Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nomination Database for the
Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-1956

Year Nominator Nominee(s) Motivation  
1926 Wiik Lindhagen Lindhagen supported female suffrage and social reform, and he advocated disarmament and international co-operation based on international law. He actively worked for a joint Scandiavian effort to promote international civil law. Lindhagen was a prominent member of the radical peace movement. Show »
1932 3 Finnish professors / 1 member of the Finnish parliament Roos Roos initiated a movement that wanted to establish the right to finiancial support if war broke out. He argued that a country unlawfully attacked should receive financial aid to make it able to defend itself. Roos stated that, if necessary, the attacked country should also receive military support from the other nations. He wanted this to be a part of the conventions of the League of Nations. Show »
1932 K.R. Brotherus / Granfelt / Björksten / A. Tulenheims Erich Show »
1936 Björksten Morehead Morehead had been leading the American Lutheran relief work in Europe since 1919, and since 1921 in Russia especially. This relief work had been initiated by the American National Lutheran Council, of which Morehead became President in 1923. He contributed to the founding of the Lutheran World Convention, and he was elected Honorary President of the Convention in 1935. Show »
1937 Erich The Academy of International Law (Académie de Droit international de la Haye) Show »
1938 Erich The Academy of International Law (Académie de Droit international de la Haye) Show »
1938 Several members of the Finnish parliament The Inter-Parliamentary Union The Inter-Parliamentary Union promoted peace and contributed to the development and enforcement of international law and arbitration. The Union organized annual inter-parliamentary conferences to discuss possible solutions to international problems that could be handled by the League of Nations. It promoted parliamentary control of foreign affairs and reduction of armaments. Show »
1938 Wiik Kautsky Kautsky was nominated for his works "Krieg und Demokratie" and "Sozialisten und Krieg". He tried to reveal the factors that caused society to go to war and to shed light upon the sociology of war. Kautsky believed that if society knew what caused war, then it would be possible both to prevent war and to establish lasting peace. He based his research on reality and actual facts, and not on some farfetched fantasy. He also fought against civil war ideology. Show »
1939 Linkomies Baden-Powell Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts movement in 1907 and he organized the movement internationally. He and his sister Agnes founded the Girl Guides in 1910 (in the US Girls Scouts from 1912). In 1916 Baden-Powell organized the Wolf Cubs in Great Britain (Cub Scouts in the US) for boys under the age of 11. The nominators emphasized the brotherly mentality and the non-militaristic character of the movement. Show »
1946 16 Finnish Professors of Law/ Members of the Finnish parliament Balch Balch had actively worked for peace since 1915, and she had been one of the leaders of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom since 1919. She promoted disarmament, and she opposed US isolationism and neutrality, claiming that neutrality was selfish. Balch strongly advocated the need to resist fascism and aggression through non-violent methods and international co-operation. She also established summer schools to promote peace. During the 1930s she aided Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in Nazi Germany. Initially she opposed WWII because she opposed all war in general, but she supported US entry into the war in 1941. Balch saw Nazism as the personification of evil and a threat to humanity that had to be stopped. Show »
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