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Book Tips - John Galsworthy

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1932 was awarded to John Galsworthy "for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in The Forsyte Saga".

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Justice: a Tragedy in Four Acts

Just because I love novels ...
/Kamala, Azerbaijan


Galsworthy, an astute social observer, saw conflict arising from, and inevitable because, of our competing loyalties. "Pejudices, Adela? Or are they loyalties? We cut each others's throats from the best of motives."
/Siddhartha Banerjee, United States

The Forsyte Saga

Born on 14 August 1867, in Kingston-Surrey; John Galsworthy belonged to an affluent family. He went to the famous public school at Harrow and later to New College, Oxford. Books and studies did not impress him much. He, however, excelled in sports and became Captain of the foot ball team. He earned a degree in Law - which he did not make use of. I like and recommend his " The Forsyte Saga"- a trilogy that finds mention in the Nobel citation. Soames Forsyte, the man of property, is the central character of the novel. Through this novel, John Galsworthy presents his sheer urbanity of portrayal and style which has few rivals in English language. In cultured tones and mocking gently he depicts the debasing and overpowering influence of wealth on the owner.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
Mr. Galsworthy does not take his characters' way of life entirely seriously ... but he takes his characters *as* *people* seriously, and that makes all the difference. As a friend to whom I gave the book told me, "Soames Forsyte may be the most sympathetic nasty character I've ever come across." She's right: one would not necessarily want to try a friendship with Soames, but one is not sorry to have had access to his mind. His life is what it is, and the best he could reasonably make it.
/Jinnayah, United States
The most exciting story of human relations.
/Natalia, Russia
The most sophisticated romantic book I have ever read. Anyone can find a favourite character and although it's romantic, it's done so softly and so interesting that many men could become interested. And, at least, victorians rule!
/Lucie Toncevova, Czech Republic
Read this to know what it was to live from 1880-1920 by living with characters who love or despise, accept or struggle to overturn the social constraints of the times. Soames Forsyte, the 'Man of Property' is one of the most unforgettable characters in literature.
/Anne Hopkins, United States
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