Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nomination Database for the
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1901-1953

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1901 Howell Pavlov Work on secretion and the physiology of the digestive glands. Show »
1901 Mall Loeb For his work in general on physiological morphology, and in particular his work on artificial parthenogenesis. Show »
1905 Howell Ehrlich Ehrlich: "The one whose work suggests itself as the most worthy of receiving this honor." At the same time Howell named the late dr Walter Reed, or his widow, as his representative, as worthy of the honor of a Nobel Prize for the studies on the the causation of yellow fever. Show »
1905 Mall Koch
Ramon y CajÓl
Koch: For his well-known work in bacteriology. Ramon y CajÓl: For his work on the histology of the nervous system. Loeb: For his work upon experimental morphology and comparative physiology. Show »
1910 Howell Flexner
Flexner: Serum treatment of cerebrospinal meningitis. Rubner: Work on nutrition, summarized in his books "Die Gesctze des Energieverbrauches bei der Ernńhrung" and "Das Preblem der Lebensdauer". Show »
1910 Mall Loeb Work on experimental morphology and on artificial parthenogenesis. Show »
1910 Thayer Flexner Investigations on cerebrospinal meningitis. Show »
1914 Mall Harrison Work on time culture by which the venom doctrine was definitely established. Show »
1924 Cullen Evans The work "On the Relations Between Fertility and Nutrition". Show »
1924 Sabin Loeb The work "Proteins and the theory of colloidal behavior". Show »
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