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Book Tips - Samuel Beckett

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1969 was awarded to Samuel Beckett "for his writing, which - in new forms for the novel and drama - in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation".

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Endgame (Fin de partie)

It's brilliant!
/Raphael Matos, Brazil
Sharp short themes - plus energetic dialogue ... simply wonderful.
/S. M.Thompson, United Kingdom
It shows Beckett's philosophy and is very entertaining.
/Hal Golson, United States
This is one of the most important dramatic writings ever created. I have directed a production of it on stage. I have never been so mesmerized or impressed by an author like I have been with Samuel Beckett. Great play. Powerful and apocalyptic. Read this play.
/Mike DiGirolamo, United States

First Love (Premier amour)

I consider myself lucky because I have read almost all of the prize winners' books. It is extremely difficult to choose, so I do not choose. I just remember the story about this love that means the world to all and each one of us ...
/Mariele Mastrokalou, Greece

Happy Days

It merits all of the reader's attention for the way in which Beckett depicted the nothingness of everyday lives; which, nevertheless, people must face and keep going. Winnie and Willie are the allegorical characters of the human condition on a world full of boredom and, therefore, absurdity. Splendid, his best play!!
/Borja Gimenez de, Spain

How It Is (Comment c'est)

This novel is the ultimate head trip. I don't think you could call it a novel in the traditional since, because there is no cohesive structure, no plot, and no clear sense of beginning or end. What Beckett does in this work is show the human existence the way Shakespeare put it in 'Macbeth': a sound and a fury, spoken by an idiot, signifying nothing.
/Zachary Hardy, United States


One of the funniest books I've read. Beckett is together with Kafka, the most important writers and thinkers, in my life.
/Vidar Larsen, Norway
While recovering from several knee surgeries, reading 'Molly' gave humor to my situation and a lightness which enabled me to keep my head up!
/Candace Blas, United States
Samuel Beckett's book elucidates a beautiful potrayal of the absurd, in the absurd where life seems void, painfully empty. Reading the book, I was revealed of the infallibility of existence. His writing style is revolutionary.
/Alexander Albert Lopez, United States

Stories and Texts for Nothing (Nouvelles et textes pour rien)

These 'shorts' experiment with character and language like no other work. Beckett is a language-smith and he uses that skill to explore the condition of modern humanity.
/Zophorian, Armenia

The Unnamable (L'innommable)

A book that simply changed my life.
/Davide, United Kingdom
For the beauty of the prose and the way it exemplifies the tragedy and nobility of mankind: "I can't go on, I'll go on".
/Lisa, United States

Waiting for Godot (En attendant Godot)

It's absurd!
/Maria Teresa, Italy
The play is absurd and funny but at the same time it has a depth to it that is not seen at first glance.
/Georgia Ronis von, United States
Life is nothing but absurd.
/Prem, India
Funny. Really funny.
/Illy, Morocco
/Gonzalo, Argentina
It is the realities of life. It is the human foolishness, Einstein wrote that" two things are infinite one is human foolishness and another is universe is infinite". The foolishness is inbuilt in human heart. He want an comforter to whom he has been waiting may be a superman or a person to whom he idealise always. He is a fool and it can never be defined or it can be expressed. It can be felt. In the words of the buddha "we are finding a person no where to find, ultimately we will realise that the same person is "I" myself. The superman, not god.
/Ramani Ranjan Sahoo, India
I wanna know about waiting ...
/Miton John, Bangladesh
Just because Godot means God.
/Tran Phi Long, Vietnam
Moksha or salvation is the ultimate aim of human life. In waiting for Godot you can see two people waiting for moksha, Godot or god. Nothing happens, nobody comes. Life became meaningful when you are able to see god or attain salvation or moksha. In waiting for Godot you see the absurdity of human life and man's futile hope for salvation. We are remembered here about Shakespeare's definition of life. "Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing".
/Vivek.B., India
The confusion in the dialogue; the curiosity it stirs; its meaning which is the wisdom of everyday. In other words: I understand it to mean the complexity of a simple thought.
/Akinniyi Akeem, Nigeria
It's funny, and true.
/Ida, Norway
It's a fantastic representation of man's absurd condition in the modern world.
/Fabio Ripamonti, Italy
I like its dealing with absurdism.
/Sassouna, Tunisia
Simply mind blowing.
/Alex, United States
Waiting for Godot - bringing absurdism to an extreme: where nothing happens, but so much is implied ... and nobody can know for certain what exactly is being implied. A truly genius piece of work.
/Sabeena Tsan, New Zealand
Because they talk about their lives. To have lived is not enough for them. They have to talk about it. To be dead is not enough for them. It is not sufficient. And all in final they are waiting for Godot. I liked it also because eloquence of characters like Lucky, Vladimir and Poszu. Hey Lucky what are you doing? I am waiting. What are you waiting for? I think I am waiting for Godot. Godot! What's that? I do not know. I think what Samuel is trying to say here is that man is truly independent only in his mind and no man should waste his time and capacity in order to control the world. Where you are worth nothing you should want nothing. I think we have become too wise to see the world that is illusionary. I found that we all are also waiting for Godot. That is the master work of Samuel Beckett.
/Safdar Ali Sangi, Pakistan
'Waiting for Godot' by Samuel Beckett is an extraordinary book and writing! I loved it, it is so philosophical and theological, but it was a challenging & confusing read, but it was well worth it. Beckett is a GREAT author, I recommend it totally to anyone! Especially if you like books that are plays in them or character monologues ... such a symbolic novel, there's so much that any person can take out of it.
/Abbey, United States
It compromises the hectic of everyday life.
/Abhijit Mitra, Austria
It's great! I really liked this playwright because it speaks about eternal human problems: the sense of life and death.
/Bertrand, Belgium
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