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Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1914 Abbott Reichert Research on the differentiation and specificity of corresponding proteins and an analoguos relation to the starches. Show »
1914 Smith Reichert Studies of proteins and starches to show that there are differences in these molecules between species of plants and animals, which correspond the system of species classification. Show »
1922 Schamberg Loeb Work in colloid chemistry. Show »
1931 Austin, et al Richards Work on the physiology of the kidneys, demonstration of the nature of the glomerular function of the frog´s kidney. Show »
1931 Bazett Adrian
Adrian: The analysis of the frequency of discharge in single units of the central nervous system. Sherrington: The isolation and study of the single motor unit of the central nervous system. Show »
1931 Bergey Smith Work on Texas fever, tuberculosis and insect transmission of diseases. Show »
1931 Bronk Adrian Work on the mechanism of the sensory organs and motor nerve cells. Show »
1931 Egbert Smith Work on Texas fever, tuberculosis and insect transmission of diseases. Show »
1931 Fernberger Donaldson Work on the postnatal growth and development of the mammalian nervous system, particularly as illustrated by the nervous system of the albino rat. Show »
1931 Krumbhaar Minot The application of liver and liver extracts to the treatment of pernicious anaemia. Show »
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