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Search Help

This document will assist you in getting started with the search utility, and to take advantage of the advanced search capabilities that are available. The document is divided into four parts:

Getting started

Type one or more search terms, separated by space, in the text box. Click on the arrow button and the search will be executed. You will now search documents containing all search terms you have typed, and a list of the documents matching your search query will be presented. You will also find documents containing inflected forms of the words you have typed.

When searching for a phrase, type the phrase with surrounding quotation marks:

"Alfred Nobel"

You can search for both phrases and separate words. With the query

"Alfred Nobel" dynamite

you will find documents containing the phrase, "Alfred Nobel" and the word dynamite.

It is also possible to search with Boolean search expressions and to search for words beginning with certain letters using the *-operator.

If you cannot find what you are searching for

If you cannot find the documents you are searching for, try one or more of the following options:

If you get too few or no hits at all:

  • Check that you have not misspelled the search words. If there are documents with words that are similar to the words you have typed, these will be proposed.
  • Try to remove one or more search words, or try to enter a phrase as separate words. (Remove the quotation marks).
  • If you are not sure of the spelling of a word, type the first letters and an asterisk (*). Then you will find all documents containing words beginning with the letters you have typed. Read more about the usage of *.

If you get too many hits:

  • Try one or more additional search words or phrases.
  • You can search within the results you have obtained by adding search words (and keeping the old ones).
  • Use extended search option (see below).

Advanced search options

It is easy to refine the search and to filter the search results. Click on Advanced search, and you can easily limit your search and decide how the search results are shown. Click on any of the options to see the alternatives.

When you have selected search alternatives, you can hide the alternatives without changing them. Click on Simple search to hide them. To remind you that they still are active although they are not visible, this image is shown: tick icon

If you want to reset the search options to the original settings, you clear the selected search alternatives by re-clicking them.

Limit the search

If you want to search within a specific category on the web site:

Click on Category and select a category. When you specify a category, the search for documents will be conducted in that category exclusively.

If you are searching for a document of a specific format:

If you are looking for a document of a certain format, such as a PDF document or a Word document, you can select format by clicking on Document format.

If you are searching for a document which was modified at a certain date:

If you only want to find documents modified during a certain time period, you can select a period by clicking on Date.

If you want to search a specific language or a specific word form:

The web site may contain documents in many different languages. If you want to search documents written in English only, click on Language and select English.

Display options

You can easily control the way the results are displayed.

If you want to sort the documents:

By default, documents are ordered according to relevance, which means the most relevant documents come first. You can also sort the documents by category by selecting Category.

More search options

Phrase search

Phrase search means to search for documents containing the exact phrasing that you have typed. Enter the exact phrasing surrounded by quotation marks:

"Alfred Nobel "
Wildcard operator

If you type a sequence of letters and finalize them with an asterisk (*), you will find documents containing words that begin with this sequence of letters. (This is also called truncation). With the search


you will find documents containing the words chemist, chemistry, chemical, chemicals, Chemo-Receptors, etc.

If you just write * without any preceding letters you will find all documents. This is handy if you want to find all documents of a specific type, in a specific category or within a specific date interval.

Boolean expression

With the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT and NEAR you can express very precise search expressions.

With AND (or &) you will find documents containing both search words:

nobel AND dynamite
nobel & dynamite

With OR (or |) you will find documents containing one or both search words:

nobel OR dynamite
nobel OR dynamite OR will

With NOT (or !) together with AND you will find documents containing the first word but not the other search word:

nobel AND NOT dynamite

With NEAR (or ~) you will find documents where the search words are separated by at most 20 other words:

nobel NEAR dynamite

You can also use a numerical value to indicate the maximal distance between two words:

nobel NEAR7 dynamite

You can also use a phrase by surrounding a sequence of words by quotation marks:

dynamite AND "alfred nobel"
Grouped Boolean search

You can also use the operators AND and OR when you want to combine search terms in complex searches using parentheses. You find some examples below. Many more combinations are possible.

(nobel AND dynamite) OR will
(prize AND dynamite) AND NOT (will OR "Alfred Nobel ")