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Book Tips - Luigi Pirandello

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1934 was awarded to Luigi Pirandello "for his bold and ingenious revival of dramatic and scenic art".

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Henry IV (Enrico IV)

As a sociology instructor, I was struck by the almost scientific-level of understanding Pirandello has about the nature of the individual identity in relation to others. Many people seem most impressed by the play's message of the corrupting nature of power, but it is the play's exploration of the reality of identity and self which has stayed with me. As I teach my students, who we are in our private spaces and who we are in society are different beings, and "Henry IV" reveals this in fascinating ways.
/Kenneth Jones, United States
A great treatise on the madness and corruption of power.
/Harold Golson, United States

Novelle per un anno

He pinpoints human characteristics through his descriptions of excentric people and does it very entertainingly.
/Harriet Wensby, Sweden

One, None, and a Hundred Thousand (Uno, nessuno e centomila)

It is a superb allegory of human life. It investigates the contrast between the way we see ourselves, the way others see us and the way we have to cope with these different realities.
/Lorena Gavazzoni, Italy
It tells in a wonderful way the difficulty of self understanding when one has to compare the image one has of itself with the thousand different images that other form about us. It is a wonderful and profound comedy
/Anita de Delgado, Colombia
It shows us our reality governed by vanity and appearance and demonstrates how important is for us other people's opinion.
/Elena, Italy
I can't find words to describe it. Simply, genious.
/Rui Ribeiro, Portugal
I think it is the greatest of Pirandello's and one of the best Italian books. I hope that the translations of this book into other languages are faithful because it is a fantastic book.
/Edoardo, Italy

Six Characters in Search of an Author (Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore)

In this play, the author describes, in a unique way, six characters that rapresent, the drama of inability to comunicate and loneliness. Every character has a truth irreconcilable with that of other. It's a masterpiece!
/Marco, Italy
This is an experiment in playwriting, that is called play in the play. Pirandello is master of this technique. However, all the Nobelwinners are worth reading.
/Rajariazur Rehman, Pakistan

The Late Mattia Pascal (Il fu Mattia Pascal)

Fun, delightfull, clever and rapturous!
/Jonathan, Brazil
The plot is original and pleasant to read.
/Serena, Italy
Because it analyzes the human limits and weaknesses in an unlimited book.
/Giuseppe, Italy
The plot is simply genial!
/Alys, Italy
Because it develops philosophical reflexions, very deep in the understanding of the modern human condition, in a very ironic and easy way. It is an enjoyable book, with a nice story and very thoughtful and witty passages.
/Giovanni Collot, Italy

The Mountain Giants (I giganti della montagna)

A lyric and dramatic text - the last one written by Pirandello, unfinished - which is at the same time a tribute to the magic of Theatre and a desperate appeal to fight the Barbarians Who try to destroy Beauty,
/Salvo Valastro, Italy
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