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Book Tips - Gerhart Hauptmann

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1912 was awarded to Gerhart Hauptmann "primarily in recognition of his fruitful, varied and outstanding production in the realm of dramatic art".

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The Heretic of Soana (Der Ketzer von Soana)

It celebrates Love and Life! And Nature!
/Eva Akerlund, Sweden

The Rats (Die Ratten)

It illustrates the ancient Bourgeous' lives very detailed. All of their struggles (to fit in) are presented and the reader feels pity for them. It includes crimes such as rape and murder, many conflicts (between father and daughter, e.g.) and heartbreaking fates. It simply is a wonderful book!
/Melinda, Germany

The Sunken Bell (Die versunkene Glocke)

Gerhart Johan Robert Hauptmann won the 1912 Nobel Prize in Literature. Born on 15 November, 1862, Hauptmann was a teacher's dilemma and parent's agony. Having been rusticated for three months at the Royal College of Breslau, he however went on to study Philosophy under Professor Eucken (the 1908 Nobel Laureate in Literature). A prolific writer and a skilled sculptor; he devoted himself to Drama. I like and recommend his drama The Sunken Bell. This drama is a mixture of mythology & human life as also of human aspirations & divine intervention. The pranks of the jungle spirits, the beautiful mermaid, the industrious bell-maker, the spurned wife, the pitiable children and the goblet of death they all conspire to fuse myth and reality together and the magic is conspicuous. A great drama indeed.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
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