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Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1901 de Bokay von Behring
Discovery of the tetanus antitoxin. Kitasako also discovered the plague bacillus, independently of Yersin. Show »
1912 Emmerich Loew Discovery of the antibacterial effect of formaldehyde. Show »
1912 Ito Ehrlich
Work on chemotherapy. Show »
1913 Osawa Hata Drug against spirillosis. Show »
1914 Heubner Eijkman
Eijkman: The predecessor and founder of the work on vitamins continued by Funk and Suzuki. Funk: Work on vitamins. Suzuki: Work on essential substances in rice and their importance in beri-beri. Show »
1925 Hayashi Yamagiwa Work on epithelial tumors. Show »
1925 Kure Yamagiwa Work on epithelial tumors. Show »
1925 Nagayo Yamagiwa Work on epithelial tumors. Show »
1925 Yokote Yamagiwa Work on epithelial tumors. Show »
1926 Aschoff Fibiger
J. Fibiger: Work on carcinoma induced by the nematode Spiroptera. K. Yamagiwa: Experimentally induced tumors. Show »
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