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Book Tips - Mikhail Sholokhov

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1965 was awarded to Mikhail Sholokhov "for the artistic power and integrity with which, in his epic of the Don, he has given expression to a historic phase in the life of the Russian people".

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And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhi Don)

For the beautiful realism.
/Natalya, Russia
It is good addition to literature.
/Raza, United Kingdom
Quiet Flows The Don - a trilogy by Mikhail Sholokhov happens to be the finest realism-wrapped chronicle about the Russian Revolution written by any writer. It took almost 13 years (1928-1940) to be completed and it bears testimony to Sholokhov's matchless art of writing. Sholokhov weaves through the tale of the destruction of the Old system and advent of a new society after the Russian Revolution. The hero of the novel (a tragic one) is Melekhov whose own personal stances are frequently changed with the See-Saw of the ever changing political climate in Russia during that period. The love story of the hero is no less captivating. A great historical novel that begot Sholokhov the Stalin Prize for literature in 1941, the Lenin Prize in 1960 and the Nobel Prize in 1965. Thanks.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
The story of a man whose life is affected by politics; this man changes sides and survives.
/D. Sethuramalingam, India
It's the best work about life of the nation and about wars!
/Veronika, Russia
The language of describing the love story is amazing.
/Rudik, Armenia
This book is about man, who lose all in our world. Book for all time!!!
/Spiridonov Iliya, Russia

One Man's Destiny

I think it's one of the most interesting books about World War II. It tells us a lot about Russia's' trials during this terrible historic period: the main hero, Andrey Sokolov, is a man who works hard and hates war, but he can bravely face everything. This book teaches us that every human on our planet has his own life full of hopes and tears, victories and happiness, and every story of life can teach us how to live and challenge troubles.
/Rosalinda, Lithuania
It is a tale of two human beings, losing everything during the war except their own lives. But then they find each other, and become happy. It is a tale about human nature, it is about human choices, about death and life, how a morally dead person can become alive again, with the power of love.
/Okidan, Azerbaijan

Short Stories

English translations of Sholokhov's short stories were my introduction to "Literature". This transition from Enid Blyton to red-blooded Russian literature understandably blew me away. The smell of the soil and the lilt of the River was just too addictive ...
/Saon Bhattacharya, India
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