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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1961 was awarded to Ivo Andric "for the epic force with which he has traced themes and depicted human destinies drawn from the history of his country".

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Bosnian Chronicle (Travnicka chronika)

A moving, fascinating portrait of Travnik in the early 1800s. The book ends with a sympathetic portrait of an elderly Jew, and I have always wondered: during the time Andric wrote this book, he was living in Belgrade during WW2, just when the Jews were being rounded up and murdered. I wonder if he had written this as a tribute.
/Edward Serotta, Austria

Devil's Yard (Prokleta avlija)

Beautifully written book! Structured like a pomegranate, one story emerges from other story, but a very compact whole. It is a story about cultural clashes in the Balkans. The story provides a good description of the destiny of unprotected individuals in oppressive societies. The book of universal validity.
/Željko, Croatia

The Bridge on the Drina (Na Drini cuprija)

Is an emotional all encompassing history of different cultures
/Giuseppe A Botta, Italy
It is an extraordinary description of how a region changes throughout centuries and how many cultures have shaped it to become what it is today.
/Marija Petric, United Kingdom
My town, my people. That book really tells our history.
/Danilo Savić, Bosnia & Herzegovina
It is an amazing book, wait till you read it.
/Kristina, United States
It is a splendid recording of people and their experiences living close to that bridge.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
It's a story and history about my country moduled in an amazing narrative forme.
/Edina Zvrko, France
Ivo Andric was born in Travnik, a beautiful town in Yugoslavia; a relatively smaller European country on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. He studied Philosophy in Zagreb, Vienna, Krakow and Graz. He obtained his Doctorate at thirty one. I like and recommend his novel 'The Bridge on the Drina' which is woven around the place of his birth and childhood - Travnik. The book deals with the river Drina and a sixteenth century bridge comprising of eleven arches that spans the river. The bridge is the hero of the novel and the other hero is Mehmed Pasha Sokolovik; the Grand Vizir of the Ottoman Empire who got the bridge constructed. The main architect of the bridge was Mimar Sinan - the greatest architect of the Ottoman Empire. On the whole; the bridge is a Historical pathos and psychological connection.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
Besause it is a great novel of humen suffering in history, and about art and great human things witch are only thing whose last.
/Marko, Serbia & Montenegro
Because of the description of human feelings, traits and acts in a sort of stream-of-consciousness way without the problems of following the story. So, history is easier to learn with his book, with all of them, in fact.
/Daniel Rondón, Venezuela
Sad and painful, full of love and hate at the same time, book about ordinary people and their ordinary great destinies.
/Sanja Kanazir, Norway
Very interesting story about one common bridge. The story is talking us about Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic and other historian figures. Some number of them are fictional.
/Rastko Pocesta, Serbia & Montenegro
The story spans about four centuries and is in some sense a collection of short stories. What unites the book and becomes in a sense the main "character" is the bridge over the Drina River. Even though everything changes, the bridge remains the same.
/Milica, Serbia & Montenegro
Wonderful book about history of one nation, and destinies of people who are connected with the bridge.
/Andreja, Serbia & Montenegro
If you want to read truly great literature of such a standard that earned Ivo Andric the Nobel Prize for Literature, then you should read 'The Bridge on the Drina'. It is a glorious, utterly fascinating novel and a true monument of literature.
/Željko, Serbia & Montenegro
This novel describes so vividly the passage of history through the perceptions of ordinary people at a site which was truly the crossroads of Europe and Middle Eastern culture. It is even more significant in the present era of wars in the middle east.
/Peter Grant, Canada
This book has a really great value for Serbian people, because it has saved history things like Turkish torture on Serbian people for a few centuries. It talks about it, through the story about a little town on the east of Bosnia and about a bridge ("cuprija") on the river of Drina. It talks about life of people there, and esspecially about hard life of Serbs. In it, it is described how little children were taken from their parents far away to a strange country to be trained to become Turkish warriors. I just think that everyone should read this book couse it is really worth reading.
/Milan Jovic, Serbia & Montenegro
Perfect text, historical chronicle and literary master piece at the same time.
/Tamara Perovic, United Kingdom
/Josif Muntean, United States
"It was the generation of rebellious angels, in that short moment of time while they still have all the might and all the rights of angels, and the feisty spirit of rebels." I. Anric, 'Na Drini cuprija' (I'm sorry if the sentence sounds awkward, I was translating from the original.) To be able to write a book about the simple country folk and use such fine language - to have such deep insight into history that you can speak of it with awe - that's what makes a fine author.
/Ida, Croatia
Excellent language, deep knowledge of local history, magnificent descriptions, prophetic words. The best way to understand what is going on in Balcans and beyond.
/Anastasios Kladis, Greece
I agree with the previous comment submitted. The book, in novel-fashion, portrays the lives of people who lived in the vicinity of that bridge, and whose lives were influenced by it. I was thoroughly fascinated by that book.
/Thomas Hofer, United States
I recommend this book because it talks about a 500-year-old bridge, and also about the human lives that pass over it. In which all people's lives are episodes and the life is incomprehensible marvel, since it was incessantly wasted and spent, yet none the less it lasted and endured 'like the bridge on the Drina'. P.S. It is the best book that I have ever read (and I read a lot of them).
/Milosh, Serbia & Montenegro

The Damned Yard (Prokleta avlija)

The theme of the story is timeless, countryless, band also religionsless.
/Tatjana Neuberger, United States
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