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Book Tips - Eugene O'Neill

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1936 was awarded to Eugene O'Neill "for the power, honesty and deep-felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy".

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Long Day's Journey into Night

Its honesty, its searing portrayal of family dysfunction/love.
/James Gallant, United States
There are books which I think that I couldn't die without reading it. This play is one. It's impossible to read all of them. But for some reason the books I need will come to me. I see myself in this drama. It's written in such a way you can feel the atmosphere, the density, the mist surrounding the house where they are. In one day Eugene put so much emotions. For this reason a long journey.
/Ricardo Oliveira Dreux, Brazil
O'Neill is a rare author who looks over the precipice of our daily lives and does not blink.
/Bernard Norcott-Mahany, Other
This play is the ultimate expression for the motif of the dysfunctional family.
/Zachary Hardy, United States
I really love the psychological depth of this book. This depth is reflected for example in the details that show O'Neill's Oedipo complex: the close relationship with his mother, the impossible growth as man because of the Oedipo chain which makes him drink and doesn't let him develop in personal relationships with women. At the same time his brother Jamie is also an Oedipo but the mother's preference is towards Edmund (Eugene) which provoques his jealousy ... It is a very clever and conscious play.
/Vanesa de Reyes, Spain
This play is probably one of the best written plays out there because O'Neill was able to take his own tragic life and transcend it to a public level.
/Hal Golson, United States

Mourning Becomes Electra

I like it because Eugene O'Neill wrote such a play that everyman may live in the real life. I sometimes find myself, my challenge against the forces behind the life.
/Emine, Turkey

The Emperor Jones, Diff'rent, The Straw

The book is about a man overpowered by greed for power and glory. He met an untimely death. The book is a lesson for all those who aspires for power and glory. We are reminded here about gray's dictum. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
/Vivek.B., India
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