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Book Tips - Anatole France

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1921 was awarded to Anatole France "in recognition of his brilliant literary achievements, characterized as they are by a nobility of style, a profound human sympathy, grace, and a true Gallic temperament".

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A Mummer's Tale (Histoire comique)

Noble written, in the profound style which made France such a great novelist. A representative book of the great Jacques Anatole Thibault! Read this, and you will read them all!
/Anna S. Martin, Canada

At the Sign of the Reine Pédauque (La rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque)

It is simply the most amusing book that I ever have read.
/Lars, Sweden

Honey-Bee (Abeille)

Amazing mythopoetic fairy tale world created by the author!
/Viktoria, Ukraine

Penguin Island (L'île des pingouins)

For the humour, cynicism, the social critic.
/Raúl Fernández, Argentina
The story is fast paced and is an amazing analogy to the human civilization; in the book Anatole was able to predict many historical events. It is easy to read and yet an amazing book. Truly mind blowing.
/Raquel Alves, Brazil

The Gods are Athirst (Les Dieux ont soif)

Anatole France's subtle understanding of human faults and virtues is displayed fully in this novel set during the French revolution. Although each character may be seen to "stand for" something, they nonetheless appear vividly as human beings. The central story, of an ardent revolutionary whose ideals lead him into mortal and moral dangers, is relevant for all times. Anatole France writes with an easy erudition that is immensely satisfying. He is fully aware of humanity's foibles but never harshly cynical. A great writer.
/John Fasso, United States
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