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Martin du Gard

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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1937 was awarded to Roger Martin du Gard "for the artistic power and truth with which he has depicted human conflict as well as some fundamental aspects of contemporary life in his novel-cycle Les Thibault".

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Recollections of André Gide (Notes sur André Gide)

Roger Martin du Gard was a lifelong friend of André Gide's. Both won the Nobel Prize for Literature, but while Gide was and has remained internationally famous, Martin du Gard has been all but entirely forgotten. This memoir of his friend, which covers over 35 years of extracts from Martin du Gard's diaries, is, then, not only an insightful and often humorous story of two great literary friends (Gide dedicated his only novel to Martin du Gard and, at the end of his life, said he was the only person whose opinions he cared about), but also serves as a constant source of wonder on the trappings of fate that would allow one of these two great writers to succeed so unquestionably, while the other would be consigned to the dustbin of history. But, first and foremost, it is a beautiful tale of two great writers who, while almost diametrically opposed stylistically, shared friendship and a mutual admiration for the other's craft. It is a quite unique and very stunning piece of literary history.
/Marc-David Jacobs, United States
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