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Book Tips - Miguel Angel Asturias

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1967 was awarded to Miguel Angel Asturias "for his vivid literary achievement, deep-rooted in the national traits and traditions of Indian peoples of Latin America".

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Legends of Guatemala (Leyendas de Guatemala)

Asturias recreates all the traditional legends of his country with beautiful language.
/Jose M. Cobos, United States

Men of Maize (Hombres de maíz)

Magic Realism Precursor
/Andres Hurtarte, Guatemala
It combined prehispanic mythology in Central America with events of contemporary life, like the destruction of forests as a consequence of exploitation. It isnít easy to read it, but it's worth it.
/Oscar Carballo, Mexico
It is deeply rooted in pre-hispanic American mythology, but also touches themes that concerns all of us as humans. It is a creation myth in itself. You have to dig the ideas out of a rather local, Guatemalan, context, and it is not very easy.
/Gustavo A. Ponce, Honduras

Mulatta (Mulata de tal)

Because it was interesting.
/Shauntanae, United States
Because it is a game with the Spanish language, I think 'Mulata de tal' is one of the most imaginative books ever written, only compared with 'Finnegans Wake' of James Joyce and 'Pedro Paramo' of Juan Rulfo.
/Luis Alfredo Mejia, Guatemala

The Cyclone (Viento fuerte)

To think, to feel, to act! Sometimes, in the same person we are different by those qualities
/Thiago de Quintella, Brazil

The President (El Señor Presidente)

Is a sad history of our countries like now in Venezuela.
/Roberto Arce Vega, Costa Rica
It is a Latin American classic. it talks about a hard government and the effects that it cause in the society.
/María Danielle, Guatemala
It opened me to the time period. It allowed me to better understand the psychology of an oppressed people.
/Saul Griefo, United States
Because it shows us how the political life of Guatemala is.
/Otoniel Monzón, Guatemala
This is one of the greatest books ever written. It is dark, surrealistic and enjoyable. An unquestionable masterpiece.
/Marko, Serbia & Montenegro
This is one proof that literature can be good and entertaining
/Alejandro Caballero Salas, Chile
It is the best book I have ever read! It has action, comedy and a deep deep side to it. I highly recommend it!
/John, Finland
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