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Book Tips - Giorgos Seferis

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1963 was awarded to Giorgos Seferis "for his eminent lyrical writing, inspired by a deep feeling for the Hellenic world of culture".

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Days of 1945-1951: A Poet's Journal (Meres, 1-7)

These are the diaries of Seferis. It is a special series of books where this great writer wrote his thoughts of the every day life. Especially the 4th volume which is the diary of the second world war when Seferis as employer of the Greek government took the way of fugutive in the Middle East and describes all the difficulties of the life there. He wrote for the world in the 4th of July 1943: "our world is the ultimate grain of sand and into this silence an eye who can keep inside of it all the universe". I think everyone must read the diaries of Seferis.
/Giannis Christopoulos, Greece

Logbook III (Imerolóyion katastrómatos III)

It is a masterpiece by far. The unique ability of Seferis to connect present with past by taking persons of Greece's mythology and history and giving them speech to speak their ancient words but in an environment created so as to make them more suitable than ever to express the modern situation in Greece and the melancholic mode it creates, however not in order to take everything to zero but to make modern Greeks react and fight, straggle for the freedom from their modern enemy-their self.
/Paraskevi, Greece


Because of the deep melancholic mood which derives from the understanding of Greece's past and present and future and in general, its role concerning man's fight for the real discover of human. His melancholic mood does not end up to zero but it creates a useful foundation for action, or mainly reaction, to the present situation of people, who, with their way of living in their routine and small goals disrespectfully and without thought or knowledge, just use their past as a way for making profit and not as the solid basis for a productive and useful for the whole future.
/Paraskevi, Greece

Thrush (Kíkhli)

When the dreams come true and Kixlh is true ... Kixlh was an old boat on the Greek coast and this boat was full of memories and stories ... Seferis chooses Kixlh as a symbol for our dreams and our life. For me Kixlh is a travel into my soul, into the reallity of our time ... The best verse of this poem is the following: "Lands of sun and you can not dare look the sun. Lands of man and you can not dare look the man". I thing with that verse Seferis says all that my generation and all the young people want to say to the world.
/Giannis Christopoulos, Greece
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