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Book Tips - Rudyard Kipling

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1907 was awarded to Rudyard Kipling "in consideration of the power of observation, originality of imagination, virility of ideas and remarkable talent for narration which characterize the creations of this world-famous author".

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Actions and Reaction

It is a joy and an inspiration.
/Betty, United States

Captains Courageous

In "Captains Courageous", Kipling employs the belles lettres literary style.The presentation captures life at sea for a 15 year old boy rescued by fishermen off the coast of Newfoundland.The rescue is a remarkable experience - an act of deliverance for Harvey Cheyne Jr.
/Joseph Salvatore Maresca, United States
A story about men and how they help a boy to become a man, this is beautifully-written, exciting and lots of fun. NOT just for boys!
/Curtis Houlihan, United States

Just So Stories

It's cool, dammit.
/Jack "Joker" Napier, United States
It is the best for reading out loud to others. Especially children and illustrations are incredible. Much to involve and discuss.
/Holly, United States
I like it because it's enjoyable and also adventurous. When I read it I fell that I'm also a character of that book.
/Wendy Reginald, Sri Lanka
It is cool. It kinda tells you how things were made and stuff!
/Jacob, United States
Because it's funny and gives a really interesting perspective on how the world came into being!
/Cassie, United Kingdom
All the stories have so much detail. It's a great book to read as a bed time story, or a summertime book.
/Kayleigh W., United States
I like it because the story have some humour.
/Holly, United Kingdom
Rudyard Kipling is an author recognized by his books of incredible adventure, and he is known for trying to teach all readers about life in a foreign country. The 'Just So Stories' are stories he told his two daughters to explain how the world became "just so".
/Alex Shell, United States


I like Kim because it's language is very simple and pleasing.
/Oasis Adarsh Vikram, India
I recommend Kim by Rudyard Kipling because Kim is the story of a boy of my age yet much advanced in his knowledge about Lahore city.
/Oasis Pranjal Rai, India
It really describes India in a perfect way. It is about a boy's adventure full with wit and humour. Kipling is really great writer. I love this book.
/Anwesh, India
Amazing, bizarre, but funny.
/Victor Delvy Tutupary, Indonesia
Rudyard Kipling was born in India(Bombay-now Mumbai). He graduated from Westward Ho!. He was, throughout, a Journalist who wittily opined that "Journalism is Literature in a hurry." I like and recommend his 'Kim' which portrays the life of a small boy dwelling in the narrow streets of Lahore city. His name is Kim and he runs errands for all and sundry. A street smart boy, capable of keeping afloat in all kinds of waters; is ultimately picked up by the commanding officer of his Father's Regiment. Ample history, geography, religion& culture has been sprinkled atop a wholesome literary pie which earned him the 1907 Nobel Prize. Kipling is alive due to his 'Quotability' The most noteworthy trait of Kipling has been his capability to produce the best of his works after receiving the Nobel Prize- no wonder he was awarded, in 1926, The Gold Medal by The Royal Society of Literature making him the proud successor of Sir WALTER Scot, George Meredith and Thomas Hardy. Kim is my favorite. Thanks.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
In this novel he showed by his good comment and splended words an Indian & English spirit because of his life in the two countries which was an excellent material for the cinema and it was made in 1939 in the cinema by Errol Flynn, the hero of Hollywood.
/Moataz Mohsen, Egypt
Because it is adventurous and we can learn what life is like and people too.
/Muna, Nepal

Plain Tales from the Hills

The story about the arrest of lieutenant Golightly as narrated by Rudyard Kipling is not only historically pertinent but also geographically interesting. It shows how the British Army Officers used to take pride in their attire,transport as well as quickness in apprehending their erring and absconding comrades.
/Oasis Ansh P.Singh, India
I like 'The Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly' - a story from Kipling's 'Plain Tales from the Hills' in which everything is hilarious except the Predicament of Lieutenant Golightly. Dilbag Firdausi,some times,admonishes us by saying: -My dear Lt Golightly, Don't take things lightly.
/Oasis Dipanshu Mishra, India
Rudyard Kipling was not only a master narrator but also one of the very few Europeans who knew India that well. I recommend Kipling's "Plain Tales from The Hills" - especially the slapstick story; The Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly, an officer from The British Army in India. He is dandy, glittery, flashy and foppish. While returning from his station of Leave (Dalhausi) to his Nearest Railway Station (NRS); his journey is doomed by the torrential rains, quagmire of a road, a lame horse, ill-chosen attire and above all an acute shortage of money. At the Pathankot Railway Station(NRS), he is mistaken for a deserter - one Private Binkle. He is arrested, dragged, roughed-up and slighted. To his luck (good or otherwise); he is recognized by a Major of his own Regiment. A beauteous story - at the cost of Lieutenant Golightly Sir, of course.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India

Poem: If

It is a good poem.
/Reynaldo Bayeta, Philippines

The Complete Verse

I like Kipling's rhythm. He carried the ten, ten, ten, etc beat of a sonnet's lines to all sorts of complicated six-eighth time beats, or seen nine which put more life into shorter poems, though of course a sonnet can be put to music and be a repetitious tale told to music, easy for a child to learn. Kipling put exciting rhythms into both music and poetry.
/LA Ruff, United States

The Jungle Book

It is full of adventures.
/Pritish Panda, India
When I was reading the story, I was immersed in the imaginative world of Mowgli by Kipling's creative use of dialogue between the characters and how he described the surroundings of the jungle.
/Candice Busby, United States
It is very adventurous and interesting. It focuses mostly on the jungles of India. The imagination used in this book is very great.
/M. Adithiyan, India
A very interesting story, especially for children.
/Vivek B., India
It was made into a cool movie.
/Harley Quinn, United States
Jungle book is a funny, interesting and fast read. Kim of Kipling discovers India and it is a boy's adventure mixed with wit and humour.
/Aman, India
All of the symbolism.
/Hannah Adler, United States
It has animals and Mowgli is my age.
/Gideon, United States
Rudyard Kipling wrote a lot of kiddish stuff for grown ups which enthralls readers of all ages. I like and recommend his 'Jungle Book. It is full of fun, sermons and pranks. You read it & fall in love with the jungle as well as jungle folks.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
It's full of fresh and new ideas and describes a beautiful storyline in simple words.
/Arpita Pande, India
It is very good book.
/Bartu, Turkey
I enjoyed the book 'the jungle book' very much because he portrays various nuances of the human society through wild animal, aided by his well-sculpted words and his literary brilliance. It also shows that animals can show love too.
/Sagnik Bhattacharya, India
I like it because it's a good and interesting story.
/Sanchit Thakur, India
To put it in the language of the Prizes themselves, "For its rich and evocative fantasy of animal life, which is presented with all the eloquence that either prose or poetry can provide."
/Nicholas Arkison, United States
This book talks about the unity of all life and teaches good. This book has love, children and adults worldwide.
/Evgeniy, Russia
The book has a strong display of characters and is full of enthusiasm and optimism. Moreover it is full with richness of literature and has a great combination of comedy, tragedy and humanity.
/Shreya Jha, India
It's a great book with a great story.
/Darshatha Gamage, Sri Lanka
It's humorous and a joyride to the jungle world & also I just looooooove FICTION !!!!!!!
/Adrija, India
It's about forest and wildlife which concern my personal interest.
/Picha Pitayakajornwute, Thailand
I really like this book because of the humour and the excitement that it brings to young readers when the read this appealing book. I also like this book not because it's easy to read but also how many characters he uses in the book and also how he makes the story more interesting by adding these GOOD guys and bad guys. A few weeks also my 7th grade class in language arts we read another one of his books called Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and it was a really good book and I recommend that book because of the excitement and adventure and the journey. It makes you go on once you have started reading it.
/Victoria, United States
The author shows the dynamic of the English culture and its influences or therefore lack on the Indian culture through the eyes of the wolf boy Mowgli. Kipling interchangeably understands that nature is civilization and that the laws of mere mortal man are weak; as man is the weakest of all creatures in the jungle and the least civilized and yet Mowgli finds love and loyalty with Messua. But who could possibly miss the implications of the cursed beast Shere Khan? The tiger who got his strip from the trees for killing man and the implications of such curses on all the creatures of the jungle. In a most interesting twist it seems that the creatures of the 'Jungle Bbook' understand that man was once a part of the jungle and it was Shere Khan's race who brought violence into their paradise. It is rather ironic when one considers in what context the word civilized is used.
/Alex, United States
Beause it was exciting, and beause I love wolfs.
/Jessica, United States
It is exciting and the good person wins through.
/Celina, United Kingdom
As a young girl of 8, 'The Jungle Book' was a journey of adventure, excitement and most certainly, sadness. It really made my mind tickle ... I said to myself after reading it "the price of this book is way lower than its value."
/Efua Asibon, Ghana
I like it, because it could make the imagination of animals talking. Also they could make laws. I like the story of the wolf-child growng up in Indian wilderness.
/Rick Wang, United States
I like it because it's a fun adventure/action story that a person could enjoy.
/Leah Aldrich, United States
I LOVE animals, and this book made me love animals more!
/Virginia, United States
Because it is a very interesting book for all ages ... most books that entertain all age groups are usaully too scary or something like that and no one ever reads them, but the 'Jungle book' is a kid/teen and adult friendly book. It shows how no matter where you're from you can make friends with everyone if you just try.
/Theresa O., United States
I recommend it because it has things that involve laws of our nation and I think the story is great.
/Ariyana Conel, United States

Thy Servant a Dog

At seventeen, Rudyard Kipling became the Assistant Editor of The Civil and Military Gazette, Lahore. In 1886, (aged 21), he was appointed the editor of the Anglo-Indian Daily 'The Pioneer' (Allahabad). No wonder, such a young journalist should become the youthful Nobel Laureate at 42. I recommend Kipling's "Thy Servant a Dog". This tongue-in cheek yarn by a dog (boot) in his own turny & twisty tongue is an epitome of Kipling's conscious effort to focus the attention of the Englishmen of England on the lives of the Englishmen holding perilous posts on the farthest outskirts of the British Empire. It also reminds us of the proliferation of many a British custom at their newly acquired colonial residences - the one in hand, for example, about pet keeping and pet concern. The prattle by the hero of this autobiographical tale is engrossing and displays Kipling's keen observation and original imagination. The far-flexioned verbs (wented off etc) are an extension of Kipling's Baa, Baa black sheep - wherein the small boy requests his younger sister to "bemember" him always. It also reminds the reader of Ogden Nash's witticism in which he affirms that: "There are no horses that can't be rode; And no riders that can't be throwed". His English may be poor but his intent is clear.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
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