Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

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Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-1956

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1901 Chiapelli Petrochi Petrochi was nominated for his work "La Guerra". Show »
1901 de Christoforis Umano (Meale) Umano was nominated for his writings on peace. He had written extensively on such subjects as war and peace, patriotism, and he had also constructed a "law on patriotism". Show »
1901 Moneta Ferrero Ferrero had given numerous lectures on militarism in Milan, and the lectures had been received with great acclaim by the people in Milan. Show »
1901 Moneta The Permanent International Peace Bureau The Peace Bureau organized peace conferences, and it collected and published peace literature. It was the heart of the European peace movement, and it co-ordinated the activities of the various national and non-governmental peace organizations. Show »
1901 Nigra Czar Nikolai II of Russia Nikolai II initiated the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899. The czar's intention was to seek agreements to limit armaments and the financial burden of excessive armament, and to improve the prospects of peaceful settlement of international conflicts and to codify the laws of war. Show »
1901 Nigra de Bloch Bloch was nominated for his work "The Future of War in its Technical, Economic and Political Relations" (6 vols., 1898). One of his conclusions was that there would be no decisive victories in future land wars between great powers; the armies would entrench themselves and the ensuing deadlock would last for years. Armed conflict would be determined not by military success but by the eventual economic collapse of societies. Show »
1901 Nigra Passy Passy's career as a peace worker began in 1856 with his opposition to the Crimean War. In 1867 he founded the first French peace society (Ligue internationale et permanente de la paix). Passy promoted free trade, pacifism, international law and arbitration. As a member of parliament (1881-1889), Passy also contributed to the founding of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Show »
1901 Nigra von Suttner Suttner was the author of the novel "Die Waffen nieder" (Lay Down Your Arms), the most important antiwar novel of the period. She was the founder and president of the Austrian Peace Society (1891), and she contributed to the foundation of the Permanent International Peace Bureau (1891). Suttner was nominated for her contribution to the international peace movement. Show »
1901 Porra Societá interregionale per la pace, Unione Lombarda The Società interregionale per la pace, Unione Lombarda, was nominated for its efforts to peace and peace issues. Show »
1901 The Italian Inter-Parliamentary Group Pandolfi Pandolfi was nominated for his efforts to establish local peace associations (Venice and Turin) and the Italian Peace Society, and also for his inter-parliamentary peace work. He acted as mediator between Italy and Romania, and Italy and France, in an attempt to create greater understanding and a sense of brotherhood between these states. Show »
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