. Show »
1908 Campana Hansen The discovery of the leprosy bacillus. Show »
1908 Gaglio Schmiedeberg Extensive work in pharmacology (digitalis, caffeine, muscarine and sedatives) and physiology (the discovery of glucuronic acid, effects of urea synthesis, studies on oxidation in the body and nucleic acids). Show »
1908 Luciani Pflüger Work in the field of physiology, both Pflüger´s older and his more recent work. Show »
1911 Campana Hansen The discovery of the lepra bacilli. Show »
1911 Cirincione Grassi Work on malaria. Show »
1915 Campana Bordet
von Wassermann
Bordet: Work on immunization and its consequences. von Wassermann: Work on the serum reaction and artificial cancer in mice. Show »
1925 Ascoli Grassi Studies on the transmittance of malaria through Anopheles (mosquitos). Show »
1925 Chiavaro Grassi Studies on the transmittance of malaria through Anopheles (mosquitos). Show »
1925 Lo Monaco Gley
S. Fränkel: Work on placental and ovarian hormones, characterization of lipoids and on the structure of albumins. E. Gley: Work on internal secretion. Show »
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