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Book Tips - Sigrid Undset

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1928 was awarded to Sigrid Undset "principally for her powerful descriptions of Northern life during the Middle Ages".

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Gunnar's Daughter (Fortellingen om Viga-Ljot og Vigdis)

A very enjoyable book that beautifully blends fiction and history of Viking customs, written in a form that is inspired by old Icelandic saga style, and therefore has lots to offer both in terms of storyline and historical background.
/Soumya Sen, United States

Kristin Lavransdatter

It has everything! From medieval everyday life and great love to personal and country-wide tragedies. And the everlasting belief in religion. I have read it many times now, from the first time when I was 17!!
/A-C (Stina) Söderlund, Sweden
It is the best description of a woman's inner life that I have ever read.
/Joanna, United Kingdom
An exceptionally well written trilogy, the life of a woman in 13th century Norway. One is emersed in the life of the times while experiencing the triumphs and tragedies that are universal today. I read this book as a teenager, again as a young mother, and once recently in my 7th decade. Wonderful!
/Joan Wells, United States
Panoramic story of a woman in medieval Norway - full of feeling and history, anthropology. Brilliantly written.
/Roslyn Willett, United States
An unbelievable story of the saga of one woman's life. It's as if you lived her life with her.
/Rachel Horwitz, United States
When you read this book it is like you are there, you are living the story. It is very enjoyable. I felt in love with Norway.
/Elena Arango, United States
It's very well written, and you immediately get caught up in the story. The characters are complex and interesting, and you can, either you are man or woman, to some extent identify with Kristin. And, of course, it's a classic novel!
/Ingebjørg Aspeland Lien, Norway
A clear look at life in the middle ages - not a Hollywood version, and a woman's rough, passionate relationships with her family, her husband, and her God. Riveting stuff. Sometimes the emotions are so raw, so true to life that it sears you as you read.
/Margaret Garside, United States

The Master of Hestviken (Olav Audunssøn i Hestviken)

Beautifully written, fascinating recreation of medieval Scandinavia, very human characters living a harsh, tragic life. Extremely moving.
/Bob, United States
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