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Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-1956

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1901 Member of the US Senate Lockwood Lockwood attended several international peace conferences. She supported Bajer in his work to found the Permanent International Peace Bureau, and she founded a branch of the Bureau in Washington. She was for a long time associated with the Universal Peace Union in Philadelphia. Promoted arbitration. Show »
1901 The US Inter-Parliamentary Group The Inter-Parliamentary Union The Inter-Parliamentary Union promoted international arbitration and organized annual inter-parliamentary conferences. Show »
1903 Palm Love Love established and edited the monthly magazine "The Peacemaker and Court of Arbitration", and he organized peace meetings in various parts of the USA. Show »
1903 Trueblood The Peace Society Show »
1904 Trueblood Darby Darby was secretary of the English Peace Society. He wrote and published literature on peace, international law and arbitration, and he attended several peace congresses. Show »
1905 Burton Bartholdt Bartholdt founded the American group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1904. He was president of the Inter-Parliamentary Council and he promoted international law and arbitration. Show »
1905 Trueblood The American Peace Society The American Peace Society was the oldest peace movement in the world (founded 1815). It had published and circulated numerous books, pamphlets and leaflets, in the endeavour to transform and develop public opinion. The Society advocated peace, international law and arbitration. Show »
1906 3 American professors Roosevelt Roosevelt mediated in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). His efforts led to the peace treaty of 1905. He made use of the Permanent Court of Arbitration on several occassions. Show »
1906 8 US Senators and professor Hannis Taylor Love Love was president of the Universal Peace Union in Philadelphia (1866-1913). He founded and edited the magazine "Peacemaker and Court of Arbitration" and he organized peace meetings. Vice-president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society. Show »
1906 Baldwin Barclay
Barclay promoted arbitration, conciliation and international law. He was president of the British Chamber of Commerce 1899-1900. Barclay was a member of the Institute of International Law and deputy Chairman of the International Law Association. Roosevelt mediated in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). His efforts led to the peace treaty of 1905. Show »
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