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Book Tips - Wladyslaw Reymont

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1924 was awarded to Wladyslaw Reymont "for his great national epic, The Peasants".

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The Peasants (Chłopi )

Reymont's descriptions of Polish peasant life throughout the course of one agricultural cycle are beautifully lyrical. His Catholic upbringing is reflected in various stages of the work and he has used one of the most beautiful (Catholic) similes in literature to describe a sunrise. I have a great-grandfather who came from Reymont's Poland.
/Belle, United States
Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont was the 2nd Polish writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1924. He was born in 1868 in Russian Poland. His childhood alternated between cow herding and schooling - from which (the later) he was expelled because of speaking in Polish. He, however, had read the works of Elisa Orzesko, Emily Zola and Sir Walter Scott. I like and recommend his book "The Peasants". The story of the book runs thus: Mathew Boryna, a widower does not hand over his estate to his son Anton as per law of the land and marries Jagna - a woman of easy virtues. She ends up becoming Anton's mistress. Boryna gets injured in the brawl with the Lord of the manor and Anton kills a man therein. When the old man dies; Anton gets release and returns home - only to find that Jagna was beaten up by the villagers due to her conduct. This book depicts glorification and everlasting vitality of the Earth as also the "stylized" life of the Polish peasants.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
'Chłopi' in its original Polish version is really interesting. It presents the language of the peasants and their lives. In some moments it's really amusing. Everyone has to read that book!
/Mateusz, Poland
Wonderful nature description.
/Mari, Poland
This book is the best book in the world.
/Michael, United Kingdom
Very realistic portrayal of peasant life in rural Poland. Beautiful narratives and touching storyline. A true gem of Polish literature and a must for the aficionados of Eastern European Literature.
/Sylwia, United States
It's a wonderful and poetic story about Polish peasants that live in a village named Lipce.
/Michael, Poland
Amazing epitomized Polish rural life.
/Alex, United States
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