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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1954 was awarded to Ernest Hemingway "for his mastery of the art of narrative, most recently demonstrated in The Old Man and the Sea, and for the influence that he has exerted on contemporary style".

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A Farewell to Arms

I love that he used 'linear narration', with no flashbacks whatsoever. It's an easy read. Love and War are the main themes. The use of imagery is clearly depicted.
/Adrian Vicente, Philippines
It is a very amazing book, calling for peace.
/An, Japan
I think it is the most difficult question, which can be asked to a person : Why Do you Like Hemingway's Books. I just don't like Hemingway's books , I love them all. I love everything I read. I always remember any quotes from the book. They are easy to remember and they touch my heart so much that , I just can't express it. Friends , I recommend any book from this great author , from this great person , from this great man, Ernest Hemingway. You must love him and his works from heart, to understand him.
/Henry O'Xenry, Georgia
I really like his writings for his simplicity on the one hand. On the other hand I have made a research about this novel.
/Zeghari, Morocco
The relationship between Henry and Catherine is a special one. The prayer of Henry at the time of Catherine's death touched me very deeply.
/Nusri, India
'A Farewell to Arms' is my favorite book. It is not just a masterpiece of Hemingway, but also the most humane book I've ever read. Hemingway recreated his war experience, his love, comradeship and courage in a romantic love tragedy between Lieutenant Henry and Catherine Barkley. No other writers in the world can write such a good book which includes all important elements of life. We only got Hemingway, who could do so.
/Peter Ho Yat, China
It's pretty much amazing!!!
/Cassie B., United States
It's amazing. I like the details.
/Poppy, Australia
The plot of the story and the diction used by Hemingway are basically simple making the whole story a simple one with great legacy to the world of literature. Hemingway deserved to be credited as one of the innovators of modern literature.
/Dean Mark Gonzales, Philippines
It's a beautiful tale.
/Kelly, United States
I like it because of the simplicity of Hemingway's diction and for the combination he made of love and war.
/Al-mustafa Najjar, Syria

A Moveable Feast

It deals with a city, Paris, which Hemingway experiences as he lives in it, in all its beauty, heritage, and history. Paris itself is the "moveable feast." Hemingway also describes how he travels by train from Paris, via Switzerland, to Schruns in the westernmost province of Austria.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
So much feeling and Paris.
/Siv, Sweden
This is my favourite book ever. I like the simple description of people and things, funny ... SIMPLE :)
/Mohamed Ahmed Elshawaf, Egypt
A raw interpretation of what should be known as the good life, with social commentary, so universal, I have yet the privilege to equal.
/Gershon Riesenberg, Australia

Across the River and Into the Trees

It is as magical and wonderful of prose as his most famous works while containing hints of new, undertested parts of Hemingway's genius.
/Jonathan Kadjeski, United States

For Whom the Bell Tolls

It is about the human spirit.
/Mia, United States
I love this book because of Hemmingway's attention to the details, how real it was, and how the characters interacted with each other before and during the conflict. I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a book that is realistic in many regards or if you like reading about a novel with excellent characters. Thank you Ernest Hemmingway for this fantastic read.
/Elizabeth E., United States
Ernest Hemingway does a splendid job in narrating a story taking place in Spain during the Civil War there. Reading it makes anyone feel as if he were there personally. Hemingway also adheres to his style of short sentences, something he is known for.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
Marked my life and it is a work with which I identified a lot.
/Luciano, Brazil
His stories feel incredibly real and his use of the English language allows us to have a magnificent and poetic image of everything that is going on.
/Fernando Del Valle, Mexico
This novel is one of my favorite novels because it is based on "Absurd philosophy" of modern man. When i read it, i don't feel that i am reading just a novel but my autobiography-my own jumping ideas and swimming thoughts as well.And i wish to follow his Literary approaches in order to get Nobel Prize in Literature :-)
/Malik M Saqib, Pakistan
It speaks to my soul, but then all his books do!
/Henry R. Alford, Philippines
Ernest Hemingway is an adventurer and does a splendid job in narrating the story of people living through the Spanish Civil War. It is interesting how people have to live through war experience which, although adventurous, is also cruel.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
I like it because the story is about real persons.
/Nestor Huarcaya, Peru
Ernest Hemingway describes, in novel fashion, life in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. He accurately experiences, and although the characters are fictitious, the reader gets a good idea of that time period.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
Hemingway wrote about courage and responsibility in this great masterpiece through the action of Robert Jordan, who fought against the Fascists during Spanish Civil War. His feeling on justice, and his courage against evil, are always a big role model for me.
/Peter Ho Yat, China
I believe it exposes the hidden evil in all of us. The scene that describes the murder of all nazi sympathisers is chilling.
/Alexander Sen, India
It is the only book written by Mr. Hemingway having a social contemporary relevance in the shape of the Spanish Civil War. It contains every other universal theme Mr. Hemingway always wrote so well about: defeated heroes, nobility of defeat, love contrasted to war, man's efforts to fill in the nothingness of life, thoughts on death and on fear of death, suicide etc., but it is only in this book the writer, who had hitherto shunned contemporary political reality, very consciously moulds all these themes and integrates them into the fabric of contemporary reality represented by a four day sojourn in the Spanish mountains among a handful of peasant Spanish guerrillas struggling against the dictatorship of General Franco. For the first time Mr. Hemingway (at last) has spoken on concrete politics. Another uniqueness about the book is the writer's use of biblical English to distinguish Spanish peasant dialect from English. The very idea I found striking and I believe Mr. Hemingway to be the first person to apply such a technique in English or American literature. And he has done it so consistently in this book! The 400 pages odd long book covers only 4 days. Theme upon theme alternates and superposes: bullfights, matadors, massacre of fascists, dynamiting details, restaurants, Montana, Gaylord, Madrid, communism, love and love-making, fortune telling - all fused into a universal single theme Mr. Hemingway loved: Man is heroic only in defeat and is nobler than the forces that crush him. Notwithstanding all this, this almost sublime book is, in the final analysis about the triumph of MAN.
/Bapi Lahiri, India
It is an adventurous book dealing with the Spanish Civil War, and accurately reflects what went on in Spain at that time. The characters in this novel may be ficticious, but whoever reads this book also gets to know what the war was like. Hemingway was an adventurer, and his style is easy to read. He invited the reader to actively live through the episodes he deals with.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
It was soooo good! I got completely drawn in while reading it. The language is wonderful!
/Madi, United States
This book has some of the strongest messages of humanity ever portrayed. Besides this, it is a fascinating account of the Spanish civil war through the eyes of a rebel band and an American dynamiter. The dialogue is glorious; the description of the fascist killings chilling - but the underlying message of humanity shines through.
/Lalit, India

Islands in the Stream

Between love and pain, hope and suffering, living and dying ... it just collects all those human themes Hemingway immortalized in his full bibliography and puts them all together in a great masterpiece.
/Santiago Bullard, Peru

Men Without Women

The story expresses the relationship between man and woman with the background harmonic way of life of human being that is fond of playing the game with the bison. Bison and torero have special meaning with the real way of life of Hemmingway as He uses in the setting of the place in this short story namely in Pamplona, Spain, in the time He started getting admiration for the bravery of the warrior that struggles hard to make the bison being tame in the game. The situation of rush hour with full activity of literature work that was almost the same time with his career as the journalist of Toronto star weekly newspaper, bringing him to put real happening into wonderful short story. Frankly speaking, by paying deep attention to concentrate into the plot of the story, It can bring the reader to get flowing into the current of real happening of the story as if the reader lived as the time of Hemingway to enjoy the brave game between Torero that plays dangerous game with the bison. It really shows strong adrenalin to test the bravery of man to defeat the wilderness of the bison.
/Gatot Malaisianto, Indonesia
Because it was great, it is just a fantastic book.
/George Livingstone, United States

The Garden of Eden

It was the first book I read in English, and I felt it taking me to where the scene was. One of the first books where I could feel the sun, the wind, the smells and the feelings. It’s written simply and directly and even if I didn't understand it totally, to me it was a beautiful story
/Agata, Portugal

The Nick Adams Stories

First, I read 'A Farewell to Arms' by Hemingway and immediately became hooked to his "stream of consciousness" technique and the unforgettable settings and characters that stirred my imagination of WWI on the Italian front. I then read 'The Nick Adams Stories' which is either a compiling of works that Ernest never finished or short stories that are put together in chronological order to follow the development of Nick Adams from a kid to an adult. I was fascinated at how remarkably well I could relate to the book, being a fisherman, and since Hemingway was a fisherman I believe that these stories may have been a more comfortable topic for him and therefore accounts for the beauty and details in his writing. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this collection of stories is better than 'A Farewell to Arms' and may be one of his best works. As you read the novel you follow Nick Adams and the settings and stories are as unforgettable as Nick himself. I would definitely recommend this book for fellow fisherman and outdoor lovers and to anyone who wants to relax with an easy to read and entertaining novel.
/James Berret, United States

The Old Man and the Sea

Such a wonderful life lesson in such simple words. The plight and perseverance of Santiago has given me the courage to face this life. The strength of human spirit shown in the book is so beautiful.
/Angkana Kalita, India
The way it explains the story of an old man trying to catch a fish is very realistic to me, as if the characters were real people at one point. The way Hemingway describes everything is something that changed the way I write.
/Miguel Angel Ramirez, United States
is a simple and direct story of never give up
/Enrique, Argentina
Because it's an incredible story. Every description, every feeling is very real. His way of describing the struggle of the protagonist with sharks to defend his giant fish, makes you feel there at that time. Hemingway knows how to convey the essentials, and its teachings are to remember and never forget. As these words in the voice of Santiago: "Man is not made for defeat A man can be destroyed but not defeated." One and only, for sure.
/Lily, Uruguay
In a very short novel he describes important values like the perseverance, or the frienship. I like it because it is a realistic book, which make you reflect and think about things of life.
/Aria, Argentina
It's written in a beautiful language. The way Hemingway creates the landscapes, the old men and the fish with the use of words is true art.
/Emily K., Germany
I like it most because of its readability, fastness and overall of its philosophy.
/Diganta Oza, India
Brief, sparse, powerful prose.
/Austin, United States
It shows that people can perform amazing feats to change their life via willpower.
/Kevin Calderon, United States
Its combination of simplicity and profundity.
/Dayita Bira Datta, India
'Cause this is a wonderful book, I loved it, and I recommend it. 'Cause this book is engaging, that makes you do not want to stop reading it.
/Lucas Trentin Larentis, Brazil
I love to read books and this is the most attractive and touching book i have read so far.
/Edward Arce, United States
It's a beautiful tale on survival and an old man's battle against his own weakness. As always, Hemingway is a master of capturing the natural world in his often poetic prose.
/Rucha Parab, India
Simple tale of a man battling to catch a huge fish. One gets the idea that this was the last and most definitive battle of the old man's life.
/Ira Ross, United States
It is the best novella Hemingway has ever written. I love this book and I recommend all lovers of literature this book. I am sure they would like it.
/Anwesh Satpathy, India
Vivid imagery.
/Sean Higgins, South Africa
Describes the human will and struggle.
/Duaa Adel, Iraq
It utters the inner tone of my present world.
/Debiprasad Bhadra, India
This writer shows us many tecnical on writing aspect so I can get much information how to write well. Thanks Hemingway !
/Ahmad Fendi, Indonesia
Simple but deep story.
/Enrique Zas, Argentina
It vividly depicts the natural surrounding and the human feelings and emotions.
/Surendra Sahu, India
It's a brilliant story about a man, enduring much suffering and struggling to survive.
/Jared Beukes, South Africa
It is really the most popular book of Hemmingway's work that told about the bravery and struggling life of old fisherman whose name "Santiago", the main person in the story of the old man and the sea with main character: brave, never say die, smart and having brilliant thinking to face the wilderness of widesea. This is really an adventure story that gives important lesson of life and wisdom for passing the life. God creates sea and many kind of fishes who live in the sea for the importance and the fulfillment of human life's need. It depends on the effort of human being to manage potentiality of nature and how to use his talent and brilliant thinking to take the richness of nature that God has given to human being for his welfare in order to get the benefit and what is good for his life without destroying the existence and the ongoing of the life of inhabitant in the sea naturally, because God never creates everything in vain. But It also depends on the effort and the willingness of the one whether He wants to work hard or not. As the struggling of life of Santiago who sailed the wild sea to catch a huge marrilyn fish in the middle strong current wild sea in Mexico area. This novel really takes me to fall into the flowing of real adventure of life sailing in borderless sea to catch a big fish in the fishermanship. as Santiago worked hard to face the wilderness of the sea with strong blowing wind and unfriendly weather in bad situation in order to be able to defeat the wild movement of a strong big marrilyn fish.
/DR Gatot Malaisianto, Indonesia
Because of the message it conveys to its readers; that man can be defeated but not destroyed.
/Sarthak, India
It teaches a lot and I have learned to respect elderly people and also heel to advices.
/Pretta, Ghana
The Old Man and the Sea is, in fact a micro view of the endless, timeless and above all - merciless SEA of time, change, challenges, pitfalls as well as sheer helplessness of man against the vagaries of Nature (marlins & sharks). I read it 45 years ago borrowing from my undergraduate uncle and I read it today; our mutual romance continues unabated. The only difference being that what made me apprehensive then- makes me much more surefooted now. Moral: Man may be destroyed; he can not be defeated. Thanks.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
Failure and failure of the old man which could be applied with anyone anytime and anywhere. I wrote my MA research about him and been given an excellent for that, but what I learned from it goes beyond a paper with marks on.
/Yadgar, Iraq
Sharp, Pure, Clean
/Bruce, India
This book is certainly lyrical, and demonstrates a passionate but restrained power of expression.
/Kenneth West, United States
The book depicts human emotions effectively in simple language.
/Surendra Kumar Sahu, India
It is great literature Nobel prize of Ernest Hemingway work until I get strong interest to use it as the reference of literature thesis in the faculty of literature in the university I study.
/Gatot Malaisianto, Indonesia
Brilliantly written, very condensed prose, not one word is too much and yet the whole story is so full of emotion and life. Honouring Hemnigway, the Nobel Prize jury for sure did not consider ethic or any other aspects but merely artistic brillancy and this prize - whatever debates there may be about some other awardings by the same jury - is well deserved.
/Stefan Teplan, Germany
A simple story told in the simplest language. It is the story of life and decline with age told through the analogy of a solo fishing expedition. But if you read it a second time, knowing the ending, it has immensely more power than the first reading.
/Aemelie Whitmore, Australia
A simple but enlightening story of an old man that contains the essence of human life. Courage, hope, persistence and an always similing attitude everything is there in this book. It reminds us of who we truly are and what we should be.
/Siddharth Sehgal, United States
Something there belongs to the soul, the mind. Something there belongs to the deepest corner of the heart.
/Yuree, Vietnam
For this modern narrative style and deepest word meaning and relationship and determination made within the characters and the theme.
/Tashi Gyeltshen, Bhutan
It is a book about struggle and hope, life and death, and the human's desire to live and achieve something.
/Saad Dexter, United Kingdom
As said prof A. N. Gefferes he illustrated through action a moral approach to the tests imposed by human existence.
/Saleh Razzouk, Syria
This book is an inspiration for mankind.
/Vivek. B, India
I like the author empathy. When you read this story you almost can feel the pain that old man felt.
/Vykinta, Lithuania
I like it because it represents the struggles of man as it travels in its own society, on how he acts and how he thinks on a certain perspective.
/Timothy Francisco, Philippines
I love this book; I was really impressed by it. This is because it tells about a man's struggle through the life. At the end he loses the thing that he struggled for. When I read the book I caught a great meaning in it. We try really hard and we get the best; however, there are so many things that we have to struggle at the same time. This book gave me a deep insight to my life.
/Gulistan Kocer, Turkey
I like it because it has very good structure, the whole book is gradation and there is nothing that is unnecessary.
/Elena, Macedonia
I think it makes me feel excited! The old man is really brave. He is great!
/Min Xhuosong, China
I like old, classical fiction. It has a lot of truth, honesty, and hope in the writings. It was a time and place more stable and sure of itself in which the people were that lived during this time period.
/Lillian Fok, United States
I find it very interesting. I like the characters and the relationship between them.
/Adriana, Peru
He has good will and he struggles hard for life.
/Yousif, Thailand
It is a vivid, powerful metaphor of the life of a man that faces the nature he loves so much with his bare hands. That is real life to me. It was written on a lucid, beautiful and I would call it, poetic language that encapsulates the complete meaning of this novella. It is, more than touching, vital to me.
/Eduardo, Costa Rica
This wonderful piece of literature has given a great inspiration and a loving towards Ernest Hemingway. From the beginning, really it was as interesting but something in those words written on the pages makes you want to move on to an adventure where a man meets the astonishing seas and struggles to survive. Every little part of it is an adventure in the book and Hemingway is a wonderful example of how literature should be: adventurous, sympathy, inspiration and most of all amazing.
/Tanya Lee, Canada
It is a fantastic book.
/Mamun Mizan, Bangladesh
It is a short story which is full of events that relates to one's own life. I enjoyed reading it.
/Manal Abdh, Djibouti
For taking us to the endless capacity of the human being in achieving the impossible, against all odds, opinions and challenges.
/Xico, Portugal
Wonderful story which can be interpreted in different levels.
/Anand Gurumoorthy, India
I liked it because I was fishing in the Florida Keys and read this book and it really cheered me up because we weren't catching anything.
/Graham, United States
Because I think that it is really inspiring because he is pulled along by this massive fish for days, yet, he never gives up.
/Antonia Ellis, United Kingdom
It occupied my time. I really thought about why someone would assign this book as a reading assignment, but you get a whole lot out of it.
/Amie, United States
The vision about the ambition of man is pictured in the novel. I like the philosophical view that man is helpless and he gains nothing in spite of his strenuous efforts to capture everything. Marlin fish ultimately evades him by the ravishing sharks whose actions the Old Man did not envisage. Manolin represents only the shallow man with affection which he cannot exhibit. The Christ image does not appeal me much as an Indian whose background is based on Indian philosophy. Rather the message of Gita is applicable here, if it is essential. 'Do your duty without expecting the result' is the message of Sri Krishna. Why do critics hesitate to give an explanation based on Gita for the novel? The brevity of the novel gives me ample opportunity to build my own convictions on the edifice of it. The sea symbolizes the vedic philosophy. Even the skiff represents life in this world. Hindu philosophy is more suited than biblical point of view.
/Unni Krishnan Atiyodi, India
Because it's great to read.
/Maica, Philippines
Because it is the ordinary odyssey of the mankind, written in the eternal, singular, universal "Ernest Hemingway way". Thanks to ‘The old man and the sea’ I felt I had a different ego: Santiago, Pivano, Hemingway? No matter: Never I felt myself so happy, so full of pages, words and thoughts.
/Paola Celletti, Italy
'The Old Man and the Sea' is the first serious book I have read. Thanks to my literature instructor. I have developed a deep loe for reading especially having seen Ernest Hemingway in his younger years (in his file photos, that is). The book is a metaphor of man's strong desire to achieve the impossible. No matter how hopeless the old man's dream was in catching the biggest marlin ever, there was nobody nor natural calamity that had stopped him from getting his dream catch.
/Honey Depra, Philippines
Because it makes us to think about life.
/Arati, Nepal
I think that this novella is overtime and really apt. You read about an old man who tries to catch a big fish, which is bigger and stronger than he's able to catch. Beside that there are some sharks attacking the fish which eat up the fish before the sea swallow floats to the coast. But actually, it's not about fishing and sea, it's about us all. About the humanity which has always been trying to triumph, to succeed in its life. But even if there will always be people who want to harm you like sharks, finally you will be accepted and appreciated by people like the sea swallow because of skeleton of such a huge fish.
/Kathy, Slovakia
I like a person who has the brightest eyes to see things that are more often considered as immaterial and simple to others but not for the writers like Hemingway in this book. He created a fight between the most rival combattants, a man and his mind. You can find this in 'The old man and the sea'.
/Mengistu Worku, Ethiopia
This book is very interesting. It talks about the determination of the old man.
/Micheline, Ghana
'The Old Man and the Sea' gave me the most optimistic idea about life. A book I believe can help humanity pass through the sea of life in the smoothest way. Santiago - a hero - staunch or pig-headed? Firm or stubborn? Harbinger or foolish? No doubt the best way a young man can behave in the face of adversity.
/Shehla Anbreen, Pakistan
It's simply just amazing.
/Casper Nim, Denmark
It's beautifully written: it almost seems childish; but the lovely style belies the immense meaning it holds. It may be one of the finest books I ever read.
/Lalit, India
I am greatly moved by the old man's iron will. He will never surrender no matter what he is faced with. In my heart he is an eternal hero. Whenever I want to give up, I'll say to myself: "Hey, coward, think of the lonely old man in the vast ocean." He is a flag that makes me get through my pains.
/Jie Zhang, China
A timeless classic that could be enjoyed by everyone because of the great, strong simplicity of this fascinating story. It also teaches you about bravery and perseverance!
/Oscar Xia, Canada
Well, first off, the symbolism was greatly overlooked and I felt my breath stolen from me as I realized what Ernest Hemingway was trying to say in the book. Note how he uses the sharks to represent how in life our spoils are taken and also when the Cuban man says "I love you but I must kill you" meant he loved the challenge, not the fish itself and when he caught the fish the challenge was over. "The chase is better than the catch". Overall lovely imagery as well as symbolism.
/Benny Wah, United States
This book is a masterpiece; I loved it.
/Contessa, United States
Only one line of the book, i.e., "Man is not made for defeat; he is destroyed, not defeated", works as an elixir when circumstances force a person to struggle with his destiny for survival.
/N. N. Dash, India
It is a book about the condition of man in the eminence of death, in this case an old man, Santiago, that by running against his state looks for dignity and a purpose to go on in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nothing.
/Didier Pratiot, France
A classic novel, short and big at the same time, wise and simple.
/Yes, Netherlands
In this book Ernest says you can win for losing!
/Cheryl, United States
Because of its simplicity and profound sadness.
/Ryan, Philippines
I recommend it because it's a very special book! It tells us about sacrifice! And it makes me cry!
/Brian Hoxha, Albania
This is absolutely the most beautiful book I've ever read. It's so fascinating I've read it in just one night. It's not just the story of an old fisherman, it's about the meaning of life.
/Amedeo Caputo, Italy
I recommend this book because of it's artistic beauty. For example, the way Hemingway describes the sea - at times purely lyrical, with great imagery that puts you in the boat with the old man - fighting the fish and the elements.
/Aaron J. Clarke, Australia
It's probably the most touching book ever, the dignity of mankind represented by an old fisherman, it's a jewel.
/Daniel Michel, Mexico
It is a short, yet very profound story. Hemingway's style is definitely original and great to read.
/Alisha, United States
Superposition for the natural world and it's habits.
/Si Thu Tin Aung, Singapore
So few words say so much.
/Lars Bilting, Sweden
It is clear and concise. You want to pity the old man at the end but instead feel he wants no pity and has triumphed in a place where most men will never go, and, that is within themselves.
/Joel Hobson, United States

The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories

It bites!
/Sabrina Petrillo, Italy
I love Hemingway's realistic style and true to life view of humanity. He provides actual perspective into the way that people think and speak.
/Matthew Massaia, United States

The Sun Also Rises

Detailed account of life in Paris as a young American.
/Andrew, United States
The poignant themes of isolation and disconnection from "community"; even in the context of being with others ... also, the exemplary character contrast-e.g., Robert Cohn - conniving and shallow, who romanticizes life vis-a-vis Jake and Bill, who have suffered "loss of previously held beliefs" due to mental and physical trauma. Jake and Bill, on the fishing trip in Spain, experience connection; yet in a distant way - at certain moments - a brotherhood of isolation ... Lady Brett Ashley - well, that's a whole different universe ...
/Kurt Dilday, United States
The way the author builds the characters, the sadness they try to conceal and their storming relationship ...
/Ricardo, Brazil
It was the first roman written by Hemingway in 1926 with the setting that shows the place in the field of battle and the situation is so chaotic and terrible because of strong ambition to win the battle and occupying the country in the time the first world war happen. The back ground is telling clearly the world history that Hemingway write wonderful roman based on his real adventure of his life. It really tells the main item of point of view having worriness and anxiety for the lost generation because of terrible result and destruction of first world war. The theme of this roman gives clear narration for fearful feeling and real anxiety for the existence of the ongoing of young generation that will be the candidate of great leader to continue governing country for bright future and peaceful life. Bravery, loyalty, humanity by expressing character and behaviour of the figure of the persons in the story. It brings me to have conclusion for the Hemingway great contribution to give wonderful world history knowledge whose close link and suitable relationship with the way of life of Hemingway at that time where he worked as the red cross driver in south Europe in 19 years old and he can give great work in literature to use clear beautiful vocabulary to remind all of the people in the world that the impact of the war is always negative and bringing destruction and sorrow in the life. Surely it gives us good lesson of life to create and keep the peaceful way life harmonically to secure the existence of the ongoing of the creature and human being life in the world safely and welfare.
/Gatot Malaisianto, Indonesia
I thought it was very interesting.
/Shanti Toshi, United States
This novel is masterful because it has such simple language yet it speaks volumes. This novel has a message that every single generation past, present, and future can relate to: every generationis in some way lost.
/James Quaite, United States
Because, it's just real, and just shows how people were in the Lost generation, and how people are selfish in many ways, and just stuff we do. 4 stars.
/Faith, United States
Absolutely necessary for any writer in training. The "Great American Novel."
/Waylon, United States

To Have and Have Not

Hemingway writes a spare, unflowery prose that has seldom been better.
/Rob Boyd, South Africa
You feel what is written in the book. The book does not allow you to dwell too much on one subject but is short and direct.
/Jackie Morris, United States
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