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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1960 was awarded to Saint-John Perse "for the soaring flight and the evocative imagery of his poetry which in a visionary fashion reflects the conditions of our time".

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Saint John Perse studied Literature, Law and Medicine. He was sent on a political mission to China in 1917 and in 1922 attended a disarmament conference in Washington. He was appointed the permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs by the government of France. I like and recommend his poem Anabase. Anabase seems to have been brewed in a chemistry lab because its distinctive feature is its power of uniting two diverse kinds of poetry; the epic and the lyric - apparently incompatible by all estimates and precedence. The hero of the poem, the Warrior Prince, rides a see-saw of desires, thoughts and moods ... his own and those of his followers. The poem is about migration of people and imagination alike. A great poem of the 20th century.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India


It's written in a high spirited Language!
/Bert Blom, Denmark
This great poem was written in Perse's exile in USA as many others of his poems were. It's a poem to the Earth, about Earth, man and time connected in the great age which is a key word to the poem. We are flying out to the space on the winged words of Perse and we are looking on our-selves, on life from birth to death, and we are enjoying the flight with words we will never forget. 'Chronique' was - together with 'Amers' and 'Vents' - one of the reasons why Perse received the Nobel Prize in 1960 ...
/Bert Blom, Denmark


Some of the greatest poetry in the world - if not the greatest!
/Bert Blom, Denmark

Winds (Vents)

The craftsmanship with which the poet works with the language.
/Gaspard Ghys, Canada
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