Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nomination Database for the
Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-1956

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1933 Hugenholtz Heering Heering had written a book called "De Zondeval van het Christendom" (1928), in which he advocated peace, pacifism and anti-militarism while critcizing the German State Church. Show »
1936 Hugenholtz von Ossietzky Ossietzky worked for the organized German peace movement until 1921 (he resigned from his post as secretary of the German Peace Society because he disagreed with its policy). He became foreign editor of the "Berliner Volkszeitung", a democratic and anti-militaristic newspaper. Later he became editor of "Das Tagebuch" and "Die Weltbühne". Ossietzky criticized the Nazi Party and the disparities of the Weimar Republic, while he actively advocated justice and democratic rights. He warned against anti-Semitism, opposed the death penalty, supported reconciliation with France, and he advocated the acceptance of Germany as an equal member of the League of Nations. When Hitler became chancellor in 1933 and the Nazi Party became the predominant political power in Germany, Ossietzky was arrested and confined to a concentration camp. Show »
1937 Hugenholtz Viscount Cecil of Chelwood Lord Cecil had worked for peace since World War I. He was one of the principal drafters of the League of Nations Covenant (1919), and he was one of the most loyal supporters of the League of Nations. Lord Cecil was also Chairman of the British "League of Nations Union", which he used to raise British public opinion in favour of the organization, of peace and international disarmament. He was member of the Council of the League of Nations, President of the Union of Associations of the League of Nations, and president of Rassemblement Universel pour la Paix. Show »
1938 Hugenholtz Cérésole Cérésole was the founder of an international voluntary relief service (Service volontaire international pour la paix). The relief service was to be an alternative for conscientious objectors to ordinary military service. The organization acvocated mutual understanding, helpfulness and brotherhood. Show »
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