Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

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Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-1956

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1906 Judson Roosevelt Roosevelt mediated in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). His efforts led to the peace treaty of 1905. Show »
1926 Wigmore Dawes Dawes was author of the "Dawes Plan" to manage German reparations payments after World War I. The Dawes Plan provided for a reorganization of German finances with the assistance of loans from U.S. investors, and it was drafted by the Allied Reparation Commission led by Charles G. Dawes. Show »
1931 Wigmore / James / Woodward Bell Show »
1933 Addams Angell (Lane) Angell advocated peace, pacifism and international understanding. He had written "The Great Illusion" (1910), in which he claimed that it was an illusion that war could be profitable to a nation, and he maintained that this illusion was going to lead Europe into a state of war. Angell also wrote "America and The New World-State"(1912), "The World's Highway" (1916) and several other works. "The Unseen Assassins" (1932) described nationalism as the greatest threat to world peace. Show »
1934 Addams Manniche Show »
1935 Addams von Ossietzky Ossietzky worked for the organized German peace movement until 1921 (he resigned from his post as secretary of the German Peace Society because he disagreed with its policy). He became foreign editor of the "Berliner Volkszeitung", a democratic and anti-militaristic newspaper. Later he became editor of "Das Tagebuch" and "Die Weltbühne". Ossietzky criticized the Nazi Party and the disparities of the Weimar Republic, while he actively advocated justice and democratic rights. He warned against anti-Semitism, opposed the death penalty, supported reconciliation with France, and he advocated the acceptance of Germany as an equal member of the League of Nations. When Hitler became chancellor in 1933 and the Nazi Party became the predominant political power in Germany, Ossietzky was arrested and confined to a concentration camp. Show »
1936 Lee Gigliotti Show »
1936 Wright Union des Associations pour la Société des Nations Union des Associations pour la Société des Nations was founded in 1919 as a debate forum for the League of Nations. Its aim was to reach a decision on how to organize the League of Nations. The Union prepared cases for the League of Nations, and it contributed to increased understanding between the national associations of the League. Show »
1939 Wright Benes Benes advocated peace, justice and international law in the League of Nations while serving as Czechoslovakian Foreign Minister, and he continued to promote peace when he became president of Czechoslovakia. Show »
1950 Hutchins Schweitzer Albert Schweitzer was nominated for his humanitarian work on a religious basis. Originally a student of theology and philosophy, he entered medical school in 1905 in order to qualify as a mission doctor in Gabon, at the time part of French Equatorial Africa. In 1913 he arrived at Lambaréné where he and his wife set up a hospital. He spent most of his life at Lambaréné, although he was still preoccupied with philosophical problems. His most significant contribution in this respect was the book "The Philosophy of Civilization" (1923), in which he developed the concept "reverence for life" as a universal principle of ethics. He also made efforts to promote Franco-German reconciliaton. Show »
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