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Book Tips - Pablo Neruda

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1971 was awarded to Pablo Neruda "for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and dreams".

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I really loved this book because of his way of writing. I can smell the places the mountains and see his face while he is feeling!!It seems real, touchable!
/Flavia Peres, Brazil

Canto General

I have read this book in Spanish (parts of it) and I finish it now in Greek (I have few pages left). It is an ecumenical song about liberty, about humanity and about clear thought of everything. My favourite verse is "fue dura la verdad como un arado" (the truth is hard like a plough) - the best verse ever.
/Giannis Christopoulos, Greece


I love his poetry, it ranges from sonnets about dealing with poetry, to the death of freedom, to the love of birds as angels - strictly for bird watchers. One day man will see what a birdwatcher sees, birds saves a lonely man dying of cancer and becomes his family tree, ressurects him.
/R. Justin Ocampo, United States

Complete works

Because love battles - in an era where all too often teen agers glorify sex and hedonism, it is but a few who know, and can understand, that love, actually battles, Neruda knows, and lovers know.
/Dr R Justin, United States

I confess that I have lived (Confieso que he vivido)

Neruda demonstrates that life is a magic in which each thing was beautiful, its life, its anecdotes, their loves and by mainly its Literature.
/Diego Olivares Bonilla, Chile

One Hundred Love Sonnets (Cien sonetos del amor)

Translated by Stephen Tapscott: Nobody writes a love poem with such passion and depth as Pablo Neruda. He captures the essence of love, the longing and desire, the sweetness and bitterness.
/Jamie Lynn Morris, United States
A novelty in poetry that with simplicity, embraces the idea of eternal love, and national struggle in ephemeral verses. They shall resonate for eternity within.
/Oscar Ralda, United States
The effortless way Neruda put metaphors together to express his love for his wife is breathtaking. There is no distinction between nature and love in his poetry.
/Lindsey, United States

Residence on Earth (Residencia en la tierra)

It is poetry in a purity state. It is neither philosophy nor psychology. Thus, words are explicitly and unconventionally taken to the limit, which means that words - in the poems - deliver more than one usually would expect. So every poem is full of meaning, which means, meanings that go beyond the words themselves. That's what I love Pablo Neruda's poetry.
/Sergio Rosales, Chile
It's a great poetry book.
/x, United States
It is effortlessly sublime. Pablo Neruda captures an element of the human spirit that cannot be described in words. No matter where I go, I always find pieces of Neruda's poetry.
/Sam Bussan, United States

The Captain's Verses (Los versos del capitán)

The first part of the book, called "El amor", is the greatest expression of love that I've ever read. There's no fissure in it, each and every line has a meaning, a sense and a deliberate intention to communicate in more than one way.
/Joel Rojas, Mexico

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada)

It reminds me of a true love that was meant to be but it couldn't be.
/Isabel, Ecuador
/Andres, Sweden
It uses marvellous language to describe the common things in a mysterious world.
/Clare, China
It seared my soul.
/A, United States
Pablo in these poems verbalizes everything I feel and want to say about life and love. I grew up with this book I sometimes I called my second bible.
/Gladys Vildoso, United States
I loved Pablo Neruda because the lyrics of his poems are wonderful, romantic and however the lasted years always the Neruda's poems will be remembered.
/Fatima, Ecuador
This book is beautiful and brilliant because it shows the passion and the power of the love. With erotic analogies it says the important of the love between a man and a woman.
/Esaú Cituk Andueza, Mexico
Wonderful poems, so beautiful sounds as you read it, very harmonic but also very important the meaning of each verse, where the author explains his feelings about love in such a pasionate and deep way.
/Maria, Spain
The book is amazing, he had a way to express love and sadness and all together, I've been reading his books since I was fourteen and everytime I have the chance I read more but of course my way of seeing him has changed over the years, always admiring him and learning to aprecciate the magic in his art.
/Patricia Alfonso, United States
He was a symbol of love, justice and peace by his poems in Spanish which was a way of progress and romance in this life.
/Moataz Mohsen, Egypt
'Veinte Poemas' reaches out to a wider audience by making use of nature as a metaphor to explore a theme that is as universal as nature itself: love.
/Allan Paolo Barazon, Philippines
Brimming with sensual, romantic and melancholy verses. I was mesmerized with his poetry. His works indeed pave ways to a woman's heart. One of the poems I love is "Here I love you".
/Maya Aviles, Philippines
It is a very interesting book and inspired by the desperation in which the love locked up it in an immense desolation.
/Yerson Olivares-Bonilla, Bolivia
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